R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, December 28, 2007

Success at shopping, but not so much at P3 eating...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-
Yesterday's weight 161.8
Today's weight 162.8
Overnight gain of 1.4 lbs.
2.4 over LIW

Okay, I'm more than 2.4 lbs over my LIW. And I'm a little bummed. But I could see it coming. We went out shopping last night and stopped for Mexican food. Last time I had Mexican I gained and this time too. Hmmm, maybe I should learn something from this. I could be making much better choices and I feel like I've been playing fast and loose with the P3 protocol lately and I'm not very proud of it. So I'm planning to be more conscientious this weekend. I plan to try to stick to a south beach or Atkins type of eating plan. We are going to Flagstaff (northern AZ) to visit some friends who usually eat this way. We will be staying over to ski on Sunday, then we both have to work on Monday, but we can both work remotely so we'll be working from our friend's mountainside cabin. How tough is that, huh? And we'll also stay and celebrate New Year's with them and then head home on Tuesday morning. I have to report for Jury duty on Wednesday (I'll call in on Monday to find out for sure.) I've been lucky the last two times and didn't have to serve on a jury, but my luck can't hold forever...
Doesn't it seem weird that this year is almost over? Doing Dr. Simeon's protocol has really made this last part of the year just speed by for me. I still have to remind myself that it's only been a couple of months since I started the whole process and am now some 30 pounds lighter! Just think of how many people in the world who could benefit from this but who will either never hear of it or who will hear of it and think that it's just another fad and not the real deal. I just wish I could tell everyone about it. I am constantly seeing people who need to lose weight and are struggling to get around with so many layers of abnormal fat padding their bodies and I just want to go to them and say "there is a CURE for this!" And it's so sad that we can't share it so easily.
But the good news is... to get back to my original subject, I found the perfect artificial tree on sale for $120.00. It's a 9 ft pre-lit with the more realistic branches and is very full so you can't see to the middle post. It's just what we were looking for at the beginning of the Christmas season and what we refused to pay $400 for. So the wait really paid off. WOO HOO!!!

Biz, I guess I'm skipping the steak day even though I should be doing that today. With one more round of P2 coming up, I'm not as gung Ho as I will be on my last P3. I will follow Dr. S's protocol to the letter to ensure that I've re-set correctly. But for now, I'll just try to be careful for the next few days and see if I can bring it back closer to my LIW. I know for sure that I'm NOT having the same problem as you of not eating enough!!! LOL!

Mary, how's your shopping going? Now that I have a taller tree, I might have to shop for some more decorations too! I better hurry before the good stuff is all gone though. Did you go shopping? And did you ever finish your snowman?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

going shopping...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Tuesday's weight 161.2
Yesterday's weight 162.4 (gain of 1.2/2.0 over LIW)
Today's weight 161.8
Overnight loss of .6 lbs.
1.4 over LIW

As you can see, I've been on the P3 roller coaster in the past few days. But just missed having to do a steak day today since I came back down this morning. I've been pretty busy and I'm on my way out the door to shop the after Christmas sales. We want to find an artificial tree for next year. Every year we say we're going to get one and then we can't stand to spend the money before Christmas. So if we can find one, now is the time to buy! So wish me luck.
And I'm going to see if I can post the pic of the tree skirt I made for my daughter's tree...
Here are the pics. Can't see the sparkles on the red fabric though. But she wanted one that would come out further from the base instead of being hidden under the tree. This turned out nice but boy is it a big tree skirt!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Fun Filled Holidays!

Starting weight on this round: 172.8 - 11-24-7
LIW 160.4 12-18-7
Saturday's weight 160.2
Yesterday's weight 161.4 (gain of 1.2 1.0 over LIW)
Today's weight 161.0
Overnight loss of .4 lbs.
.6 over LIW

Since I didn't post yesterday (too much going on,) I added both days stats. I did gain after my dinner out at Macayo's but I ate normally yesterday and avoided the sugars and starches and am back down. So overall, quite acceptable. Yesterday I spent most of the day sewing a new Christmas tree skirt for my daughter's tree. It is part of my present to her. She wanted one that had a larger diameter and would extend out from the base further and you just can't find those in the stores, so I found some great fabric and trim and worked on it Saturday and Sunday. I'll have her take a picture of it for me to post here. But when I first bought the fabric and showed it to her, my 6 year old granddaughter was there and asked me if I would make her a "princess" dress out of the fabric. So I went back and bought some more and will be working on that right after Christmas. It will make a great dress too. It's a deep red velour with gold and silver sparkles in clusters all over. I will make it in an empire style with long sleeves and an overskirt of some matching sheer gauzy material. I'll have to post a pic of that too when it's done.
Today it's just wrapping presents and a little cooking. We will have a Christmas Eve celebration this evening at my daughter's house. She is hosting for the family this year and has been cleaning and decorating all week. I'm glad to not have that extra work this year and I've noticed that she needs less and less help from me each year! This year I'm only cooking a couple of side dishes so I'm getting off easy. I plan to eat a little of the honey baked ham tonight but I'll try to stick to P3 protocol for the rest of the meal.
In the morning all of our kids will meet at our house to open gifts. Some will come and spend the night and some will come over after opening their gifts from Santa at their own homes. I will make a big breakfast after all the gifts have been opened and then my husband's kids have to pack up and go to their mom's house for yet another get together. And we will have a nice quiet, messy house. So after a little clean up, we'll probably go hike up our favorite short trail up South Mountain. And then back home to play with our Christmas toys! Hope it's a wonderful holiday for everyone... Merry Christmas!

Biz, glad you had a chance to stop by. I'm sure we'll all get back to a normal eating routine after the holidays and will just have to forgive ourselves in the meantime! And yes, I do think the resetting thing is real. I know that when I have completed my last P2 round that I will be scrupulous about abiding by the no sugar and starch rule and easing into them in P4. Knowing that i still have one more round of P2 this time makes it a little more forgivable to bend the rules, but I won't take any chances for my final P3... I want to make sure I reset correctly!

Mary, I'm thinking of it as a little teeny detour and plan to get back on the straight and narrow soon. And it also depends on the weight gain. I think if I don't go over the 2lb limit, I might be more willing to risk little deviations. I'm just trying to not let it get out of hand, if you know what I mean! It's all a personal journey and we're all just taking responsibility for our own choices, right!

Lili, I did have a gain, but not catastrophic, so I'm content. And yes, it was totally worth it! I'm highly suspicious of the "Hour of Power" myself, but I guess we can always use it as a justification if we do go crazy on the carbs! So far, I don't think the little cheats have done much lasting harm. But again, I'm going to try to keep them to a minimum. I don't want to end up losing a bunch of weight that I've lost once already when I start my next round. I want to start close to my LIW!

Happy Holiday to all!