R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

VLCD Day # 39 - Moving down again...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Total loss for all 3 rounds 52.0 lbs.
Loss this round 13.2
Yesterday's weight 146.0
Today’s weight 145.0
Overnight Loss of 1.0 lbs
LIW for 5 day break is 146.0
1.0 lbs Under LIW

Okay, back on track. Just in time for a 5 day break. I have one more day of VLCD then 5 (or maybe 6) days of P3! I've been a little stir crazy this week since my DH is already in FL. I keep wanting to go shopping and then I end up returning most of what I buy. I really don't need anything since I have quite a few things that I've bought in the last month that are new, cute SMALLER tops to go with all of the shorts and capris that I pulled out of "used to fit and now do again" storage! I have only bought a couple of pairs of bermuda shorts and the swimsuit. So I'm really all set. And I'm sure I'll pack too much! I'll be able to post to my blog tomorrow before I leave since I'm not leaving until late Wednesday night. But after tomorrow's post, I will probably not be able to go online while I'm gone. I'll miss you all, but not that much! So see you tomorrow...


Biz, unless I'm sound asleep, you can be sure I'll be waving. I'm taking the red eye so you'll probably be sleeping too. I'll wish you sweet dreams and a good loss!

Thanks Jan, that's funny though, saying "don't sweat it" when I'm going to humid Florida! You're cracking me up!

Yes B! I love the cheese too! So I won't tempt you too much by talking about eating it on my break! And yes I do love that these little gains are gone just as quickly as they come...

VLCD Day # 38 - LIW for break - and I gained!

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Total loss for all 3 rounds 52.0 lbs.
Loss this round 12.2
Yesterday's weight 145.2
Today’s weight 146.0
Overnight GAIN of .8 lbs
LIW for 5 day break is 146.0

Oh *#$&#!*^& darn! I must confess to a couple of small deviations which I didn't think were that bad, but as you can see... I was making my grandson breakfast and he doesn't eat the crusts from his toast so of course I didn't want to waste food! LOL! But just a couple of crusts, jeeeze! And I skipped the grissini that i usually have with my lunch. But then I had a glass of wine before bed last night and it was probably (no, surely) too sweet. Actually it was the sweetest wine I've ever had. It was Lambrusco. And if you've ever had it, you know what I mean. So yes I was bad and yes, it shows!
This just means that my LIW is higher than it needs to be. But it is what it is. I'm going to continue on the VLCD for two more days which will be a total of 72 hours since this morning was my last injection. Then I'll be taking the red-eye to Florida on Wednesday night. And I'll be gone for 5 days, returning on Monday. I will probably start up again the Wednesday after memorial day unless I really feel the need to go right back on Tuesday.
Thanks for everyone who stopped by my blog today. And I'm sorry I've been spotty about visiting other blogs and I've completely neglected the forum. But I'll try to do better...


Jan, yes most of my grandkids live close, within 5 miles or so, except for the three in North Carolina. I have 8 all together!

Liz, so we won't cross paths after all! Oh well, hope you have fun! And good job on the grouting. It's hard work I know!

Biz, thanks for your vote of confidence, but I kind of blew it yesterday... Oh well I did good today so I should have a good loss in the morning.

Mary, you're too funny...

Wendy, yes the sunscreen is mandatory here. It's just a necessary evil! And dang it was hot today wasn't it? Hope you have a good week too.

Monica, the pool was only about 76 last week but this hot spell put it into the 80's so it's nice now! Especially feels good on these 100 plus days!

Jenn, yes I've got 8 of those little rugrats! I'm going to be gone for 5 days, but might take a 6 day break from VLCD...

B, Oh Florida is going to be HOT then, and so will you! Your DH is going to be so happy to see you!

Thanks Victoria!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

VLCD Day # 37 - Quiet moment...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Total loss for all 3 rounds 52.8 lbs.
Loss this round 13.0
Yesterday's weight 145.6
Today’s weight 145.2
Overnight Loss of - .4 lbs

Yes, any loss is a good loss and I am thankful for it. After yesterday which I spent running around after the grandkids I'm just glad I didn't gain. I don't think I ate enough during the day and then I had a LARGE chicken breast at about 8 pm with a few handfuls of raw veggies from the veggie tray. Tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli. This was at our neighbor's house where we were invited to go swimming and hang out for a while. So I took the two grandkids that were still with me, the 8 year old boy and Sofia, the 9 month old. She loved watching the kids splashing in the pool and I took her in for a while which she also enjoyed.
Today I've been cooking for the g-kids and cleaning house. And the other set of little ones are coming over to go swimming in a few minutes. So I'm going to put on a swimsuit and go get some sun. Sorry Dr. S, but I HAVE to use sunblock. I have some that is oil-free though so it should be protocol friendly.
I just have one more day of injections left before stopping for my Florida break. I'm taking a red-eye Wednesday night so I'll have Thursday through Sunday there, and then we're both coming back on Monday, which is Memorial day.

I better get this post finished before the troop arrives....


Liz, I bet you're going to be sore! We did all of our own tile for the house we're in too. About 1500 sq feet of it! So I feel your pain! LOL! Well here's hoping we both have a great trip next week.

Yes Biz, I guess those guys do have their uses don't they? He is really great with all the grandkids and they just adore him.

Shelly! How's it going girl? I'll stop by your blog later today after the troop goes home! And yes, I've been shopping. I think I return more stuff that I actually buy, but I really can never tell if I truly like something until I try it on at home. And the swimsuit is pretty good. I'm going to keep both for a while and hope that the one that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day will fit in another week or so. It's just like Jenn's in her Mexico pics. And get this, the brand name is "Becca"! I think I almost HAVE to keep it don't you!

Oh Mary, now I really have to go see your blog. But I AM afraid! LOL!