R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 159.6
Today's weight 160.2
Overnight gain of .6 lbs
.2 under LIW

I sure am glad I had a little wiggle room from my last two days of vlcd. That is a little less stressful for the inevitable weight gain from the first couple of days on P3. Today I had trouble eating breakfast. I felt nauseous and could only have a few bites of my scrambled eggs. I also woke up with a headache that hung around almost the whole day. So after cleaning up the breakfast dishes I went back to bed and slept for another hour and a half! Thank goodness it was Saturday and I didn't have to go in to work. At lunchtime I was still feeling sick but I knew I needed to eat. My husband was making himself a grilled cheese and I was a little tempted to try it but just had some tomato soup instead. Could only eat about half of what I would normally have eaten. So I did some sewing and played with my grandkids for a while, then my husband and I went out and did some last minute Christmas shopping and afterwards we stopped for dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Macayo's. I can't go in that place without having their spinach con queso dip, which is to die for. Creamy and cheesy and a light fresh taste because of the pico de gallo that they use in it which consists of chopped tomato, onion, cilantro and cucumbers. And you know you can't eat the dip from a spoon, you just have to have chips with it, so yes, I had chips. (starch) And then you know, you can't have the chips and queso without a margarita to wash it down, so yes, I had a margie. (sugar) So there go the two rules of P3 down the hatch! But mmmmm, was it good. So now I wait and see the damages for tomorrow. I must say though that I ate much less than I would normally, before HCG. Just got full earlier, and I didn't feel the need to keep going once my stomach started feeling full. I actually only ate a bite or two of my main course after eating the chips and queso before our food came out. And boy was my stepson happy when we came home with two boxes of leftovers!
And because I haven't had any alcohol since I've been on P2, that one margarita was enough to keep me from driving home after dinner.


Mary, We'll see how friendly my scale is in the morning! LOL!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 159.8
Today's weight 159.6
Overnight loss of .2 lbs
.8 under LIW

Last day of VLCD gave me another .2 loss so I'm in good shape for my first day of P3. I'm sitting here typing and feeling very full and satisfied. I didn't go overboard with my eating today, but I did enjoy my meals quite a bit! Eggs with sauteed onions topped with a sprinkle of cheese and 2 slices of bacon for breakfast. Lunch was a bowl of artichoke florentine soup and a half of a tuna almondine sandwich. (didn't eat the bread) And dinner was the lettuce wraps from Pei Wei's. I just ate the diced chicken meat inside the wraps and left those little white crunchy noodles that come with them. Don't know what they are and never liked them much anyway. So when we got home I felt like having a little snack so I had an apple of all things! But tonight I dipped the slices in peanut butter... Oh how yummy that was. So I'm sure I'll be fine with my weight in the morning, but I can't help having a twinge of worry that the scale will go in the wrong direction. Last time I went off the HCG I didn't have access to an accurate scale so I didn't go through the morning weigh ins. I was only able to check my weight occasionally on an ancient analog scale. So now I'm hoping I don't fluctuate too much since I'll be able to see every little .2 lb change that shows up. But no, I'm not really stressing about it, it's just a little flutter in the back of my mind!
We were invited to go skiing with some friends of ours but they want to go next weekend and we'd be gone Friday through Monday. I will have to see if I can get the time off from work with such a short notice. It'll be okay if there aren't too many others taking the same time off. So we'll see. We had actually been talking about having a New Year's Eve party for a group of friends so we have some deciding to do!
This weekend I'm going to hit the gym and make sure to get some walking in. It turned quite a bit colder here today though so I may not feel like hiking South Mountain with my hubby. It gets really windy on that trail and I'm a total cold weenie. I can survive 118 degree summers but when it gets into the 40's I'm not too happy. I have to be skiing to enjoy weather that cold!
So everyone have a good weekend and happy losing!
Lili, so it was a typo all along? You would not believe how hard I tried to decipher what I thought was an IM acronym! And nothing I came up with made any sense! That is just too funny...
But thanks for the compliment on my model. I just changed my outfit for the holiday and had my hair cut yesterday so I changed my mini-me to match!

And Mary, it sounds like we've all had our purple cabbage mishaps!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

P3 in the morning!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Yesterday's weight 160.6
Today's weight 159.8
Overnight loss of .8 lbs
.6 under LIW

This is my last day of the VLCD and it's been just fine. Other than my cabbage soup mishap, things have been going smoothly. And lookie there, I lost .8 and am under my LIW AND I'm in the 150's!!! So how cool is that? I was already in a pretty good frame of mind knowing that this round was ending, but the weight loss at the end here is really a big bonus. So I've got a little wiggle room from my LIW. So just in case you were wondering about the cabbage soup mishap, I'll fill you in... The other day I was cooking some chicken cabbage soup when I realized I was out of cabbage and my DH was at the grocery store. So I gave him a call and asked him to pick up a head of cabbage. So the sweetheart brings me home a head of purple cabbage. Yes it tastes the same so I thought well this should be okay. I cut it up and throw it in the pot. And it's fine until it starts to get soft and then the broth starts turning a little purple and I'm thinking oh that's pretty, and then the chicken starts turning kind of purple, and THEN I'm thinking, ewww that looks gross! But by then, I'm ready to eat and I'm hungry and I know it's just the purple cabbage so I eat it and it's just yummy as long as you don't think about the grayish purple chicken. But then, I need something to take to work for my last VLCD lunch today and I've got a serving of purple chicken and cabbage soup... Needless to say, my soup got a lot of attention at the lunch table today! LOL!

