R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve in Flagstaff AZ

Sorry that I can't post stats today. We are visiting friends in Flagstaff and I didn't bring my scale. So when I get back home tomorrow, the scale will give me the truth of how I've been doing. I can say that I haven't been going all out crazy with my eating, but I am not sticking to a strict protocol either. I've been eating what is served and just eating a little bit if it's got starches and I've tried to avoid sugars for the most part, but there have been some exceptions! The first evening we were was Saturday, and our friends had turkey enchiladas with rice and beans all ready for us. So I had a little of each. I passed on the ice cream sundaes that they served later. Yesterday we went skiing and stopped in town for breakfast first at a place that served Posole for a breakfast special on the weekends. In case you've never had it, it's a thick soup that's made with pork, hominy, garlic, onion, chili peppers, cilantro, and broth. So I had a small cup of it and it was great. Lunch at the ski resort was a bowl of chicken chili and a few of my husband's french fries (bad girl!) but my big splurge was a cup of hot chocolate with a shot of cinnamon schnapps that I had after I quit skiing for the day. And the skiing was surprisingly good. There was not much fresh snow, but it had been groomed recently so was not too crusty and the weather was very cold 18 degrees at the top, so it wasn't melting too much. Which is usually a big problem at the Arizona Ski resorts. My biggest problem was being so out of condition. I haven't been doing much exercise since I've been doing the HCG protocol and just now started going to the gym again. So my stamina gave out around 2:3o in the afternoon. My husband and our friend kept going until 4, so that's when I sat at the lodge drinking my yummy spiked hot chocolate.
So we'll stay here one more night to celebrate New Year's with them and then go back home tomorrow. I'm anxious to see where my weight will be by then. I have a sense that I will have gained a little, but I'm thinking it won't be too bad.
I would like to write a much longer post about the year end and the year to come but I won't have time today. I'll save that for tomorrow. I'd also like to write in response to the question that Biz posed in her blog this morning. But I need 10 uninterrupted minutes for that too, so it will wait until tomorrow as well. So everyone stay safe and have a great New Year!

Mary, the skiing was fun but my body is complaining today! Thanks for checking in on me everyday.

Biz, I'm very happy to think that I could have helped you in any way and I'm so glad I was led to your blog and was encouraged to begin blogging myself. So you're very welcome, and THANK YOU!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Success at shopping, but not so much at P3 eating...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-
Yesterday's weight 161.8
Today's weight 162.8
Overnight gain of 1.4 lbs.
2.4 over LIW

Okay, I'm more than 2.4 lbs over my LIW. And I'm a little bummed. But I could see it coming. We went out shopping last night and stopped for Mexican food. Last time I had Mexican I gained and this time too. Hmmm, maybe I should learn something from this. I could be making much better choices and I feel like I've been playing fast and loose with the P3 protocol lately and I'm not very proud of it. So I'm planning to be more conscientious this weekend. I plan to try to stick to a south beach or Atkins type of eating plan. We are going to Flagstaff (northern AZ) to visit some friends who usually eat this way. We will be staying over to ski on Sunday, then we both have to work on Monday, but we can both work remotely so we'll be working from our friend's mountainside cabin. How tough is that, huh? And we'll also stay and celebrate New Year's with them and then head home on Tuesday morning. I have to report for Jury duty on Wednesday (I'll call in on Monday to find out for sure.) I've been lucky the last two times and didn't have to serve on a jury, but my luck can't hold forever...
Doesn't it seem weird that this year is almost over? Doing Dr. Simeon's protocol has really made this last part of the year just speed by for me. I still have to remind myself that it's only been a couple of months since I started the whole process and am now some 30 pounds lighter! Just think of how many people in the world who could benefit from this but who will either never hear of it or who will hear of it and think that it's just another fad and not the real deal. I just wish I could tell everyone about it. I am constantly seeing people who need to lose weight and are struggling to get around with so many layers of abnormal fat padding their bodies and I just want to go to them and say "there is a CURE for this!" And it's so sad that we can't share it so easily.
But the good news is... to get back to my original subject, I found the perfect artificial tree on sale for $120.00. It's a 9 ft pre-lit with the more realistic branches and is very full so you can't see to the middle post. It's just what we were looking for at the beginning of the Christmas season and what we refused to pay $400 for. So the wait really paid off. WOO HOO!!!

Biz, I guess I'm skipping the steak day even though I should be doing that today. With one more round of P2 coming up, I'm not as gung Ho as I will be on my last P3. I will follow Dr. S's protocol to the letter to ensure that I've re-set correctly. But for now, I'll just try to be careful for the next few days and see if I can bring it back closer to my LIW. I know for sure that I'm NOT having the same problem as you of not eating enough!!! LOL!

Mary, how's your shopping going? Now that I have a taller tree, I might have to shop for some more decorations too! I better hurry before the good stuff is all gone though. Did you go shopping? And did you ever finish your snowman?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

going shopping...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Tuesday's weight 161.2
Yesterday's weight 162.4 (gain of 1.2/2.0 over LIW)
Today's weight 161.8
Overnight loss of .6 lbs.
1.4 over LIW

As you can see, I've been on the P3 roller coaster in the past few days. But just missed having to do a steak day today since I came back down this morning. I've been pretty busy and I'm on my way out the door to shop the after Christmas sales. We want to find an artificial tree for next year. Every year we say we're going to get one and then we can't stand to spend the money before Christmas. So if we can find one, now is the time to buy! So wish me luck.
And I'm going to see if I can post the pic of the tree skirt I made for my daughter's tree...
Here are the pics. Can't see the sparkles on the red fabric though. But she wanted one that would come out further from the base instead of being hidden under the tree. This turned out nice but boy is it a big tree skirt!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Fun Filled Holidays!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Saturday's weight 160.2
Yesterday's weight 161.4 (gain of 1.2 1.0 over LIW)
Today's weight 161.0
Overnight loss of .4 lbs.
.6 over LIW

Since I didn't post yesterday (too much going on,) I added both days stats. I did gain after my dinner out at Macayo's but I ate normally yesterday and avoided the sugars and starches and am back down. So overall, quite acceptable. Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing a new Christmas tree skirt for my daughter's tree. It is part of my present to her. She wanted one that had a larger diameter and would extend out from the base further and you just can't find those in the stores, so I found some great fabric and trim and worked on it Saturday and Sunday. I'll have her take a picture of it for me to post here. But when I first bought the fabric and showed it to her, my 6 year old granddaughter was there and asked me if I would make her a "princess" dress out of the fabric. So I went back and bought some more and will be working on that right after Christmas. It will make a great dress too. It's a deep red velour with gold and silver sparkles in clusters all over. I will make it in an empire style with long sleeves and an overskirt of some matching sheer gauzy material. I'll have to post a pic of that too when it's done.
Today it's just wrapping presents and a little cooking. We will have a Christmas Eve celebration this evening at my daughter's house. She is hosting for the family this year and has been cleaning and decorating all week. I'm glad to not have that extra work this year and I've noticed that she needs less and less help from me each year! This year I'm only cooking a couple of side dishes so I'm getting off easy. I plan to eat a little of the honey baked ham tonight but I'll try to stick to P3 protocol for the rest of the meal.
In the morning all of our kids will meet at our house to open gifts. Some will come and spend the night and some will come over after opening their gifts from Santa at their own homes. I will make a big breakfast after all the gifts have been opened and then my husband's kids have to pack up and go to their mom's house for yet another get together. And we will have a nice quiet, messy house. So after a little clean up, we'll probably go hike up our favorite short trail up South Mountain. And then back home to play with our Christmas toys! Hope it's a wonderful holiday for everyone... Merry Christmas!

Biz, glad you had a chance to stop by. I'm sure we'll all get back to a normal eating routine after the holidays and will just have to forgive ourselves in the meantime! And yes, I do think the resetting thing is real. I know that when I have completed my last P2 round that I will be scrupulous about abiding by the no sugar and starch rule and easing into them in P4. Knowing that i still have one more round of P2 this time makes it a little more forgivable to bend the rules, but I won't take any chances for my final P3... I want to make sure I reset correctly!

Mary, I'm thinking of it as a little teeny detour and plan to get back on the straight and narrow soon. And it also depends on the weight gain. I think if I don't go over the 2lb limit, I might be more willing to risk little deviations. I'm just trying to not let it get out of hand, if you know what I mean! It's all a personal journey and we're all just taking responsibility for our own choices, right!

Lili, I did have a gain, but not catastrophic, so I'm content. And yes, it was totally worth it! I'm highly suspicious of the "Hour of Power" myself, but I guess we can always use it as a justification if we do go crazy on the carbs! So far, I don't think the little cheats have done much lasting harm. But again, I'm going to try to keep them to a minimum. I don't want to end up losing a bunch of weight that I've lost once already when I start my next round. I want to start close to my LIW!

