R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, April 19, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 13 - Any loss...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 151.8
Today’s weight 151.4
Overnight loss of 0.4 lbs
Total loss this round 6.8 lbs

Hello all, another small loss and that means that it is time to bid adieu to the wine protocol for a while. I had a glass tonight, but if there is not a bigger loss by morning, i will go back to my regular routine and start having fruit instead of the wine at night. I will miss the nightly glass though, since it has been very relaxing and has made me sleepy and willing to go to bed earlier. That should make for better weight loss since I'm getting more sleep, but no evidence of that yet. So this is the last night of the trial. I will save the wine for special occasions in the future. Since maybe it will still work on an occasional basis.
I'm glad to hear all the nice comments about my post yesterday. I was feeling a little sentimental yesterday and so many things have changed for me since beginning the protocol that sometimes you really do just have to stop and take it all in. It makes it easier to put up with a piddling .4 loss per day when you take the time to remember that with WW or other diets, you'd be fighting for that much of a loss for several days or even a week. And it wouldn't be unusual to go a whole week without a loss at all. So we are blessed, and I really think most of us realize it.
Today was spent with my two youngest grandchildren. Sofia is 8 months and Heath is 18 months. And my husband and I both are now exhausted and relieved that one is asleep at last and the other is back with his mother... How do people handle two little ones on a daily basis? I guess that is why it's best left up to the young. Because one day of it is just about our limit! We sure do love 'em but are glad we aren't responsible for them full time!
So now that Sofia is finally down for the night, I think I'm going to turn in too. Have a good night and good Sunday tomorrow...


Yes, B. I'll be happy with the little losses too. At least it's not a gain! I am glad you found this cure so early. You'll be able to enjoy being slim for the majority of your life! And yes, the skinny pics will be fun huh?

Lili, I agree about the fat prejudice and hope I can keep all my grandchildren from ever treating overweight people badly.

Shelly, yes! People will ignore fat people and not look them in the eye... It's a shame. And we will have to remember to always be kind to overweight people once we are no longer in that category.

Liz, I can't even imagine snow right now! It was in the 80's here again today! And I did wear shorts...

Mary, isn't it grand when you can see a space between your legs?

Biz, thank you for your kind words! And yes, please tell JPS not to give up hope. I don't think I even noticed when it first happened. It just seemed like all of a sudden it was gone! Woo Hoo!

Friday, April 18, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 12 - HCG at any age...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 152.2
Today’s weight 151.8
Overnight loss of 0.4 lbs
Total loss this round 6.4 lbs

Hi all! I’m still chugging along here… A little smaller loss for today but I’m happy with it. Getting a little closer to my LIW from last round so I can finally start working on weight that I haven’t lost once already! LOL!
I went to run some errands at lunch earlier this week and stopped by SteinMart on a whim. I am still avoiding buying pants and shorts, etc. because I have lots and lots that have been stored up in my closet that fit me perfectly right now. And I vowed I wouldn’t buy any more until I reached my goal weight. But I ended up buying a few new tops. I just love the styles and patterns on the clothes this season. The bold colors and patterns remind me of when I was young but they’re all so updated and stylish. I am trying to keep everything age appropriate and luckily there is plenty to go around! And you know how I just mentioned all the pants and shorts that are now fitting me? Well I haven’t worn a pair of shorts in probably 4 years. Mostly because I just hated how my chubby knees looked. Even the last time I lost weight for a cruise two years ago, they still didn’t look good enough for me to feel comfortable in shorts. Well last week when I was trying all this stuff on, I came across a pair of old favorite shorts. I put them on and went to look in the mirror and lo and behold, they looked fine! My knees have finally lost enough fat to get rid of that lumpy puffy look that they had before. So yesterday it occurred to me that I hadn’t done measurements in a while. And although my stomach and hips haven’t changed too much, wow! My knees have lost two and a half inches since the last measurement and a total of 3 ½ from when I started. Funny how that knee fat just clung on so long and then just finally whooshed away all at once. So now I just need to look into spider vein removal and I’ll be all set for summer! LOL!
I know that this HCG protocol is an exciting thing for all of us, but I’m just not sure if you younger girls (and guys) know how lucky you are that you found this at your age. This is going to save you countless years of worrying and working to lose and keep the weight off. It will save you ridiculous amounts of money from trying fad diets that don’t work. It will save you from having to keep 3 different sizes of clothes in your closet for when you start to gain back what you lost from that fad diet you just tried. It will save you countless trips to the doctor for illnesses that are caused or made worse by being overweight. It will save you from feeling constantly down on yourself and from hurtful things people say and do to overweight people. It will save you from turning down opportunities for functions and activities that overweight people just can’t or won’t do for fear of failure or ridicule. It will save you from camera phobia, where you constantly avoid having your picture taken and then when you do, trying to hide behind anybody or anything before the shutter snaps. And it will save you from wondering whether your loved ones feel embarrassed and ashamed to be seen in public with you even when they would never actually think it… And most of all, it will allow you to go forward through the rest of your life with a positive and realistic body image and the knowledge that you are at the perfect weight for your height and frame. And you have the tools to keep it that way forever.
I’m not going to be sad that it took more than half of my life to discover this secret. No, I’ll just take it as the gift that it truly is that my middle and senior years will be spent as fit and trim as I could possibly hope for. Just 6 months ago I was trying to resign myself to the fact that I’d be spending those years as and increasingly overweight grandma. Gradually adding weight related health problems as I put on the pounds, and giving up more and more of the activities that I was no longer capable of doing. But now that is all reversed and my future is infinitely brighter. I feel younger and more vibrant and so much more attractive than I did six months ago. So I know that now I will be going into the next phase of my life healthier, more active and so much happier than I ever thought I could be. And I’m so glad that you have all been a part of, and joined me in this transformation...