Lili, We will have to think up a name for the end of January R2 Crew. I'm thinking this next round will be my last. You too, right?
And I'm showing my ignorance here but what does *fosy* mean? You are just too with it for me! LOL!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's my story...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.4
Today's weight 160.6
Overnight gain of .2 lbs

And I'm sticking to it... So this morning I gained another .2. No deviations from the protocol other than NOT eating the grisinni and NOT eating my second fruit. So I decided not to inject today and am using yesterday's weight as my LIW. So today is my second day of VLCD after the last injection. One more day and Friday I'll be on P3. I was actually planning to inject today and have this be my LIW but I think I'm just ready to be done with this round. I'm not having a problem with the food or temptation but the stress of not losing consistently without cheats is getting very old. So I'm done! And on to the next phase. Funny thing is, the world around me is ready for me to be done too. I had a phone message from a friend who just passes through occasionally and wants to meet for dinner Friday night. So I can go with them and not have to explain my eating choices! That will be a very nice change. I will also be ready to start my workout routine. I'm getting a little antsy in anticipation. So yes, this change will be welcome. My dinner tonight was especially tasty for some strange reason. I just had grilled fish and broccoli which is pretty standard fare, but as I was eating it, it dawned on me that it was really good, and that I really enjoyed eating this way. So yes I will be happy to keep eating this type of menu with just some extra veggies thrown in and some butter drizzled on top. And a salad with the same meal! That actually sounds like heaven to me right now!
So I'm just determined to enjoy this time and strengthen my body as well as resting it. I know that I will be working towards another round in late January and I'll be keeping that in the back of my mind, but just in the back. I'll let it all unfold as it is meant to... Kind of like Paul's advice to "let go of the wheel".

Amy, I think you might have misunderstood me. The ducklings are born in the springtime and I'll have that to look forward to in a few months. Our springtime is probably a little earlier than yours but not by that much! LOL! I did take some pics last spring so maybe I'll dig them out. I did a blog on my sparks page that talked about it a little. So I'll see if I can find that and post it to this blog. And it's always good when the weather is NOT frightful! So bundle up and go walking!

And Mary, thanks for the shout out! Yes we will be looking goooood for the summertime girl! I've got a few bikini's that are calling my name. I'm going to be like the hot 50 year old Grandma on the bowflex commercials!!! LOL!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not there yet...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.2
Today's weight 160.4
Overnight gain of .2 lbs

Did I jinx myself by saying I'd inject one more day if I didn't make it to the 150's? I guess if I was superstitious I might say so. But I won't. Tomorrow I think I'll make it though. So tomorrow will be my LIW day. No matter what my weight is.
I plan to really step up my exercise routine. Well not really step it up, since it's been basically nonexistent since I started the HCG protocol. I tried hiking a couple of times while doing HCG and I just run out of gas so easily and I feel so bad if I try to push myself that I just decided to hold up on that for the time being. But now I'm ready to get going again. I've already started walking during breaks at work. There is a man made lake in the ASU research park which is right behind the building I work in. We can just walk out the back door and there is a nice paved path that goes around a series of three small lakes. Since we are in Arizona, there are still lots of ducks and geese that have made their winter homes here. In the springtime we all have lots of fun watching the new ducklings learn to swim. So I can walk around the lake right behind us in about 15 minutes. To walk all three, it's about 40 minutes. I've been walking around just the one twice a day. Next week, I plan to do all three lakes during my lunch break. I may take my lunch and eat outside while watching the ducks swim by.
I plan to take some new pics and maybe get them posted pretty soon. Whenever I can get together with my daughter she'll take them for me. She hasn't been willing to post any herself. We took some of her in a pair of pants that she could barely squeeze into at the start of her round. Just a few days ago, we took new ones in the same pair and they fit her like a glove. No muffin top like the first pic. I'll try to talk her into posting them, but don't count on it.
Tonight I've been wrapping gifts and I'm beat so I'm going to wrap it up for now (pun intended!)


Mary, yes I think we will all have exceptional rounds in the new year. We'll be combining our experience and expertise with the knowledge that our resolutions will be EASY to keep this year. And this will be the last year we'll have weight loss on the list!!!