Happy Holiday to all!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 159.6
Today's weight 160.2
Overnight gain of .6 lbs
.2 under LIW

I sure am glad I had a little wiggle room from my last two days of vlcd. That is a little less stressful for the inevitable weight gain from the first couple of days on P3. Today I had trouble eating breakfast. I felt nauseous and could only have a few bites of my scrambled eggs. I also woke up with a headache that hung around almost the whole day. So after cleaning up the breakfast dishes I went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half! Thank goodness it was Saturday and I didn't have to go in to work. At lunchtime I was still feeling sick but I knew I needed to eat. My husband was making himself a grilled cheese and I was a little tempted to try it but just had some tomato soup instead. Could only eat about half of what I would normally have eaten. So I did some sewing and played with my grandkids for a while, then my husband and I went out and did some last minute Christmas shopping and afterwards we stopped for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Macayo's. I can't go in that place without having their spinach con queso dip, which is to die for. Creamy and cheesy and a light fresh taste because of the pico de gallo that they use in it which consists of chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and cucumbers. And you know you can't eat the dip from a spoon, you just have to have chips with it, so yes, I had chips. (starch) And then you know, you can't have the chips and queso without a margarita to wash it down, so yes, I had a margie. (sugar) So there go the two rules of P3 down the hatch! But mmmmm, was it good. So now I wait and see the damages for tomorrow. I must say though that I ate much less than I would normally, before HCG. Just got full earlier, and I didn't feel the need to keep going once my stomach started feeling full. I actually only ate a bite or two of my main course after eating the chips and queso before our food came out. And boy was my stepson happy when we came home with two boxes of leftovers!
And because I haven't had any alcohol since I've been on P2, that one margarita was enough to keep me from driving home after dinner.


Mary, We'll see how friendly my scale is in the morning! LOL!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 159.8
Today's weight 159.6
Overnight loss of .2 lbs
.8 under LIW

Last day of VLCD gave me another .2 loss so I'm in good shape for my first day of P3. I'm sitting here typing and feeling very full and satisfied. I didn't go overboard with my eating today, but I did enjoy my meals quite a bit! Eggs with sauteed onions topped with a sprinkle of cheese and 2 slices of bacon for breakfast. Lunch was a bowl of artichoke florentine soup and a half of a tuna almondine sandwich. (didn't eat the bread) And dinner was the lettuce wraps from Pei Wei's. I just ate the diced chicken meat inside the wraps and left those little white crunchy noodles that come with them. Don't know what they are and never liked them much anyway. So when we got home I felt like having a little snack so I had an apple of all things! But tonight I dipped the slices in peanut butter... Oh how yummy that was. So I'm sure I'll be fine with my weight in the morning, but I can't help having a twinge of worry that the scale will go in the wrong direction. Last time I went off the HCG I didn't have access to an accurate scale so I didn't go through the morning weigh ins. I was only able to check my weight occasionally on an ancient analog scale. So now I'm hoping I don't fluctuate too much since I'll be able to see every little .2 lb change that shows up. But no, I'm not really stressing about it, it's just a little flutter in the back of my mind!
We were invited to go skiing with some friends of ours but they want to go next weekend and we'd be gone Friday through Monday. I will have to see if I can get the time off from work with such a short notice. It'll be okay if there aren't too many others taking the same time off. So we'll see. We had actually been talking about having a New Year's Eve party for a group of friends so we have some deciding to do!
This weekend I'm going to hit the gym and make sure to get some walking in. It turned quite a bit colder here today though so I may not feel like hiking South Mountain with my hubby. It gets really windy on that trail and I'm a total cold weenie. I can survive 118 degree summers but when it gets into the 40's I'm not too happy. I have to be skiing to enjoy weather that cold!
So everyone have a good weekend and happy losing!
Lili, so it was a typo all along? You would not believe how hard I tried to decipher what I thought was an IM acronym! And nothing I came up with made any sense! That is just too funny...
But thanks for the compliment on my model. I just changed my outfit for the holiday and had my hair cut yesterday so I changed my mini-me to match!

And Mary, it sounds like we've all had our purple cabbage mishaps!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

P3 in the morning!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 160.6
Today's weight 159.8
Overnight loss of .8 lbs
.6 under LIW

This is my last day of the VLCD and it's been just fine. Other than my cabbage soup mishap, things have been going smoothly. And lookie there, I lost .8 and am under my LIW AND I'm in the 150's!!! So how cool is that? I was already in a pretty good frame of mind knowing that this round was ending, but the weight loss at the end here is really a big bonus. So I've got a little wiggle room from my LIW. So just in case you were wondering about the cabbage soup mishap, I'll fill you in... The other day I was cooking some chicken cabbage soup when I realized I was out of cabbage and my DH was at the grocery store. So I gave him a call and asked him to pick up a head of cabbage. So the sweetheart brings me home a head of purple cabbage. Yes it tastes the same so I thought well this should be okay. I cut it up and throw it in the pot. And it's fine until it starts to get soft and then the broth starts turning a little purple and I'm thinking oh that's pretty, and then the chicken starts turning kind of purple, and THEN I'm thinking, ewww that looks gross! But by then, I'm ready to eat and I'm hungry and I know it's just the purple cabbage so I eat it and it's just yummy as long as you don't think about the grayish purple chicken. But then, I need something to take to work for my last VLCD lunch today and I've got a serving of purple chicken and cabbage soup... Needless to say, my soup got a lot of attention at the lunch table today! LOL!

Lili, We will have to think up a name for the end of January R2 Crew. I'm thinking this next round will be my last. You too, right?
And I'm showing my ignorance here but what does *fosy* mean? You are just too with it for me! LOL!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's my story...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.4
Today's weight 160.6
Overnight gain of .2 lbs

And I'm sticking to it... So this morning I gained another .2. No deviations from the protocol other than NOT eating the grisinni and NOT eating my second fruit. So I decided not to inject today and am using yesterday's weight as my LIW. So today is my second day of VLCD after the last injection. One more day and Friday I'll be on P3. I was actually planning to inject today and have this be my LIW but I think I'm just ready to be done with this round. I'm not having a problem with the food or temptation but the stress of not losing consistently without cheats is getting very old. So I'm done! And on to the next phase. Funny thing is, the world around me is ready for me to be done too. I had a phone message from a friend who just passes through occasionally and wants to meet for dinner Friday night. So I can go with them and not have to explain my eating choices! That will be a very nice change. I will also be ready to start my workout routine. I'm getting a little antsy in anticipation. So yes, this change will be welcome. My dinner tonight was especially tasty for some strange reason. I just had grilled fish and broccoli which is pretty standard fare, but as I was eating it, it dawned on me that it was really good, and that I really enjoyed eating this way. So yes I will be happy to keep eating this type of menu with just some extra veggies thrown in and some butter drizzled on top. And a salad with the same meal! That actually sounds like heaven to me right now!
So I'm just determined to enjoy this time and strengthen my body as well as resting it. I know that I will be working towards another round in late January and I'll be keeping that in the back of my mind, but just in the back. I'll let it all unfold as it is meant to... Kind of like Paul's advice to "let go of the wheel".

Amy, I think you might have misunderstood me. The ducklings are born in the springtime and I'll have that to look forward to in a few months. Our springtime is probably a little earlier than yours but not by that much! LOL! I did take some pics last spring so maybe I'll dig them out. I did a blog on my sparks page that talked about it a little. So I'll see if I can find that and post it to this blog. And it's always good when the weather is NOT frightful! So bundle up and go walking!

And Mary, thanks for the shout out! Yes we will be looking goooood for the summertime girl! I've got a few bikini's that are calling my name. I'm going to be like the hot 50 year old Grandma on the bowflex commercials!!! LOL!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not there yet...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.2
Today's weight 160.4
Overnight gain of .2 lbs

Did I jinx myself by saying I'd inject one more day if I didn't make it to the 150's? I guess if I was superstitious I might say so. But I won't. Tomorrow I think I'll make it though. So tomorrow will be my LIW day. No matter what my weight is.
I plan to really step up my exercise routine. Well not really step it up, since it's been basically nonexistent since I started the HCG protocol. I tried hiking a couple of times while doing HCG and I just run out of gas so easily and I feel so bad if I try to push myself that I just decided to hold up on that for the time being. But now I'm ready to get going again. I've already started walking during breaks at work. There is a man made lake in the ASU research park which is right behind the building I work in. We can just walk out the back door and there is a nice paved path that goes around a series of three small lakes. Since we are in Arizona, there are still lots of ducks and geese that have made their winter homes here. In the springtime we all have lots of fun watching the new ducklings learn to swim. So I can walk around the lake right behind us in about 15 minutes. To walk all three, it's about 40 minutes. I've been walking around just the one twice a day. Next week, I plan to do all three lakes during my lunch break. I may take my lunch and eat outside while watching the ducks swim by.
I plan to take some new pics and maybe get them posted pretty soon. Whenever I can get together with my daughter she'll take them for me. She hasn't been willing to post any herself. We took some of her in a pair of pants that she could barely squeeze into at the start of her round. Just a few days ago, we took new ones in the same pair and they fit her like a glove. No muffin top like the first pic. I'll try to talk her into posting them, but don't count on it.
Tonight I've been wrapping gifts and I'm beat so I'm going to wrap it up for now (pun intended!)


Mary, yes I think we will all have exceptional rounds in the new year. We'll be combining our experience and expertise with the knowledge that our resolutions will be EASY to keep this year. And this will be the last year we'll have weight loss on the list!!!