Thanks B! I'm so glad that you posted a pic on your blog and with your profile. Nice to see you finally!

Mary, just keep an eye out to see if I keep having good luck with it. And I'll keep buying the cheap stuff as long as I don't know any better!

Biz, thanks, the one pounders are the best! And yes, I'm really happy to have these friends on protocol with me and I hope to get more as time goes on.

ericrystal, welcome to round 2! I waited a week or two to get brave enough to try the wine since you always lose a little better the first few days anyways. I wanted to see if it would work once my losses started slowing down and as you can see, it did! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 11 - Triumphant

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 153.2
Today’s weight 152.2
Overnight loss of 1.0 lbs
Total loss this round 6.0 lbs

Today, when I got ready to post my blog, and I was down a pound for the second day in a row, I kept thinking of the title that Shelly used for her blog yesterday. “Phenomenal woman triumphant.” It's the title of a Maya Angelou poem. It just stuck in my head and I thought it describes how it makes us feel when we are doing well with the protocol and feeling good about ourselves. So it is apt for what I am feeling today today.

Here is the link to her post since I think you will all enjoy reading this: http://smacmolina.blogspot.com/2008/04/phenomenal-woman-triumphant.html

I stuck to the protocol very well yesterday with the intentional exception of substituting my dinner fruit serving for a glass of wine. I have been drinking the remainder of a bottle of Pino Grigio that was leftover from a long ago party and has been stuck in our back fridge for months. I usually drink much sweeter wines such as white zin or white Merlot. Or the sweetest ever, Riunite Lambrusco. Cheap, yes, but oh so good. I’d never make it as a wine connoisseur. The real wine snobs would surely turn their noses up at me, but I cannot be swayed from my lowlife tastes! But since I know that I need to drink the less sweet wines, I’m at a loss. So any suggestions would be appreciated. Because I am surely going to keep it up. I really think it is partly responsible for these good losses. I have been really strict about the eating part of the VLCD but on previous rounds I would stick to protocol religiously for weeks and only average .5 daily losses. So one pound a day is really terrific for me! I could be at my goal in two weeks if I can keep it up.

I heard from another friend who was doing the protocol through her doctor before I helped her figure out how to do it on her own. She is on a P3 break and gained weight on a family reunion trip. But once she got back she knuckled down and got right back down to her LIW in about a week. She’s very happy with her progress and has helped two of her friends start too. I love how that works!

LO is doing okay but has had a few no loss days here and there. Mostly due to some stress from having to get her plumbing fixed in her house. She goes all day without eating and then tries to catch up with her last meal. Not the best scenario for eating and we all know how stress contributes to weight gain, etc. So now that it’s just about over, she has to stop taking the HCG for a bit and take an interruption. She won’t have a full 21 days under her belt for this trip so she’ll be in some uncharted territory but it turned out to be the best option available for her. She will stop her dosage and do 72 hrs on the vlcd then, about a week of eating P3 then right back on HCG and the VLCD. So this is a question that Biz has been asking lately... Has anyone tried this and been successful? I think MaryG might have. Mary? But at any rate, she's going to do it and I will report on her progress when she returns. I'm hoping that she will do fine during the break and then when she returns, be able to continue the protocol to successfully complete the re-setting of her hypothalamus gland.