Biz, you're welcome and it's all true!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Close enough to see the 150's coming at me!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 160.8
Today's weight 160.2
Overnight loss of .6lbs

Yes, I'm so close to the 150's that I can taste it. I would dearly love to end this round with a LIW in the 150's and I was planning on doing my last injection tomorrow. But sometimes you can be disappointed if you want something too much, so we'll see. And if I don't make it by tomorrow, I will do one more injection day. And if I don't make it by then, I'll just be satisfied with that until the next round, because I only want to give it one more day and no more. I want to be into P3 by the weekend so that I can see how my P3 is going for a few days before Christmas. I don't plan on risking outright sweets on this P3, but I did want a little honey baked ham and I know that's a big no no. But I don't know if I'll be able to resist it! My first meal on P3 will probably be breakfast so I know I'll have eggs w/cheese and bacon, but what I'm looking forward to most is a huge mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, onions, sprouts and some chopped up ham or turkey with Ranch dressing! I'm going to have one every day till I get sick of it! Okay, that's enough about food, let's change the subject.
I was reading so many blogs today that had people going into their P3 for Christmas. Most people were very happy with how their P2 rounds went but there were a few who felt that they could have done better with their rounds if they had not strayed from the protocol. But you know what? Every single person lost weight. And they all lost much more weight than if they had been on a different diet. So although some people had different ranges of results, they all had results that they can be proud of. And maybe even learn from. I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from reading Biz's blog, not just because of her terrific milestone of 75 lbs gone forever, but because of how she said that she learned so much from her previous two rounds and that the second was the toughest. The third one she just breezed through. This was just what I needed to hear because I will have my third round coming up pretty soon. Now it could be argued that this may technically be my second round because I actually did an interruption instead of a full P3 break, but I'll call it my 3rd for clarity's sake. I found this round a little tougher mentally than the first because I was really getting tired of the restrictions and I never entirely lost my hunger. So I've finally made my decision to quit this week, go into 3 weeks of P3, then P4 until late January or early February. I plan to do a few ski trips this winter and I won't want to be on the protocol for those.
So starting this weekend, I'm going back to the gym. Resistance training, step classes, water aerobics and the treadmill. I'm going to see how much toning up I can accomplish between rounds. I also feel a little out of shape for skiing so I want to get a little stronger before our first trip. Don't know when that will be, but my husband is kind of raring to go now that it's snowing in the mountains. We can drive to ski resorts in Colorado and in Arizona when the snow is good. So we're hoping it continues! We also do one nice trip to a place like Breckenridge or Salt Lake City, or Lake Tahoe. We don't know for sure where it will be this year, but I can tell you that I'm wearing much smaller ski pants than last year!
One more thing I want to say. There are some brave souls who are going to continue the protocol right through the Christmas holiday. You know who you are. I just want to say to you how much I admire your resolve and determination. Because although it is very easy to lose weight while sticking to the protocol with HCG, it still takes a good mental attitude to make it work for each of us individually. And you people have what it takes and I'm very impressed with that! Congratulations to you...
Congratulations to us all!!!

Mary thanks for the encouragement!

Biz, I will have to email you sometime about my DD's business, but will ask her permission first. She doesn't have as much freedom to discuss the HCG subject as I do. Are you really curious now?
I'm so happy for you, your son and JPS for the very successful rounds you just completed. WOO HOO back at ya!

Amy, I have shared the HCG info with a few people at my office and haven't had anyone ready to sign up yet, but no one who's calling me crazy either! I do have a few social friends who want to give it a go, including the one who did the protocol in a California clinic in the 70's. She sure didn't need any convincing. So I may have some more company on my next round. I just wish I could get my husband to go for it!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

WHOOPS I did it again! Another .8 down...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 161.6
Today's weight 160.8

Overnight loss of .8lbs
I'm so glad to finally see some more movement. It means I'm really not stuck any more. So Biz may have hit the nail on the head with her set point theory. I never kept that good notes about my weight in the past so I'll never know for sure.
My daughter has also broken through her stall. She was getting a little discouraged and finally did an apple day and lost about 1.4 lbs. I'm so glad it worked for her because just seeing her spirits lifted was great. She really looks terrific and has been getting LOTS of compliments at work too. So many of her co-workers are asking how she's doing it and saying that they want to do what she's doing. She has been reluctant to discuss it, and is trying to figure out how to handle the questions. I haven't had much chance to talk it over with her to help her with a plan of action, but I plan to look up all the posts that I've seen on the group to refresh my memory with how different people have handled it in the past. At some point though she has to make a decision on whether to give out the "secret" or not. So we'll see how that goes!
It's getting late here and I'm all done with wrapping the gifts that I bought today. I've only got a couple more plus some stocking stuffers for the grandkids then I'm done! The biggest problem is figuring out what to buy for my dad so I'm putting on my thinking cap on that one.
So happy Monday to everyone tomorrow! Good night...