Biz, you're welcome and it's all true!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Close enough to see the 150's coming at me!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.8
Today's weight 160.2
Overnight loss of .6lbs

Yes, I'm so close to the 150's that I can taste it. I would dearly love to end this round with a LIW in the 150's and I was planning on doing my last injection tomorrow. But sometimes you can be disappointed if you want something too much, so we'll see. And if I don't make it by tomorrow, I will do one more injection day. And if I don't make it by then, I'll just be satisfied with that until the next round, because I only want to give it one more day and no more. I want to be into P3 by the weekend so that I can see how my P3 is going for a few days before Christmas. I don't plan on risking outright sweets on this P3, but I did want a little honey baked ham and I know that's a big no no. But I don't know if I'll be able to resist it! My first meal on P3 will probably be breakfast so I know I'll have eggs w/cheese and bacon, but what I'm looking forward to most is a huge mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, onions, sprouts and some chopped up ham or turkey with Ranch dressing! I'm going to have one every day till I get sick of it! Okay, that's enough about food, let's change the subject.
I was reading so many blogs today that had people going into their P3 for Christmas. Most people were very happy with how their P2 rounds went but there were a few who felt that they could have done better with their rounds if they had not strayed from the protocol. But you know what? Every single person lost weight. And they all lost much more weight than if they had been on a different diet. So although some people had different ranges of results, they all had results that they can be proud of. And maybe even learn from. I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from reading Biz's blog, not just because of her terrific milestone of 75 lbs gone forever, but because of how she said that she learned so much from her previous two rounds and that the second was the toughest. The third one she just breezed through. This was just what I needed to hear because I will have my third round coming up pretty soon. Now it could be argued that this may technically be my second round because I actually did an interruption instead of a full P3 break, but I'll call it my 3rd for clarity's sake. I found this round a little tougher mentally than the first because I was really getting tired of the restrictions and I never entirely lost my hunger. So I've finally made my decision to quit this week, go into 3 weeks of P3, then P4 until late January or early February. I plan to do a few ski trips this winter and I won't want to be on the protocol for those.
So starting this weekend, I'm going back to the gym. Resistance training, step classes, water aerobics and the treadmill. I'm going to see how much toning up I can accomplish between rounds. I also feel a little out of shape for skiing so I want to get a little stronger before our first trip. Don't know when that will be, but my husband is kind of raring to go now that it's snowing in the mountains. We can drive to ski resorts in Colorado and in Arizona when the snow is good. So we're hoping it continues! We also do one nice trip to a place like Breckenridge or Salt Lake City, or Lake Tahoe. We don't know for sure where it will be this year, but I can tell you that I'm wearing much smaller ski pants than last year!
One more thing I want to say. There are some brave souls who are going to continue the protocol right through the Christmas holiday. You know who you are. I just want to say to you how much I admire your resolve and determination. Because although it is very easy to lose weight while sticking to the protocol with HCG, it still takes a good mental attitude to make it work for each of us individually. And you people have what it takes and I'm very impressed with that! Congratulations to you...
Congratulations to us all!!!

Mary thanks for the encouragement!

Biz, I will have to email you sometime about my DD's business, but will ask her permission first. She doesn't have as much freedom to discuss the HCG subject as I do. Are you really curious now?
I'm so happy for you, your son and JPS for the very successful rounds you just completed. WOO HOO back at ya!

Amy, I have shared the HCG info with a few people at my office and haven't had anyone ready to sign up yet, but no one who's calling me crazy either! I do have a few social friends who want to give it a go, including the one who did the protocol in a California clinic in the 70's. She sure didn't need any convincing. So I may have some more company on my next round. I just wish I could get my husband to go for it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

WHOOPS I did it again! Another .8 down...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 161.6
Today's weight 160.8

Overnight loss of .8lbs
I'm so glad to finally see some more movement. It means I'm really not stuck any more. So Biz may have hit the nail on the head with her set point theory. I never kept that good notes about my weight in the past so I'll never know for sure.
My daughter has also broken through her stall. She was getting a little discouraged and finally did an apple day and lost about 1.4 lbs. I'm so glad it worked for her because just seeing her spirits lifted was great. She really looks terrific and has been getting LOTS of compliments at work too. So many of her co-workers are asking how she's doing it and saying that they want to do what she's doing. She has been reluctant to discuss it, and is trying to figure out how to handle the questions. I haven't had much chance to talk it over with her to help her with a plan of action, but I plan to look up all the posts that I've seen on the group to refresh my memory with how different people have handled it in the past. At some point though she has to make a decision on whether to give out the "secret" or not. So we'll see how that goes!
It's getting late here and I'm all done with wrapping the gifts that I bought today. I've only got a couple more plus some stocking stuffers for the grandkids then I'm done! The biggest problem is figuring out what to buy for my dad so I'm putting on my thinking cap on that one.
So happy Monday to everyone tomorrow! Good night...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hopping again...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.4
Today's weight 161.6
Overnight loss of .8lbs

Hurray! Now THAT's what I'm talking about! So technically was that an actual stall? Since it was more like a little seesaw, I'm just not sure. Biz suggested it might have been a set point and if so, maybe I've broken out of it. If the weight loss continues we'll know for sure. I'm happy because it means that I may actually get into the next decade before I end this round next week.
So here's what I ate yesterday: Apple for breakfast, albondigas soup for lunch, fish and broccoli for dinner and 1/2 grapefruit for a snack. Nothing much different than before, but I maybe got in a little more water since I was paying more attention to it, hoping it would help.
I just love the weekends, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because it means I can post on my blog and read everyone's daily posts before much later in the evening when everyone else is already tucked in for the night. Weekdays I'm working and our company either blocks or monitors some computer usage so I don't take the chance. Plus our time zones are different and we are two hours behind many of you east coasters so it's fun when I can find the time to pop in a read a few posts between my other weekend activities. Today, it's a little babysitting and then a little shopping. I'm here with a sleeping 4 month old and my husband is taking the 8 year old to his guitar lesson. So who knew we'd be still taking care of little ones well into our middle age? We love the grandkids to pieces so I'm not complaining, but I'd much rather be spending time with them for fun and not having to be responsible for their care! Come 'on that's what grandparenting is supposed to be like. Playing with them until they get fussy (or need a diaper change) and then handing them back, right? LOL! So enjoy your Saturday!


Biz, thanks for your observations on the stall and the apple day. And if I say "no" to an apple day I don't think it's because I perceive that as a weakness or a crutch, but more because of the fact that Dr. Simeon's says it really doesn't make a difference and your stall will end anyway in spite of whether you use an apple day or not. Maybe I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth. But you do make a good point that maybe it would kick start something and get things going again. So I'll definitely rethink the issue if I get "stuck" again. Because you never know!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gain with no deviations

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.0
Today's weight 162.4
Overnight gain of .4lbs

So what do you think about them apples? I sure don't know what's going on. I'm sticking to protocol, not eating the melba toast. My calories are fine. Something Biz asked made me wonder though... She asked if this could be a set point for me. And I am not really sure but it's very possible. I have done a fair amount of yo-yoing in my day so it's really hard to keep track of. I remember being around 150 for a long time, but after I got married I gained a little weight and stayed there for a while and it's true that it could have been about the range I'm at right now. So I'll just sit tight and be patient. I'm not one to attempt an apple day just to get a false sense of accomplishment when I know it won't really make a difference in "fat" loss. So I'll just stick to my guns and hang in there for the duration. Which will probably be the middle of next week when I finish up this vial. I am still experiencing a little hunger but it's not too bad and I'm just fine otherwise. And that's all I want to say about that!
I'm not really thinking clearly enough to post much tonight so I'll stop for now and hopefully I'll be able to get time this weekend to do a more complete post. We had some changes in our household this week and our nest is getting emptier, so maybe I'll talk about that a little too.
So enjoy the weekend!


Biz thanks for asking about the set point since I hadn't really considered it before. Time will tell!

Amy and Mary, your encouragement is very appreciated!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

higher dosage

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.2
Today's weight 162.0
Overnight loss of .2lbs

The loss has been only .2 for three days in a row. I felt quite a bit better since using a higher dose yesterday and today. I'm aiming for 200IU and I'm feeling better with it. I haven't had any weakness but the hunger had been getting steadily worse. I've always had a little problem with hunger but nothing unmanageable. I find myself saving the grissini so that i can have something to munch on when it gets too bothersome. But today, I didn't need the second grissini. I had a portion of crock pot roast and broccoli for lunch with a grissini for a mid afternoon snack, and chicken celery soup for dinner. An orange for breakfast and applesauce for my after dinner snack. So as you can see I'm pretty much staying on protocol. I haven't really had a problem with "cheating" or eating forbidden items. Not much time today to write. I'm babysitting my 4 month old granddaughter who is not feeling well so she's a little fussy. She's calling to me right now as a matter of fact. So bye for now! No time to respond to the comments...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Any loss is a good loss.... keep repeating...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.4
Today's weight 162.2
Overnight loss of .2lbs

I woke up this morning to a world shrouded in a cloud. No, I'm not in northern California, I'm in the desert of Arizona. So where did this weirdly wonderful foggy morning come from? We've had a rainier than usual week here and fog does happen here every now and then, but so seldom that when it does it's a delightful novelty. Aside from the concern about having to drive to work in it, it was just a surreal and beautiful thing. I took it very slowly on the roads and was debating about taking the freeway, but decided to give it a try. The fog was thick enough so that you could only see about 4 car lengths ahead, but within a mile it just lifted and the sun beamed through. I looked behind in the mirror and could still see cars emerging from the rapidly receding cloud.
Then I went to work and back to reality.

