R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, June 27, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - DONE and DONE...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Tuesday (6-24-2008) was LIW = 139.4
Wednesday's weight 140.0
Yesterday's weight 140.4
Today's weight 139.4
Overnight Loss -1.0 lbs
Today I am exactly at my LIW

Today is my first day of P3. I really felt like saying "Today is the first day of the rest of my life"! LOL! But I resisted... (or maybe I didn't!) This is my final round. I did not make it to my "number" goal of 136, and I thought about extending it to lose a few pounds more, but it seemed like I wasn't losing but gaining so I decided to hang it up. And of course, today I wake up with a one pound loss which puts me back at my LIW! Cool! And I look and feel just fiiiiine! I get compliments daily and people who have never spoken to me before at work are coming up and saying how good I look. One of the hairdressers at my daughter's salon saw me when I came in for a trim on my sassy new haircut and he said "That diet doesn't just make you lose weight, it makes you look younger and prettier every day!" Isn't that just the best compliment? I love male hairdressers because they really notice stuff! LOL!
So I'm off to check in on Biz's P3 bootcamp. If anyone is interested in seeing what that's all about, it's on the HCG forum at this link: http://myhcgjourney.com/forums/
Thanks to everyone for following me in my weight loss adventure. I will continue to post about my stabilization phase but as you can tell, I'm now posting just about every other day instead of daily. It just takes too much time and now that I'm thin and healthy and alive again, I've got a lot of living to do!


B, you have been such a great source of support for me during the protocol. I appreciate having you as a P2 partner for a while and I wish you the best of luck! Love you girl!

Vic, I thank you for sharing all your valuable lessons and helping me to avoid the pitfalls that you experienced with the end of the protocol. Your tips about continued reshaping is very good news to hear since every little bit helps! Thanks to both you and Bill!

Mary, you have been the most reliable person and I always knew that even if no one else was around, you'd always be here saying something funny or sweet or just plain nice to me. So I thank you so much for that. And good luck to you in making your goals. You can do it!
Love you girl!

Liz, you're making me blush with all those compliments. But I guess I better get used to it huh? LOL! Thanks for your support and I'll be watching your progress too... Good luck with the protocol...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - INJ #23/skip day.... Maybe one or two more...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Monday's weight 139.4
Yesterday's weight 139.4
Today's weight 140.0
Overnight Gain +.6 lbs

Stalling and gaining... I'm not doing things right...
Probably because of my indecisiveness. I can't decide if I need to keep adding in the 300 calories or if I should stick with the 500. So although I am keeping strictly to P2 food choices (other than boiled eggs) I am continuing to go over the 500 but am not going fully to the 800 either. So I've decided today to be strictly on the 500 calorie diet and as long as I feel NO weakness I will follow the plan. That being said though, I don't intend to sacrifice my health either so if I do feel weak or shaky I will go ahead and up my calories again. But will try to go the full 800 instead of being wishy washy and stopping at 650 or 700 like I have been doing. I think it's really hard to get your head around the fact that you need to increase the calories that high after months of thinking the exact opposite. I've got it programmed into me now. But it's really interesting to note that this is really a direct result of the HCG because when I was on my breaks and the HCG was out of my system, I was able to go to a much higher caloric intake without too much effort. The big difference being that I still craved mostly the healthy types of foods that I have been eating for so long. It was just such a relief to be able to not be so careful about how they were prepared or whether you were mixing veggies or not. And to have cheese and milk and salad dressings and butter... But while I'm still on the HCG, it's hard to increase to 800 for some reason... So I'll just do it one day at a time and if I don't make any progress, I'll just call it quits. I actually skipped an injection today so I could do one tomorrow and Friday if I need to. But I'm still going back and forth about it. I could actually make yesterday be my LIW if I wake up tomorrow with still no loss... So just call me miss ambivalent, or miss crazy can't make up her mind person... Just don't call me late for dinner...


Vic, if I could just make up my mind, I think we'd all be able to rest easy. I'm just using my women's perogative to the extreme right now! LOL!

Well Mary, I guess I can't even make my foray into the new decade stick. I'm just messed up here! But give me one more day and I'll have my decision!

Liz, Thanks... I really hope I make it back to the 130's! LOL! Still sending WARM wishes your way...

Monday, June 23, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - INJ #22/1 remaining - Into the next decade...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Saturday's weight 140.4
Yesterday's weight 140.0
Today's weight 139.4
Overnight loss -.6 lbs

Woo Hoo! I'm in the 130's now, baby! I've been feeling fine and no problems with weakness or hunger. I started adding in 300 extra calories by eating 3 or 4 boiled eggs in addition to the VLCD every day so I'm sure that's what's keeping me going. I have just one more day to make the 21 effective injection days after my last break. I'm debating going through the end of the week though, so I can get a few extra days in. My DD is going to do the P3 boot camp with me and we want to start on the same day, but since she's going to Vegas this weekend and won't be able to actually start boot camp until Monday (although she will be following P3 while she's gone) we figure we can both start together on Monday and this will give me a few more days on injections to see if I can go a little lower on my weight. I'm really trying to pay attention to how my body is feeling and not go overboard with wanting to get to a certain number, but there really is no doubt that I could comfortably go to a lower weight without depleting critical muscle mass. So depending on how I'm feeling, I may do one or two more injections than I originally planned.


Thanks Mary, I'm getting so close!

Lili, Thanks for stopping by. It's been a while since I've heard from you and lots has been happening. I am still hanging in there for a few more days and so far so good. I'll have to go check up on you now!