It's 9pm here in AZ and I'm thinking of hitting the sack early tonight and get some much needed beauty sleep... so nitey nite all you happy losers!


Mary, I just had a glass of bedtime wine so I'm counting on another good loss tonight! More on the walking later...

Lili, it isn't actually a soup base, but a gravy packet. I found a low sodium version of McCormick's brown gravy and the store brand from Fry's, maybe it's Kroger's that was also low sodium. I've tried the brown gravy for beef soups and the chicken for chicken soups. so just check the labels!

B, I would love it if we BOTH had the good losses every day and were tied! So catch up! And as far as the walking goes, I don't think I'm doing enough to really affect it either way, but I'm sure it can't hurt!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 10 - Woman on the move...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 154.2
Today’s weight 153.2
Overnight loss of 1.0 lbs

Oh yes, it's good to be moving in the right direction again. I had that glass of wine last night and maybe it did the trick or maybe it was just a coincidence. I will have to try it again to see! I wasn't brave enough to try it on my first two rounds but I guess this time, I've seen it work for enough people that I'm thinking there may be something to it. I'm replacing my second fruit with the wine and I'm skipping my evening grissini to compensate. So we will see...

I've also tried to stick to a short daily walk. Usually around the lake behind the building I work in. There is a nice man made lake with a path that goes around it. This time of year there are many ducks with newly hatched ducklings swimming behind them. I've notice a funny thing about the duck behaviour that I want to write more about, but it will have to wait for another day, when I have more time to write the post.

I'm babysitting tonight and Sofia is crying for attention so I have to cut this short. So goodnight all you happy losers you!


Shelly, I try to get two liters in, but sometimes I fall short. I'll work harder at it!

Liz, It's nice to have someone on the board who knows about this stuff! I think I'll just have to try it for the novelty of it. But I'm sure I won't be willing to spend the $$$ on it as a regular part of my diet. I will stick to Fuji, or Gala or Empire when I can find them...

Mary, you're too funny!

Biz, my soups are not that different than what Renee and Tammy do. Except that I found a really good gravy mix that has low sodium and low carbs an no sugar and I have been using that in my chicken soup. It only adds about 5 or 10 calories per serving but it thickens it up a bit and gives it a nice flavor. I made a chicken broccoli soup that was sooooo good!

B, hope you're right behind me now!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 9- Wrong Way Woman...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 153.6
Today’s weight 154.2
Overnight gain of 0.6 lbs

I gained .6???? OMG. I guess I did a little too much taste testing when I was cooking this weekend. I feel really bloated today though and feel as if I'm retaining water. No real deviations but I did taste the food I was cooking a few times. So NO WORRIES. I am sure it will even out tomorrow and that I'll be down again.

Oh and check this out, I'm at Trader Joe's today buying apples and a lady next to me said "have you ever tried grapples?" And I'm like WHAT? Evidently they are a cross between apples and grapes. She said that when you cut into it, there was an immediate aroma of grapes and it tasted just like them too. She said they were heavenly and addicting! But expensive too, from what she said. Okay sounds interesting, but is this something that is actually safe to eat? How messed up could it be? So has anyone else tried them or do you know anything about them?

LO is still doing great. Another 1.5 down! She is cooking with gas! She told me today that she feels that me helping her with her meals has made a big difference for her on this round. She was struggling last round and I don't think she was getting the right amount of protein or calories. So my pre-made soups have been making it a lot easier for her. I'm glad I could be of assistance. Now I should just be doing so well! I think she's down about 9 pounds now and is going to be going to Mexico in a week or so. Hurray for her!

I'm going to try something different tonight and have a glass of wine instead of my apple. Wish me luck!

I'll let you know how I do tomorrow. Happy losing to you all!


Marygirl, yes it was yummy. I'll definitely have that again!

Biz, I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you just saying to watch for any symptoms that might indicate we need to stop? Because that's what I was trying to say. We'll be watching for extreme hunger, weakness or dizziness, headaches or any other signs that seem like something isn't right. After what happened to Jennifer, I think we are all the more vigilant for any out of the ordinary occurrences... (And she still does have some excess fat on her tummy area, so she may not keep losing weight per se, but she still has some contouring and redistribution to do...)