The whopper weight loss failed to show up as hoped for. So I'll hope again for tomorrow. I believe I am getting nearer and nearer to the end of this round. I starting to think it's time to rest for a while and let my body do some recuperation. I want to get in a little exercise to get a little stronger for skiing and hiking. I've been neglecting my muscles while I've been melting the fat. So maybe I'll change my mind again, (a woman's prerogative?) and let next week be the end of the round instead of a planned interruption. I'll be about 15 lbs away from my *final goal so another short round in late January would probably take care of it quite nicely. Today is either VLCD 19 of this round, or if I add the days I was on the VLCD before my November interruption, the total would be 56 with a 10 day interruption last month. So although I did switch to sublingual for a while, and then back to injections once that batch was gone, there is a possibility that I'm getting close to immunity. I actually upped my dose a little today just because I was feeling so hungry at work and I wanted to see if it would help (I think it did.) I had only pre-filled syringes there though so I just injected about 1/3 of the liquid in one of them and then tossed the rest. I did the second dose in the afternoon and I think it put me close to 200IU for the day. My normal dose is 166IU. So the next few days will tell me more. I would like to keep going for another week and I may up my dose a little if I need to to get there, but if it seems like I need to quit earlier, I will just bite the bullet and do it. I'll do the VLCD while the rest of the HCG leaves my body and then go into P3. So now, we wait...

*final goal: can be negotiable and will depend upon where my body wants to go.
Biz, yes isn't that weird how you'll be talking to someone in the "real" world and then go online and find an eerily similar post from someone in the group! Your post a couple of days ago about stalls and plateau's was kind of a deja vu for me too! So I guess we addictive types had better watch out that we don't become a Nicole Richey type! LOL! That is such a ludicrous idea to me! And the goal weight thing is another example of the deja vu syndrome! So glad we are on the same page...

Mary, don't let your wacky scale get you down!

Brooke, yes maybe we need to invent a new word that will replace "addictive". Maybe something like "immersive". LOL!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Late to post and late to bed...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.8
Today's weight 162.4
Overnight loss of .4 lbs

I think I am about due for a whopper of a weight loss day. But as long as I just lose anything, I'll be content. I just read Biz's blog and today's post was quite thought provoking. I think it will go a long way towards calming the communities fears about stalls and plateaus. I've heard many people refer to their disappointment at small losses or no losses as a type of "greed" for daily weight loss numbers, and although it's slightly ironic to use that term, it is kind of accurate. Because many of us currently on this protocol can probably admit to having a bit of an addictive personality type. It may have been what caused us to overeat in the past, and for some of us to go from one extreme to another by alternating between eating like there's no tomorrow and then dieting like crazy to try to repair the damage. Some have admitted to exercise addictions and others have actually had problems with alcohol abuse, so why wouldn't some of us have the tendency to obsess a little bit over this miraculous process that we are going through? So has the thought surfaced in your mind about what we will do once we are at our true goal weight? Will we recognize it for what it is and be accepting of it? Will we be too addicted to the daily losses that we might want to push that envelope even further? I have actually had a conversation with someone who was trying to learn about the protocol who asked if there was a danger that a person who had anorexic tendencies could learn to abuse this method. So all the while I was explaining to her, that with HCG in your system your body would start to react with extreme hunger and weakness once all your abnormal fat was removed from your body and that you would then have to increase your caloric intake to be able to function normally, I was still thinking in the back of my mind, "will I have the sense to recognize it and quit when my body tells me to? Or will I want to keep seeing those numbers getting smaller?" And I have since answered that question with a resounding NO! I am actually so happy with the changes that I have already seen that I would be happy to stay at this weight for the rest of my life. By the charts, I should actually be 20-30 lbs lighter, but the way I look and feel now, I am having a hard time picturing how I would look after another 20 lbs are gone. The reshaping of my body's countours has improved the way I look even with the extra weight I am still carrying. I am determined to follow the path all the way to the end though. I will finish this round and go off the HCG the week before Christmas. And I will either resume after a week or 10 days "interruption", or I may opt to take a 4 to 6 week break and go back for a final round in mid to late January. Dr. Simeon provided us with all the information we need to go the full cycle and his method has a built in safety valve to prevent us from overdoing it so I'm going to trust his protocol and I'm going to go until I feel that extreme hunger and weakness which will signal my final freedom from every last bit of abnormal fat that my body contains. Is everybody with me?


Biz, I didn't know that you had watched KT's infomercials. I've heard you say that you haven't' read his book so I guess I was thinking you didn't have any exposure to him at all. But bless his little fanatical heart, he led me here to HCG albeit in a very backward sort of manner! Thank you for your heartfelt words about my post. I guess I have been feeling a little philosophical lately. Maybe you and Paul have been rubbing off on me! LOL!

Amy, Yes I know he "Can't get no respect" can he? Do you really think we would have heard about it without his publicity? Negative or not, it got people to take a second look. So it's weird but I have extremely mixed feelings about him. I still can't stand to read or hear some of his crazy talk about conspiracies and such and I really think he could have done the job of letting the world know and he still could have made money from people buying his book even if he had toned it waaaay down with the crazy talk. So is his extremism just a convoluted sales tactic and a way of attracting publicity? Not my choice of methods, but he is getting noticed. Maybe going to jail would make him an even bigger celebrity... But enough about KT! Let's drink to US!!! Drink water that is...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Slowly, slowly towards sunshine and rainbows

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 163.0
Today's weight 162.8
Overnight loss of .2 lbs

This is not unusual for me so I'm not too concerned about the small loss. If I'm a little slower than some, so be it. It is still so much faster and reliable than any other method I've ever tried. As a matter of fact, prior to finding this protocol, nothing was working for me at all. I think my body had just been "dieted" out. I had read so many different diets and tried so many that for every new diet that came out I knew after reading just a few chapters what the gist of it was and what other diet it was similar to and what their "gimmick" was. I already knew what types of foods I should be eating for my health and what i should avoid. I knew a lot about exercise and had been active for most of my adult life. But all that seemed to be failing me now. I was sick of the fight and sick of the search and sick of trying to get it all under control, when I clearly no longer had any control.
So why HCG? What called my attention to this one and made me actually spend the time to research it? It must have been the word "cure". No one else had really said that before. It was all about counting carbs, or calories, or lifestyle changes and discipline and you know what? I'd already changed my lifestyle and used discipline and still the weight came back. So even after reading K.T.'s book and being so turned off by his "rage against the machine" rants and his somewhat fanatical phase 1 theories, something still kept tugging at my heart. And I say heart because by then I was becoming mentally resigned to the idea of living my fast approaching senior years as an overweight woman. It was just a matter of how much I could put on the brakes to keep the weight from steadily increasing. But somewhere inside I must have still had just a bit of resistance to that attitude, my heart just wasn't ready to give up. My heart was still hoping for a miracle. So i guess I just listened to my heart for a change. And my heart told me to look past the crazy part of KT's book and see what I could find out about the substance of his book. It told me to search for the source, and that's when I began researching HCG and Dr. Simeon in earnest. And my search first led me to the clinic here in Arizona where I found enough courage after talking to the Doctor and their staff, to take that first step and begin on the HCG protocol.
So that in itself would have been a pretty happy ending, but it just got better, because once I began the protocol and started seeing the fantastic results, I kept looking for other info and found a mention on a forum of the yahoo group that talked exclusively about HCG success stories. And that let me to the HCGdieters group where Biz found me one day and led me to the place of sunshine and rainbows and my heart knew it was home at last! Cue the harp music and birds chirping!
So it is a new beginning for me. At 53 years of age, I know that I will never have to be overweight again. I can now concentrate on other areas of my life that I want to focus on and improve. And that dark cloud that was hanging over me that made me feel as if I was failing at a very important part of my life? It's got a huge rainbow stretching right across it and glimmering streaks of sunlight are breaking through...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy weekend

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Friday's weight 164.2
Yesterday's weight 163.6
Today's weight 163.0
Friday night loss .6 lbs
Overnight loss of .6 lbs

Boy this weekend has been busy. The highlight being a party that we went to last night with friends that I hadn't seen in a while. Several people complimented me on my weight loss and I talked to one woman about HCG. I was surprised that she seemed to take in all the details about injections and VLCD without batting an eye. When I remarked that most people are a little unnerved by the details at first she replied "This diet actually sounds very similar to one that I did through a California clinic back in the 70's." She said she kept the weight off for many years but having kids and other factors have put her in need of weight loss once again. Well don'tcha know that you could have knocked me over with a feather! I told her that it was the same diet started by Dr. S, and is now being offered as SL through some clinics as well as others who do injections. She is ready to go order her stuff so that she can start it right after the holidays. We also have several other friends in this group who could really benefit from this protocol and we briefly discussed introducing the idea to them at a girls only party sometime soon. So everything is just moving right ahead. I'm doing just fine with my weight loss and am not having any problems sticking with the protocol. I ended up bringing my own serving of chili (counting the tomatoes as a fruit) to the party and then just munching on raw cauliflower through the whole evening. (I started HCG through a clinic that included cauliflower and broccoli on the food list and I have been eating it throughout my whole treatment.)
My daughter has had a bit of trouble with very slow losses and a few small gains. I'm hoping things pick up for her soon. She mixed a new batch of HCG for us today so maybe that will get her kick started again. But more likely it's just because she is so close to her goal weight and it's going to be a slow process. She only has another 12 lbs to lose and was hoping to be finished by Christmas, but probably won't make it. So we have just about decided to do the planned interruption that Dr. S. talks about, so that we can enjoy our holiday with the family and continue with the protocol when it's over. My husband is going out of town for a couple of days so I will probably just be cooking up a storm and get a bunch of meals pre-made and frozen.
Oh I almost forgot, today I made the Stuffed Chicken Roulade w Sour Apple Sauce from Tammy's Holiday cookbook and it was gooooood! My husband ate it too and liked it except for the celery. So it will be a good possibility for something to take to holiday potlucks and stay on protocol!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh, oh, scale acting up?

