R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, March 28, 2008

LIW 151 on 2-21-08 - No worries...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 158.6
Today’s weight 158.2
7.2 lbs over LIW

I am still having too many obstacles to eat the way I want to and need to right now. I don't have any spare time to prepare food to take to work and this is our quarter end when the management always treats us with lots of extra food. Yesterday I did pretty good at work, eating a boiled egg for breakfast, some almonds and a protein shake for snacks and soup for lunch. Then I had a little tiny cup of sorbet from a gourmet place that they brought in for us. But then I got home and had a request for spaghetti for dinner. So of course that means garlic bread and wine. But I was still down a little this morning. But today, oh my... Huge flaky filled croissants from a wonderful local bakery for breakfast, then catered Chinese food for lunch, then happy hour at a Mexican place and then I had to meet my family for dinner. By which time I was so full I just had a tiny garden salad and tea.
Oh please! I can't keep this up. It's killing me... No, just kidding. I'm trying to be reasonable and just have a little of whatever is offered. But I want to go back on P2 so bad right now.
Tomorrow we are taking my in-laws to lunch with my Dad and he always wants to go to Bill Johnson's Big Apple. I'm not overly fond of the food there so I can be confident I won't overeat there at least! I plan to come home and plant some flowers in the afternoon. It's been so warm here the past few weeks and there are beautiful flowers just everywhere you look. I've got some that survived the winter and are blooming again, but most didn't survive and need to be replaced. Lots of pruning and trimming to do too. I really love this time of year when everything seems to grow so effortlessly. Then the summer comes and everything just wilts and dries up into shrivelled twigs. So I try to enjoy it while it lasts... And then replant the stuff that will survive the summer. Which is either strictly desert plants or lantana or bougainvillea. Not much to choose from. But it is what it is and I'll work with what I've got...


Mary, yes it's not that easy when you're trying to keep everyone happy. I certainly don't want to be a stick in the mud and not join in all the fun!

Shelly, I am trying to get in more water now. It think I haven't been getting enough...

Biz, I was stressing too much, but you're right, it is a social thing and it is temporary so I'm just going to try to go with the flow and then get back to what I know I need to do once they head back home.

B, yes I'm working on the water. I am not sure what type of cleanse to try or if it would be practical in this circumstance. What would you suggest?

Hazel! Thanks for stopping by and for the hug. I needed that! The funny thing is that the out of towners don't eat like this at home either! It's all the social thing like Biz says.
LIW is Last Injection Weight. So when you stop the HCG you record the weight on the day you take your last injection, then do 72 more hours of the VLCD verylowcaloriediet. And even though you may lose a few more pounds on those last three days, you use your LIW to try to maintain within 2 pounds... Easier said than done as I have shown. But I know that it is possible to do if you follow the rules and eat enough for your total calorie needs.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

LIW 151 on 2-21-08 - Not so stable after all...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Today’s weight 158.6
7.6 lbs over LIW

Why is it that when we have guests around we just eat so dang much?! Yesterday at work, management brought in Einstein bagels with all the good stuff to go on them, so that was my breakfast instead of the usual scrambled eggs with onions. Then I had a small "Empire" apple for a snack and soup for lunch. Now if I had just kept that up, I might have been okay, but no... I left work a little early because my husband had given me a ride to work while our other vehicle was in the shop. He and our visitors had gone to pick up a honeybaked ham and then we went to pick up the tundra at the dealership. Unfortunately it wasn't ready yet so to kill a little time we went over to Cold Stone Creamery! Before I went in, I decided I wouldn't have anything, maybe just a bite of my hubby's but that lasted about 15 seconds. I ended up having a scoop of banana mixed with strawberry and a little fudge syrup in a waffle cone. So good! It was like a mini banana split. Then we went home so full that we weren't going to eat dinner. But then our daughter came over with her two kids and said what do you have to eat, so we got out the ham and ATE again! OMG! So you'd really think we'd be done for the day but an hour or so later, and I'm so ashamed to admit this, but we had this village inn french silk pie in the fridge that my brother-in-law wouldn't let anyone eat until I could have some. So he says, you have to have some now, or we'll never eat it! So I did. ArgggH! Yesterday was the biggest disaster of all of my P3 and P4 days combined. I feel so disgusted with myself today. I've been eating boiled eggs and protein shakes today. That's it. I'm afraid to go home today though. Who knows what's in store for me...

So to all of my commenters who thought it was great that I stabilized, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I'll probably not be able to work on getting back down until they leave next week though. I plan to go on P2 again then. Maybe I should start injections on Monday so that I can go right into the VLCD on Wednesday after they have gone back home.

But the good news? The weather is still great so I can still take my walks around the lake behind the building I work in.

See you all later... Time to turn in...

Monday, March 24, 2008

LIW 151 on 2-21-08 - Checking in

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Today’s weight 156.0
5.0 lbs over LIW

Hi everyone. I had a few minutes to spare today so I thought I'd post a quick update to all you bloggers in Protocoland. I am on P4 now and although I am still over my LIW, it seems to have stabilized and I am basically eating whatever I want. We have had Italian food, Mexican food, and lots of other fattening foods and my weight is still staying in the same range.
My mother-in-law and brother-in-law are visiting from Ohio and we've been going out to eat a little more than we normally would be. They're having a good time even though we haven't been doing too many exciting things. My DH and BIL went camping at a prospectors camp this weekend so they did some gold panning and other things. I stayed home with my MIL and we went shopping and I took her to my DD's salon to get her hair done.
Then she helped me re-cover a little kid's stuffed rocking chair for my grandson. We used a grey camo fabric and it turned out really cute.
We're going to a dinner theatre tomorrow that does a "Grand Ole Opry" style show. should be fun...

They are loving the weather which has been in the 70's and 80's. They are getting calls from Ohio saying that it's snowing. So they're happy to say, "Well it's 78 degrees here!"

So, not much else going on. I'm sure I'll find more time to post once things settle down. I plan to start on P2 shortly after they leave. Which will be the first of April. My friend LO is planning to do another short round with me then as well, so I'll have some company on this one too...

So thanks for everyone who continued to check in on me while I was AWOL. I'll try to be better about posting updates.

Bye to all you protocoland losers!