R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, June 6, 2008

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
LIW for Break 146.0 (5-19-08)
Yesterday's weight 147.0
Today’s weight 146.0
Overnight loss - 1.0 lbs
AT - LIW - All downhill from here...

No time to post. We are trying to get out the door for our camping trip but I wanted to post my stats. I'm hoping to lose another couple of pounds this weekend so wish me luck!

I'll try to pop in on Sunday evening just to check in...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

VLCD Day #44 - going camping

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
LIW for Break 146.0 (5-19-08)
Yesterday's weight 148.0
Today’s weight 147.0
Overnight loss - 1.0 lbs
1.0 lbs OVER LIW

I’m down another pound and only one over my LIW now. I can’t wait until the weight I’m losing is new(old?) weight that I haven’t already lost once on this round! That is the only downside to taking a break during a round, but I just look at it as the price we have to pay to keep our sanity. Because what good is being thin and gorgeous if you lose your mind doing it? LOL!
Nothing new to report but my DH and I are planning to take our two grandson’s camping this weekend so I have to figure out what to take that will keep me out of trouble on food choices. The boys always want smore’s and hot dogs so they’re easy to please, I will just have to bring enough legal treats for myself so that I won’t be tempted. So I’m making my list now and will do my shopping tonight… Wish me luck. I don’t know if I’ll have time to post tomorrow so if not, I’ll catch up on Sunday.

Have a good weekend peeps!


Monica, The beef and green bean stew, well it's basically just beef chunks simmered in (low sodium) beef broth for a couple of hours. I add italian seasonings and some onion for flavor. And I don't know what is legal to use as a thickener, but I had some low sodium beef stew seasoning and I used a packet for my stew for flavor and thickness. But I was making about 6 servings at a time so it was a very small amount per serving. You would have to decide if you wanted to risk that or not. Others on the forum might know a "legal" thickener to use. Or just make it soupy. I use frozen or fresh beans and I don't add the beans until the last half hour. To tell how much a serving is, I weigh and count the beef chunks before cooking and then spoon just the right number into each container after it's cooked and then just divide up the green beans and broth evenly between the containers. This freezes really well too.

Hi B, I actually found some baby lotion that uses mineral oil so I'm going to try that. I'll let you know how it works!

Hey Maryg. I will have to find some Jergens cold cream and try that too!

Ha Ha Jenn, you don't want your Wii fit age to be 16 cuz then Ed would get arrested! LOL! And yes, I think my DH is a hunk too!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

VLCD Day #43 - Back to Business...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
LIW for Break 146.0 (5-19-08)
Monday's weight 149.2
Yesterday's weight 148.6
Today’s weight 148.0
Overnight loss - .6 lbs
2.0 lbs OVER LIW

Don’t know how it happened but I managed to pick up another pound over the weekend, so I ended my break more than 3 pounds over LIW. I started injections on Monday, but I didn’t do great on my first two VLCD days. I was hungry during the day and I just ate extra protocol foods when I felt like I needed it. I’m sure it was because of not having enough HCG in my system yet. With all that, I still am down 1.2 pounds since Sunday so I can't complain about that. It should be better tomorrow if I can stick to protocol and so far today I’ve been just fine, without any hunger which should help me to stick to protocol. I cooked up a batch of green bean beef stew yesterday so I’ve got some portions frozen to take to work for my lunches. I find it so much more convenient to do a soup or stew and freeze them to take to work. Then there is no hassle with finding the right vegetables or measuring the protein. And I’m all for the easiest way when I’m at work. I’ve still got cabbage chili and broccoli chicken soup in the freezer for a little variety.
Another issue I’ve got right now is the dry skin thing. I have a little residual flaking from my sunburn last week and now that I’m back on protocol I can’t slather on the lotions like I was doing before. I can’t quite bring myself to NOT use any lotion at all with the flaky skin the way it is, so I’m trying to reduce it to just a bit in the morning before I leave the house. And I had to quit using the Jergen’s Natural Glow for now too. I’ll get by somehow though.
So not much else to report. Hope everyone is doing well…

Hey Marygirl… Thanks for stopping by! I can always count on you!

Ed and Jenn, can you see me blushing?!!! Thanks, I needed that... I am still doing this round and trying to go for the last of the abnormal fat. I just started again after my last break. And I plan to finish strong and be done with it forever! I'm gonna be just like Jenn! (Just a few years older! LOL)