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 163.4
Today's weight 164.2
Overnight gain of .8 lbs

I think I prefer to think of yesterday's 2.4 loss as a malfunction on my scale and that today it just corrected itself! I didn't do anything whatsoever to cause that kind of gain, so I'll just take it with a grain of salt, and drink more water tomorrow!
We are in full Christmas shopping mode right now. We have most of our grandchildren's gifts purchased, but are having trouble finding what we want to buy for our 11 year old granddaughter who lives in Cary, NC. She wants a drum set! And her mother has actually agreed to this believe it or not! But you know drum sets are very expensive. We are trying to keep the gifts to under $100 each, since we have 8 of the little buggers, but how can you get a drum set for $100? Not possible. We even looked on Craig's list since her step dad said he would go pick it up if we could find a good used one. Even then, the least we could find it for is $200. So now the debate is on. Can we justify spending that much more for this child even for something that is that substantial? We are just hoping that another alternative will present itself. In the meantime, I haven't even started shopping for my husband but he gave me a few ideas today. He's usually not too difficult to buy for. Tools, tools, and POWER tools will do it for him! Then, I need to find something for my DD and her DH, my Dad, and hmmm, I think that's just about it! List is done! Thanks for letting me get it all out, now I have no excuse for finishing on time.
Oh, except for the drum-set. If anyone knows anyone who has a nice used drum set just sitting around gathering dust...


Biz, I'm glad I got you to wanting that book. Go ahead and ask for it for Christmas, you'll love it!

Mary, thanks for the vibes and keep 'em coming!

Amy, I love that little bunny too. I was in the habit of changing my ticker style every time I changed my weight, but I love the bunny too much so she's been staying around for a while. I actually sent an email to the ticker people asking for a couple more ticker marker ideas. I don't know if they take requests or not, but I'm hoping they will! And I do use stevia every day with my tea, and a little on my grapefruit or strawberries if I need to.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who me? A slow loser? Not today!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 165.8
Today's weight 163.4
Overnight loss of 2.4 lbs

Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!!!! Can you believe that number? I sure have a hard time grasping it. It's the biggest single day loss that I've had on any day other than the first days after loading on my first round.

So who gives a hoot if no one noticed my weight loss at my book club meeting? I've been walking on air all day. Someone else noticed my weight loss at work today. It's a young man who I used to carpool with. He's my daughter's age. He changed departments about a month ago and moved to a new location in the building so he hadn't seen me in a few weeks. He said it was obvious that I'd lost weight. My face even looked thinner. So he asked me to tell him about the diet. He's one of the ones early on who I told a minimal bit of info and said that if it worked out for me, I'd tell him the rest later... So he said he wanted to know all about it now. So I gave him my copy of Dr. S's manuscript and gave him a short outline of the program. He seemed receptive and maybe will try it after the holidays. We'll see!

Thanks to Biz, Mary, and Amy for sending their vibes my way. It obviously worked in a BIG way!

And Biz, don't bother starting "Water for elephants" if you don't have time to read it, because you will get hooked from page one! It is very engrossing.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Going in the right direction again...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 166.0
Today's weight 165.8
Overnight loss of .2 lbs

So it's a teensy loss, but I have a feeling that tomorrow's will be better. It's late here, I didn't get possession of MY computer until a few minutes ago, since my husband was using it to do some Christmas shopping. He uses his work computer for most things but doesn't like to shop online with it. So he's finally done, but it's 10:15 pm here and I'm tired!
But the book club meeting was lots of fun. We had about 8 of us and that was including two women who very seldom come anymore so we had some catching up to do. It was really great seeing them again. We ended up not talking about the book much at all because there was so much that we all wanted to tell each other.
And I have to confess that I ended up wearing something that did NOT show off my weight loss very much. I wore some slim fitting slacks but I had a really cute red sparkly sweater that i ended up wearing with them and the sweater is kind of blousy and long so it kind of covered most of my backside. So nobody noticed my weight loss. It's funny but I think the loose sweater was probably my way of avoiding the attention along with the need for an explanation, but I also think I'm a little disappointed that nobody said anything. So don't ya just wish I'd make up my mind about how to feel about the whole issue? Ha Ha.
I did mess up on the food thing though, I intended to eat my protein part of my meal before the others arrived but never made it. So I put a little of everything on my plate and a whole bunch of tomatoes. (the veggie tray and dip was my contribution to the meal.) Then someone said how do you like the soup, and it was tomato basil, so I thought, hmmm, I'm eating tomatoes I could try it! So I take a couple of spoonfuls and say "wow, this is really good" and then the lady who brought it says "Yes it's great if you don't look at the fat content", and I literally stopped the spoon from going into my mouth with the third bite and pushed that bowl away! So by this time, I was very hungry and another woman had made a mushroom souffle so I did have a little bit of the egg part for some protein. (Yes, I know I don't do well with eggs, but it was just a few bites.) By that time I was just hoping I could get through the meal without someone else trying to push some food on me. So I think I did pretty well. We'll see if I can make my weight in the morning! I feel like I was actually too low on my calories for today which is unusual for me. I'm used to eating everything I'm allowed!

Amy, yes it's great having the house clean, except I have a confession. We had our carpets cleaned this morning and the only rooms that had been put back together completely were the one's that people would be seeing tonight. The bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen. My room was still kind of a mess and the carpet was still wet in there. Then I caught one of the women coming out of there after using our master bathroom. I almost peed my pants! So I had to go into the wet carpet explanation that I was hoping to avoid! LOL! Talk about best laid plans!

Biz, this book club was started about 12 years ago right after Oprah started hers. One of my friends from work decided it would be fun. I was so happy because i'm a huge reader and I never had anyone to talk to about the books I was reading. A different person hosts the meeting each month and chooses a book for us to read. Then we meet at a restaurant of her choice for dinner and then either discuss the book there after dinner or go back to her house for the discussion. The Christmas meeting has always been a potluck at someones house just to make it a little more festive.

Bye for now, I'm going to check a few blogs and turn in.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My first gain :-(

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 165.6
Today's weight 166.0
Overnight gain of .4 lbs

I did have a little extra protein yesterday and went over my calories. So the reason for the gain is no mystery. I am back on track today and I was so busy that I didn't really have any time to fret over it. But that's not unusual for me, I am not a big worrier. I'm getting ready to host my book-club meeting tomorrow so was finishing the decorations in the house and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. I hope the extra exercise doesn't make me gain again tomorrow!
So for my book-club, we are reviewing the book "Water for Elephants". It was a really good book and so far I've only heard rave reviews about it so tomorrow's discussion should be good. Our Christmas month meeting is always fun because we do a pot-luck and a book exchange. I don't think I'll have any problem resisting the temptation to eat little bits here and there. I'll try to eat my protein ahead of time and then just have some cucumbers off of the veggie tray and some applesauce. That should keep me happy and avoid too many questions from the group. I'm wondering if they will notice my weight loss. I still haven't decided what to wear. I originally wanted to wear something that would really show off the weight loss, but now I'm thinking that I might just be a little more low key. I don't want the meeting to turn into a discussion of weight loss methods. I will just take Biz's advice and just tell people if they notice and want more info, to contact me later.
So I better get going, I still have a few things to do tonight before I can go to bed. Don't know if I'll be able to post tomorrow, but I'll try to write a few lines after the meeting if I'm not too tired.
Ta Ta for now.

Amy, I guess the egg would have been okay, but I won't do it again because it kind of threw me off my routine and I was too hungry later. I'm used to being hungry in the morning and eating a fruit at 9 or 10, so I'll just go back to that schedule. Thanks for the visit!

Biz, I am going to try to stay on P2 through Christmas and just go until I hit my goal. But you know how fickle we women are! LOL! I could still change my mind. I think I will just play it by ear and listen to my body. If I end up having to do another round later to get the rest off, so be it. My daughter was doing great last week, but I hadn't talked to her in a few days, so I just checked her blog and she stalled and did an apple day today. So I guess I'll check in with her tomorrow to see if it worked! She only has another 14 lbs to lose! Lucky her! She is looking very slim. Maybe I'll try to talk her into posting a pic! She says No, but I'll work on her! LOL!

Mary, With this gain, I just may have given you a good chance to catch up! I hope I lose it and a little more tomorrow! Happy losing!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Taming of the SHREW!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 166.2
Today's weight 165.6
Overnight loss of .6 lbs

Just goes to show that sweet talking DOES work! I'm down another .6 even with the butter on the veggies fiasco. I may have another reason to sweet talk the scale tomorrow because I tried having an egg this morning. I know it will be hard for me to go without my lunch time protien, but so far, the apple and cucumbers that I had for lunch are tiding me over. I still have a few more hours to go until dinner and I think I can make it. If not, I'll just have a nibble of some chicken strips that I have in the fridge and call it a little extra protien for today. And THEN, I'll sweet talk my scale again tomorrow!