Hey B, it looks like I'm giving you another chance to catch up! We are teeter tottering around each other! So go, go, go! And make me catch up to you!

Monday, April 14, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 8 - Monday, Monday

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 154.0
Today’s weight 153.6
Overnight loss of 0.4 lbs

Today was my telecommute day so I worked from home. But it was pretty busy. I managed to make a pot of stew though and it was delish. Beef and green beans and after it cooked I separated a few servings out for my husband and added some extra veggies. He loved it. I know that he would do just fine on the protocol if he ever decides to give it a try. He likes most of the things that I cook. So maybe someday...
Nothing new to report with me. LO is still losing well. She is down 7.5 so far in one week. My daughter made her weight goal and is now continuing on the HCG to get rid of the remaining abnormal fat. I will give a full report when that happens. We are watching for all the symptoms that Dr. S. describes plus what Jennifer went through at the end. So I'm excited for her. It's late here so I'm going to call it a night. Have a good one you HCG losers!


Mary, the hike was fun and I'm sure we'll do it again soon. I haven't actually had a picture taken with my new haircut. So I'll do it soon...

Lili! yes you're on P2 so cool. We need a new pic of you too. Although I do love the one you have on your blog page...

Awwww Biz, thanks... I really do hope the grandkids will remember these times fondly. We are trying to instill a sense of wonder and joy with the outdoors for them. Somehow we must have been too busy to make it stick with our own children. They are not that into it. But we hope the little ones will love it and remember us for it!

Liz, it was actually a little too warm for the hike this week. We didn't get started until around 10:30 am and it was in full sun and probably around 90 degrees. We will have to get going a little earlier in the future. Don't worry you'll be getting more of those 70 degree days pretty soon!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 7 - Party Survival

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Thursday's weight 155.4
Yesterday's weight 154.0
Today’s weight 154.0
Overnight loss of 0.0 lbs

No loss today, but I'm glad I didn't gain because I went to a party and had one and a half glasses of wine. I skipped the fruit for the evening meal since that's what I've heard some other people do when they drink wine. Funny thing was, the first glass made me a little tipsy which is unusual. But I've also heard that you can get intoxicated easier when on HCG so it's evidently true. In my case anyway. I also had a small slice of honey baked ham which was probably a lot worse than the wine and that's what probably made me not lose anything, but like I said, I'm lucky that I didn't gain. Today I ate a little extra because I went hiking. It was not a long hike, but it's fairly strenuous since there's probably 7 or 800 ft of elevation gain. So I had an extra apple and some melba toast to give me a little more fuel for the hike. We took our 8 year old grandson who is a great hiker and goes with us frequently and at the last minute decided to take along our 7 month old granddaughter. We didn't have the right kind of backpack with us for her though since we didn't plan to take her so all we had was this sling type one that goes on the front. And it was a little hard on the back to carry her in that position. So my husband and I took turns and I ended up not doing the whole hike, partly because of that but also because the sole of my boot separated and I had to pull part of it off. These are my 5 year old well used boots that have been glued together once before. Now they'll either need to be re-soled or replaced.
But both of the kids enjoyed the hike a lot. Sofia was very excited to be outside and she cooed and laughed the whole time. We will have to take her again, but we'll remember to bring the frame backpack to carry her in.
I feel like I'm doing well on the protocol this round. I'm still not back to my LIW from my last round but I'm starting to feel slimmer and my clothes are getting a little looser again. I got a lot of compliments at the party last night. My haircut and the weight loss were just part of it. Several people mentioned that I just seemed more content and happy with myself. One more benefit from this protocol!


Thanks Mary, I'm loving this zone...

Amie, I am getting pretty good at ordering for the protocol when we go out, but you can't always think of everything. So we just have to improvise sometimes... Good for you with getting more Michigan people signed up. When are you and Brandi starting?

Regina, that is so nice of you to offer to pay for your kids to do the protocol. It is an investment in their health for life. I am so happy to be able to help who ever I can. The group of friends that were at this party are all trying to lose weight right now, but they are all using other methods and although I've tried to get them interested, so far no luck. But someday, maybe...

B, okay here's another chance for you to catch up! I'm down 4.2. Could be better but not bad!