It was so cool today to see the new pics posted by Paula and Biz. It's just another example of how magically transforming this weight loss method is. Those two wonderfully deserving ladies have every right to be extremely proud of what they have accomplished. I'm so happy for them both!

I'm also so glad the group site didn't stay down for too long this morning. I was having withdrawal symptoms. I can't read it at work anymore because the company blocks those kinds of sites, but here at home, I sneak a peek on my personal desktop occasionally during a slow period, just to keep me going! So it's back to the old grind for me. Have a good work week everyone and happy losing!


Thanks to Mary, Biz and Brooke for stopping by....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Joe's Crab Shack and no broiled fish????

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 166.8
Today's weight 166.2
Overnight loss of .6 lbs

I'll take it! I was afraid that I would follow a good day with a teensy tiny loss day, but .6 is great! I'm worried about tomorrow though because we ended up eating out today. After going out shopping this afternoon, we stopped by some friend's house to see a remodeling project they are working on and we ended up going to dinner with them at Joe's Crab Shack. I thought I'd be able to get some broiled fish or something. But everything was blackened or salmon, or shrimp and I don't like shrimp. So they did have a chicken breast meal that had some stuff on top so I asked them to leave off all the stuff and put it on the side (so my husband could have it) and just bring me the veggies and no rice. Well they did it, but I could see butter swimming on the plate. I thought I had asked for it dry, but oh well. I just tried to squeeze the liquid out of each bite and ate one of the chicken breasts. (It actually came with two!) So I'm hoping it didn't do too much damage. At times like these, you just have to bite (haha) the bullet and hope for the best.
So tell me what you think of my virtual model over there? It's kind of funny because the first time I tried to do one, about a month ago, when I entered my weight, the virtual model looked decidedly chunkier that she does now. So I'm looking at this picture thinking, do I really look like that now, shape wise? This person actually looks slim! So I went into the bathroom to do a reality check and you know what? When I'm wearing some well fitting clothes that hide the little bit of pudge that I still have, I actually look kind of Nice! So now I will have to work on that little mind shift that takes place when you finally achieve what you have been working towards for so long. I have actually been thin for most of my younger life so I know what it feels like, but as you know, I had just about resigned myself the the idea that I would never get there again and would spend these later years as a BIG woman. So I am delighted to have the task of changing my self image one more time and this time for the better!


Mary, Is it still raining there? It stopped here yesterday around noon. I wish it would have rained all night then stopped this morning. We could really use the moisture here!

Amy, I measure the ground beef before I start cooking, and then add one or two tomatoes for each serving size of meat that I have. Usually 1 or 1 1/2 lb which is 4 or 6 servings. I also rinse the ground beef once I cook it. I use beef broth if I have it and lots of chili spices. Then I just try to divide the end results equally into the number of servings that I measured. Last time I made it though, I filled each container to the top and still had enough for an extra serving! They are always delicious!

Biz, I'm talking sweet right now. "That's a good girl now, you don't need to think about that teensy itty bitty little bit of butter on my veggies do you?" Think that'll do it? HeHe!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm a big loser today! And happy about it!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 168.0
Today's weight 166.8
Overnight loss of 1.2 lbs

I have been smiling all day about this big loss! I was such a stair stepper on the last round that when I got a loss over a pound it usually came after 2 or 3 days of no loss so it seemed like it wasn't that gratifying. Seeing losses every day and then one over a pound is so much fun. But part of the difference may also be that I didn't have a digital scale until the latter part of my last round. So on the analog it showed no loss, but if I had been using the digital it may have showed a loss in smaller increments. So most of the stair stepping effect may have been due to the analog scale. But I sure do like seeing those increments now!
Today I worked on getting the inside Christmas decorating done. Not the tree yet because we still haven't decided on whether to get an artificial tree or not. We have always had a real tree but each year we've talked about getting a fake one. So we've been seriously looking but we're both too tightfisted to shell out the $300 bucks for the one we both like. So we'll probably go ahead and get a real tree one more time and then shop for the fake one at the "After Christmas" sales. It's a risk cuz sometimes they don't have any good ones left, so who knows what is the right thing to do? I also did some cooking today so I'd have some good stuff to freeze. It was raining all yesterday and this morning, which is fun for us because we never get enough rain here in sunny AZ. So it really felt like a good day to make soups and stews. So I made a pot of chili and a beef roast. Mmmmm! I'll be eating good this week!
My husband went to the ASU vs. UofA football game tonight with his "girlfriend". A friend of the family who is a rabid ASU fan and who's son is a UofA alumni. These are both Arizona colleges who have a ridiculous rivalry every year. USA is usually the better football team but UofA will beat them many times just because they are soooo revved up about the game. So I'm sure this very boring to any potential reader, but I only brought it up so I could explain why I'm sitting here typing away on my blog on a Saturday night instead of hanging out with my hubby. My hubby is off gallivanting with another woman and I'm home talking to you! LOL! Isn't it a good thing I'm not a jealous person?

Here's hoping that I still lose weight tomorrow. I'm always afraid I'll jinx myself when I have a good weight loss day! So I'm thinking positive... One more pound, One more pound, One more pound...

Friday, November 30, 2007

More interest in HCG...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 168.2
Today's weight 168.0
overnight loss of .2 lbs

Any loss is a good loss 'eh Biz? So I wish it was more, but I'll take it! Today I met a friend for lunch and told her about the protocol. She sounded interested, but I'm not sure if it would be safe for her to do it or not. She has had breast cancer and is in remission now I think she called her type of cancer, "estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer". I will have to post this to the group and see if anyone has any information about whether this would be harmful to her.
I also gave my copy of Dr. S's manuscript to a woman I work with today. Kind of funny how that came about. We had a team building fun event at work today where they brought in a Wii game and we competed at bowling. We each bowled 3 frames and then had playoff's for the high scorers. I got second place too! Just dumb luck but I got a $50 gift card! Woo Hoo! But back to the story part. When we got up for our turn to bowl, we were in front of the room with our back to everyone else. So we all had a good view of each other's backsides. So later, she came over to me and said, I could tell during the bowling that you had lost weight! LOL! I was up there bowling with the whole group looking at my behind!!! Then she went on to complain about how she had been doing weight watchers for a couple of months and wasn't losing anything! So I asked her a few questions and she asked me some and I finally just decided to tell her. Started out with just little bits and before you know it she says she's interested. So I gave her Pounds and Inches and told her to tell me what she thinks about it on Monday. So maybe we have another recruit. She doesn't need to lose much though, probably 15 lbs or so at the most. But that's cool. It would be kind of fun to be her mentor through the process. I'm also helping my daughter, but she just kind of took off with it and is doing great on her own. She doesn't need much help from me any more, except for when I make a big batch of one of Renee's recipes and she wants me to share! So now, If I could just get my husband interested...


I've decided that Biz had a great idea when she started answering people's comments from previous blogs in her next day's blog. This seems to work better because then you can be sure that the person will actually see your reply. So Biz, hope you don't mind if I borrow your idea!

Biz, I remember your pic of the scale! It was way cool. But now I have to know how you did it! So give... And I was liking the SL quite a bit, but used the last of it yesterday. So today I injected and I will see how that goes. If I am still losing okay I may just keep injecting since I won't have to use as much HCG.

Lili, I gotta say that I never would have thought of doing an elf-dog! I bet it was hilarious!

Maryg, I'm sure you'll get the hang of the blogging thing soon. It took me a while and I'm still trying to figure out some of the tricks!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hmmm another .8, the hard way!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 169.0
Today's weight 168.2
loss of .8 lbs!

Okay so the first time I got on the scale this morning it said 168.4, so I got off, waited and then got on again. Argh, it was still the same, but I just didn't like the .6 too much. So I went in to see if I could pee a little more, and nope nothing. So then I took of my tank top and undies and still the same. Dang, so then I thought "Oh yeah, I've got a scrunchi in my hair!" Took it out and got on again and viola! I saw what I wanted to see! So sue me if you don't think it's legit. I just wanted .8 for the 4th day in a row. And I got it and I feel GOOD!
Nothing new to report except that my daughter sent me the funniest link. She went on and put head shots of herself, her husband and their two kids into this little program and it took them and put them on top of some dancing elves! ROLF! It was hilarious, especially my son in law's since he doesn't even smile a lot so it really looked funnier for him. So if anyone wants to try it, go to http://www.elfyourself.com and it will tell you what to do.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

.8 is my magic number

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 169.8
Today's weight 169.0
loss of .8 lbs!

I've lost .8 lbs per day for the last three days now. I'm very happy for that! Two different people noticed that i have been losing weight. Each time I just said "Oh thanks!" And did not elaborate. I didn't tell them that I'd lost almost 30 lbs in less than two months! I am finding, like many of those who are doing this protocol, that it's just too hard to explain and you never know what type of reaction you're going to get. So unless someone really presses and seems open to listening to a "unconventional" approach to losing weight, I'm not going to even go there with them. If a person casually asks, I just tell them that I'm on a restricted calorie diet and that seems to satisfy most people.
I have a couple of things going on in early December where I will be seeing people that I haven't seen since either before I started on HCG or right when I was beginning it. So I'm interested to see if anyone will notice right away or will comment on it. I have lost weight before to where I was down to within 15 lbs of my goal weight so I'm sure some people will also be thinking that I will probably gain it back again. So it will be fun to see those same people next summer when I will not only have kept the weight off, but by then I will have been working out and REALLY looking good. I'll be wearing my bikini just like that lady on the Bowflex commercials who says "I'm a 50 year old grandmother and I'm hot" LOL! So I'm going to go look in my closet right now to see if I can find some of my skinnier clothes that will show off my weight loss! By the way, my daughter is also doing the protocol with me and her weight loss is really starting to show! She is looking good! She's at least 25 lbs lighter than me and today she was wearing a really cute pair of jeans. She tells me that when she gets to her goal weight she will pass them on to me! Woo Hoo! they are those low slung kind with cute pockets that make her bootie look Nice! And to think that I'll be wearing them in a couple of months! ROLF! So see you all later!

Oh and thanks to Amy, Biz and Brooke for stopping by to encourage me!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas lists...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 170.6
Today's weight 169.8 loss of .8 lbs!
I'm in the 160's!!!

Yes, another .8 lbs gone. I am so glad to be on HCG again and losing fat every day! I feel good and my clothes are fitting better. I'm not ready to go shopping yet because I don't want to buy any transitional sizes. I want to wait and go for the small sizes. So my husband was asking what I wanted for Christmas, hmmm, do I trust him to shop for clothes for me? Well, maybe not! LOL! Gift certificates will work though! I'll have to give him Lise's eetsy web site for some bling! I found a few pairs that I like on her site.
I am still trying to decide what to buy for him for Christmas. He always writes a list of what he wants and then gets upset if the kids buy him something else. I will have to talk to him about the meaning behind gift giving so he can get OVER it! He's a tool junkie though so it's usually easy to find something he will have fun with.
Well gotta go since I'm at work and I SHOULD be working! I brought in a container of chili for lunch so I'm set, but it's only 10 am and I've eaten my morning fruit and I'm hungry for lunch already! Oh well, time for another cup o' tea!


P. S. Biz just added the file to the HCG2 group database section for those of us who started P2 on Thanksgiving day. We're calling ourselves the "Thanksgiving P2 Crew" and Biz's file will allow us to track our weight and weight loss all in one place. It's going to be fun! So check that out too if you have time.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cooking up a storm...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 171.4
Today's weight 170.6 loss of .8 lbs!

Back to work day. Although Monday is my telecommute day, thank goodness. That means I get to sleep in an extra hour. I'm glad I was home today since I was able to do a little extra cooking. I put on a crock pot of applesauce this morning and then went to my daughter's house for lunch. We had chili, yum! And now, at the end of my work day, I just put on a pot of chicken cabbage soup. But I'm using brussel sprouts instead of cabbage because my daughter really likes them and they are just miniature cabbages aren't they? Actually i checked and raw portions are 15 calories more than cabbage per cup. So I will have to count that in for the day. I'm making 3 portions so two will go in the freezer for later. I'm running out of the meat and chicken that I had cut up into P2 size portions and vacuum sealed before freezing. It took a while to measure all the food that way when i brought it home from Sam's club, but it was soooo helpful to me. I could just take out a single sealed portion and put it in a bowl of water to thaw. 10 minutes later it was sizzling on the george foreman. Or I could put the individual portions into a soup or crock pot as needed. When my daughter started she brought all her meat over and we weighed and sealed it so she could do the same thing. It's been working so well, she just bought her own vacuum sealing machine. But she got the less expensive ($40) one that Wal-Mart sells. If her's works good, I'll post that info for anyone else who might want to try it.
I'm pretty happy with my weight loss so far. I'm just glad to be back on HCG and losing again! It feels good!


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas lights are up!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
today's weight 171.4
loss of 1.4 lbs!

Hi all,

I'm so sad that this is the last day off before returning to work tomorrow! I've really enjoyed this holiday. Today has been spent on housework and a little shopping. I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet, but I have been scoping them out and have a good idea of what I want to do. I spent way too much money on Christmas lights in the past two days. I was just going to get a few small strands to fill in some bare spots on the roofline but then my husband says we should go ahead and put lights on the workshop and the gazebo. So I hit the walmart a few times this weekend just for those supplies. I had to go to 4 different stores to find the smaller light strings though and finally found some at Michael's.
I have to make one more trip this afternoon and then I'll come back home a do a little cooking for my P2 meals. Back to work tomorrow...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lost weight on second load day

Hey isn't it funny how these things work out? On Thursday, I ate lots of turkey and moderate amounts of all the fixings and I quit when I was starting to feel a little stuffed. Later I had a sliver of pumpkin pie and another sliver of cherry pie. The next morning, I was up 2.8 lbs. So yesterday, I still ate leftovers but maybe not so much as Thursday. Just til I was starting to feel slightly full. This morning I lost almost all the weight i gained the day before. I was down 2.4 lbs. Now I am just .8 over my LIW from my last P2. I'm pretty happy with that. Today was my first VLCD day. I made a big pot of Chili and froze all but the one serving that I had for lunch. So I will have 4 more delicious individual servings for later. Or, maybe if I'm feeling generous, I'll share them with my daughter. I gave her a couple of servings of the last batch I made and she really liked it. Tomorrow I will try to cook a few more meals ahead to make it easier during the work week. I haven't made the meatballs yet and I heard they are really good. Oops, I better stop talking about food because I am feeling a little hungry on my first day of VLCD and I've already eaten all my food for today. I may have to go brew a cup of tea to tide me over.
Oh so the other good news I got today is that our order of HCG from DD finally came today. So once I use up this "donated" batch, I will be able to smoothly transition into the new batch that my daughter and I will mix. Funny thing that we still haven't heard anything from Eurobolics who is the first one we ordered from, way back in mid October. I wouldn't be surprised it it had been confiscated but we just haven't been notified yet. Oh well, I'm glad we ordered the backup supply!
I will be busy tomorrow putting up Christmas decorations. My husband got most of the outside lights up today, but I couldn't do too much on the inside of the house since we had our 1 year old grandson here. I already have trouble keeping him out of the bookshelves and I have no idea how I'm going to keep him away from our decorations! It's going to be a challenge!
Only one more day left of the long weekend... so sad.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey Day Update

2.8 gain on first load day. So not so great, but not unexpected. It the end of the day here and I did eat leftovers today but I didn't go for the pie and cool whip so much. I had turkey and stuffing and a little bit more mashed potatoes and gravy. And veggies too! And I am a little worried about what I'll see on the scales tomorrow, but I am so glad to be going back on the VLCD that I'm not stressing about it. So here I go finishing one last glass of wine for a long, long time and I'll report my stats in the morning!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Before and after Pics

Okay, Here you go. I had my daughter take these tonight and she was kind enough to interrupt the movie she was watching to take and edit these for me. What a sweetheart! So what do you think? The first one was taken on day 15 of my first P2 and I'd already lost 15 lbs so you may not see as much difference as there actually is, but I'm pleased so far. I'll be sure to add some more when I get the last 27 lbs off!

10/18/7 - 183 lbs: VLCD 14.
11/22/7 - 172.4 lbs starting R2P2


Thanksgiving day 2007

I started the sublingual this morning. It's the first time I've ever tried it this way. Previous P2 was with SC injections. So the SL was a breeze. I think the biggest challenge will be remembering to do the second dose at night. I am due to take the night-time dose in about 30 minutes. My pre-load weight is 172.4. I will do my measurements today and I'll see if my daughter can take my pics today or tomorrow. I haven't posted any pics yet because I only had the "before" pics and who wants to see just the befores? I mean it's obvious I'm on this diet cuz I need to lose weight but until I have some progress to show I sure don't want anyone looking at my fat bod! LOL! I'm not sure how much difference I'll see in the photos because I didn't take them until I'd already lost about 10 or 12lbs and I only lost another 12 or 14 after that. But if it looks any different, I'll be sure to post 'em.

So happy thanksgiving to all. I cooked a turkey and all the trimmings and I had a little bit of almost everything. I was mostly craving the mashed potatoes and gravy and YES! they were great! I'll have another little helping of leftovers tomorrow and then it's back to the VLCD for a long, long time. LOL!
Today I am thankful for my family and all of my wonderful grandchildren who give me such great joy. I love them very much and I am lucky that they are all in good health. I also am thankful for my husband of 7 years who is a little grumpy sometimes but always makes it up to me! And I'm so glad that my daughter is joining me in the HCG protocol. Although she does not have a severe weight problem at 33 years of age, she has not been happy with her weight in the years since her two children were born. I know that HCG will be the answer for her and I hope that she will accomplish her goal with just this one round of the protocol.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yea! We got the stuff today! Just in time for me to start on schedule tomorrow. I'll be going with the sublingual until it is used up and then switch over to injections. I've been thinking a lot about my goal for this round. I've always planned for my final goal weight to be 145 and I will be more than happy to make that weight, but looking at the weight charts, it shows that a small frame (and based on my wrist I would be small) a 5'7" woman should be 133lb. So at the risk of sounding "GREEDY" maybe I could go a little lower. I will not make that an actual goal though, but if I just continue until the weight loss either slows or stops I should be okay.
Hmmm. So here's what I'm thinking... I'm adjusting my current weight to match what my new scale says, which is 172. Okay then, to get to 145, I need a loss of 27 lbs. I don't want to set an unrealistic goal because I know that the closer you are to your goal weight, the slower you will lose so I doubt that I could make it by Christmas but maybe I can do it by the end of the year. So that's what I'm going to have for my goal. Can you believe how awesome that would be? Biz, I agree that it's like a miracle to be able to plan our weight loss in such a detailed way and to be able to believe that we can actually achieve it!
Okay, I'm off to the movies. We are going to have a girl's day with my daughter, granddaughter and a few of her friends to see "Enchanted". So tune in tomorrow for the review!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanks for the helping hand...

OMG! The people from HCG2 are soooo awesome! I can't believe how generous and caring these people are to complete strangers. Yes, we are strangers even though we have shared our most intimate secrets, mainly our WEIGHT! LOL. Cuz you know, that's something that we really NEVER tell the truth about, not even on our driver's licenses. Well, before HCG that is. It will be really great to be able to put the truth down on that form and know that it will be within 2 lbs of that weight basically forever! But I digress...
It's just that I am really excited right now because so many people in the group responded to my admittedly desperate sounding plea. We really didn't think it would have taken over a month for our order to come in. We deliberately chose a site that others had reported quick responses from. Some were less than a week. But that was then, and obviously it isn't like that anymore. So thanks to Biz and Lise, we came up with a solution and some HCG is on the way. It will come just in time for Erica to be able to continue her P2 and for me to start up again by loading on Thanksgiving day and then moderately the next before going right into the VLCD. I still have another 30 lbs to lose and if possible, I want to just keep going until I reach that goal.
One thing I am going to do now before I start again, is to adjust my weight and ticker to reflect the new scale that I bought in the middle of my first P2 round. It was about 3 lbs different than what I was using before so I just kept adjusting the figures to match what it would have been on my old scale. So if you see a jump in my numbers, it's not because I gained! It's just the numbers from my new scale... Remind me sometime to tell the story about the search for the holy "scale"! It is a little excessive but makes for a funny tale.
Okay I'm so excited that I forgot what else I wanted to say on my blog for today. So I'll leave it at that for now and put in an update if I missed something important.


Monday, November 19, 2007

Back from my travels...

Hi All,
We got back from our trip to Ohio late last night. I was able to continue reading the digests from the HCG2 site during the past week, but I wasn't able to post the whole time I was gone, either because I didn't have access to the Internet, or the privacy or the time. So I have a lot of stuff to talk about so BEWARE, this may be a lengthy post!
Although this trip was for a very sad reason, I think I'll go with the good news first. As you may know, I decided to transition to P3 two weeks early for this trip, so that I didn't have to go through the difficulty of managing the P2 diet that I suffered through on the trip earlier this month. I stopped the injections on Thursday morning and continued with the VLCD through Saturday, which was our travel day. I brought diced chicken and sliced cucumbers for my travel food. It was late when we arrived and we were all hungry but I just snacked on an apple, knowing that i could eat a good breakfast in the morning. So we wake up Sunday and someone is in the kitchen cooking pancakes! Arggh! I had to wait until it cleared out a little and snuck in to make a couple of scrambled eggs with cheese. And it really did hit the spot! And that's kind of how it went for the next 4 days. There were so many family members there that someone was always in the kitchen cooking. I was usually able to eat some of what they were cooking, but always had to skip the goodies that I knew I couldn't have. Fried potatoes, fresh muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc. Plus all the nearby relatives and friends were bringing the family so many delicious dishes. Stuffed pasta shells, cheesy potatoes, lasagna, brownies, homemade cookies, and breads of all kinds. Luckily they also brought some homemade sausage and peppers, meatballs, and roast pork, so I had many dishes that made my mouth water and kept me filled up with good protein. So did I ever cheat? Well, yes I must admit that I did a few times. I had a few little bites here and there of some homemade breads and once a small bit of an onion roll, but the closest I came to cheating with sweets was the homemade applesauce. I had a bowl of that with some sugar free cool whip. MMMMM! So how did I do with my weight? Well, I didn't bring my scale, but I did weigh myself on my MIL's analog scale when I first got there. I weighed every morning and I saw that it did go up and down a little some days, and one day it looked like it was up close to 2 lbs but it being an analog I couldn't tell for sure. So the next day, I just stuck to lots of proteins and veggies and fats and WATER and I was back down the next day. So late last night I get home and first thing, I go weigh myself just to see what the damages are. And..., drum roll please!... I'm .4 over my LIW! And this morning, I'm on my LIW exactly! Oh man, you could have knocked me over with a feather! Well, no, I'm not actually that skinny yet, but WOW! This means to me that I really feel that i can maintain the weight loss after HCG just like Dr. S and KT told us we could! Our miracle cure is true, not just a dream!
The other great part of the trip was having most of our grandchildren there with us. Most of the kids from my husband's side of the family were able to go and they all brought their kids. My husband and I travelled with our 14 month old grandson on the trip there and he was a great traveller. He was very excited about the plane ride and loved to slide the window up and then slam it down. The take off thrilled him and he was laughing out loud. Later, when it got dark, he loved looking at the city lights below. We kept him happy during the other times by letting him have a bottle whenever he got fussy. He had been transitioning to sippy cups but the bottles were comforting to him so we indulged him and it worked great, other than the few overfilled diapers we had to deal with later, LOL! We didn't have him for the trip home since we stayed a little longer than the kids, but we heard he slept most of the way. Lucky for them!
The viewing and funeral for my sister-in-law was every bit as emotionally draining as you might expect. My BIL broke down sobbing several times throughout and their three daughters and 8 grandchildren were all very heartbroken. Two of the daughters read letters that they had written for their mother that were supposed to have been given to her at a tea party that was originally planned for the Saturday after she died, so they read them at her service and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. And one of her son-in-laws stood up to say that there are countless mother-in-law jokes out there but not one of them would ever apply to Linda. He went on to say how she welcomed him into the family and always made his favorite homemade pie when they came to visit. My husband and his siblings and mother also took it pretty hard. She was the first of the 5 siblings to go and she was always the caretaker and organizer of the group. It is hard to see what direction the family will take now that she is gone. And for me, it is devastating too. I had grown to love her very much in the 12 years that I've known her. She and her husband are about 8 years older than we were, but we always said that when we retired, we'd be snow birds together. We'd go to stay with them in the summers and they could come out to Arizona with us in the winters. I'll miss her cheerful disposition and common sense ways. Her deep love for her family and her husband were always evident and we all don't know how we will cope without her. And for me, it also brought back the pain of losing my mother and my brother several years ago, because as unlikely as it sounds, they all three died of pancreatic cancer. And the first time I heard the word "pancreas" when they were trying to find out what was wrong with her, it was a dagger to my heart. Because even while I was fighting the panic and the sense of doom, I knew I needed to keep an optimistic outlook for everyone's sake. I knew that there were some cases of survivors although they were very much the minority, and I knew she wanted to fight it with everything she had. So I held out the hope that she would be the one who would beat the odds and I rejoiced in each step forward. Because for a while it did seem as though she was responding very well. She breezed through her first surgery and the radiation treatments that followed. The chemo was a little tougher, but she didn't seem to get as sick as many do with the treatments and although her hair thinned a bit, she never lost it all. So it was a big blow when we found out that the cancer had shown up in other organs and that there was no further treatment that would be feasible to eradicate it. Now it was just a waiting game and a push to give her the best quality of life she could possibly have. She looked into many alternative treatments and was using a "Vibe Machine" and various supplements that were aimed at healing on a cellular level. She also told the doctors that she didn't want anyone to tell her how much time they thought she had. She said she wanted to get stronger and live and that's what she would continue to work towards. So when my husband detoured through Ohio on the tail end of a business trip early this month, he became very alarmed when he found her so weak that she couldn't sit at the table and eat with the family and was sleeping for hours during each day. When she was in the room with other people she would nod off during conversations. So he called me and we immediately decided that I should come for a quick visit right away since it looked as though she was fading fast. So we arranged for me to come out within a day or so and by the time I arrived, they had discovered that the sleep medication she had been given was at a much larger dose than she should have been taking and that she had been prescribed two different pain medications by her doctors when she should only have been taking one. So once I arrived, they had already backed her dosage off enough that she was coherent and quite a bit more active. So that visit turned into a very nice chance for us to spend some quiet time with her. She was able to laugh and joke and talk about good times. She was still able to walk under he own power although the tri-level house made it very difficult for her to get up and down in because stairs were beyond her capability. Towards the end of our stay however, she started experiencing some swelling and bloating. This is always a big concern because the water retention can cause congestive heart failure and they had to put her on some medication to help her. Which it did for a day or two, but within days of our return to Arizona, she collapsed and was hospitalized. She died that same morning with her husband and girls at her side. So back we came for the second time this month. But so many times we remarked at how glad we were that we had made the first trip and were lucky enough to spend those few good days and that we were able to say goodbye to her properly before she died. I will be forever grateful for that opportunity. And another positive thing that happened this past week, I was able to spend some time with her daughters and my brother-in-law and talk to them about how lucky she was to have the really remarkable quality of life she did in her final days. I told them about how different it was for my brother who had been confined to a hospital bed and was in a lot of pain for the last two months and who had lost so much weight that at 54 years old, he looked like a 90 year old man. So I believe they were comforted by those thoughts. She was alert and actively participating in the world around her up to the end and she was even strong enough to hold her 4 month old grandson and have her picture taken just days before she died. So yes we are very sad, but we also feel very blessed that we had her for as long as we did and that she had a merciful ending to her beautiful life.

Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts. Good bye for now.