R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, February 2, 2008

VLCD #16 R2P2 - SuperBowl is upon us!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 12 lbs.
Thursday's weight 157.2
Yesterday's weight 156.8
Today's weight 155.8
Loss of 1.0 lbs

Didn't make it to the computer yesterday as I'm sure some of you may have noticed! My husband came home from his business trip and we had errands to run and then we watched a movie so I had no computer time. Today was not much better since I was helping him install a new door in our bedroom and then I had a lunch meeting with two women who are getting ready to start on HCG and had some questions. We met for about two hours and one is doing the injections through a local doctor and the other is a friend from work and she is going to do the sublingual that I mixed for her. She is a little apprehensive about doing the diet without a doctor's supervision and had some questions along the lines of how safe is it and why isn't it a more widely used method. So I answered them as best I could and tried to make her more comfortable with the decision but also letting her know that if she felt it wasn't right for her that she shouldn't go through with it. I also told them both Biz's thought that anything is possible for 3 weeks and if they make it through the 3 weeks then decide if you want or need to continue.
I'm just happy to have some more locals that are going on the protocol. This will be 3 people that I know locally that are doing the protocol so we'll be able to see each other as we change and compare notes on a daily basis.
Yes and tomorrow is SUPERBOWL DAY! The superbowl is here in Arizona this year so the city's been all atwitter about that. My stepdaughter works at the resort that the Giant's are staying at and they have closed of most area to the public. So far she said it's pretty low key but tomorrow if they win, it'll be CRAZY! I hope she makes good tips out of the deal! My work was giving away 4 tickets to the superbowl and they did it by giving us all a raffle ticket. I was hoping I'd get drawn, but it just didn't happen. Not that I'm a big football fan or anything but who wouldn't want to go watch a Superbowl just for the experience. They made the winners sign a statement saying they wouldn't re-sell the tickets though, or I would have been planning to post them on E-Bay to make a little extra pocket change!
So now I must go prepare my dishes that I'm taking to our superbowl party tomorrow. I'll be making my famous Spinach con Queso which I won't be able to eat :-( and I'm also going to make some of the chicken fingers from Renee's recipe blog. I haven't tried them yet, but this should be the perfect time to give it a whirl. I don't know what I'll do for my veggie, maybe slice some cucumbers or bring some asparagus... We'll see. I hope everyone has good luck resisting the goodies on game day tomorrow...

Oh update on MM for Friday, She lost another pound! Go MM!!!


Biz, I sure hope you still like me once you know what I look like! LOL!

Smacmo, WHAT IS YOUR NAME? I sometimes feel weird calling people by their email or blog names so tell us if you can! And sure send your friend on over and definitely take some pics. My first ones weren't done until I had already lost about 12 lbs, but I'm so glad I did it.

Thanks Marshall, the compliment is very appreciated. My husband told me today to stop losing weight that he didn't want me to get to skinny! But forget that! I'm going all the way now and nothing's going to stop me...

Mary, there is something to the sleep thing. I got 9 hours last night because my hubby came back from Atlanta and was tired from traveling and I'm down another .8 today! WOO HOO!

Jennifer, Yes I'm so happy to have a couple more newbies! And face pics will be coming soon!

Monica, Thanks! I hope she does look into the HCG a little more. Maybe I'll end up helping her to get started too!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

VLCD #14 R2P2 - Thanks, You Made My Day!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 10.6 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 158.0
Today's weight 157.2
Loss of .8 lbs

I ALMOST lost a whole pound! And for me, that's great. Once the first week or so is past it seems like the weight loss really slows down for me. But I did get to bed a little earlier last night and I did get lots of water so that probably helped. I'm going to test this sleep/weight loss connection again tonight. I'm going to try to get a full 8 hrs of sleep. I usually only get 6-7 hrs during the week and then try to make up for it on the weekend so since this is the last night my husband is out of town, and he's usually the one who wants to stay up late, I'll get to bed early and give it a shot.
I also want to say how much I appreciate all the very nice comments my daughter and I received about our pics that I posted yesterday. You all know how hard it is to show ourselves like that, warts and all so to get such a great response was very heartwarming. Thank you thank you thank you....

Update on MM (my friend) she lost another 2 lbs overnight and is pretty darn happy about it. She said her kids told her that they thought her stomach looked thinner!

So life is good all around. I have been in just such a good mood lately and I think it's because I'm just so happy with how things are going on the protocol. I am more relaxed about it this time and I think I remember Biz and others saying how their second rounds were like that. Plus new clothes always make a girl smile. By the way, I finally was able to hand over the two bags of clothes to a woman who answered my "Freecycle" ad and who had a need for nice work clothes in 12's and 14's. She was a very nice woman and we chatted for a while. She seemed very excited to get the clothes but when we were going out to my car to get them she said "but these clothes won't fit me, you're so much thinner than me!" And I just laughed and said well they don't fit me anymore because I've lost so much weight. And then she started asking me how I lost the weight and before you know it, I'm spilling the whole story to her... And she's a complete stranger! But she was very interested and she currently works in an office at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale so she said she would look into it and maybe see if she could get one of the docs or PA's to prescribe it for her and inject it too! Wow, funny how things just come out like that huh?
So goodnight everyone and Happy Losing!


Thank you Lili!

Biz, That is a seriously GREAT compliment. Thank you, I'm blushing. I told you my goal was to be like that woman on the Bowflex commercial who says something like "I'm a 50 year old grandmother and I'm HOT." LOL!

CB, oh yeah my arms! You know I didn't notice that before and let me tell you my arms have been one of my problem areas for a while, even when I lost weight before they were just so SWINGY. And now, not so much! Isn't HCG just a miracle? So yay! You'll be there before you know it!

Mary, thanks for the WOW!

Wendy, love the rhyme and the compliment!

Beth, I sent you an email. Thanks for the compliment. That's why we post them, partly because we're so excited about our own losses but to also encourage others who might be inspired by seeing the difference!

Jennifer, I started the weight loss pics without showing my face because, well you know, I didn't want to be associated with THAT body... LOL! But I really have no problem showing my face. I will take a picture in one of my new outfits and post it for all to see!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VLCD #13 R2P2 - Pic day today!

Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 9.8 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 158.4
Today's weight 158.0
Loss of .4lbs

Okay I'm posting pics today! I wasn't sure I'd get them today but I just opened my mailbox and there they were! So the wait is over... And I have one of my daughter too! So yes folks it's picture day...
I waited to take the pictures until I was back to my LIW from last round because I never got around to taking them then so the dates aren't exactly what they should be but that's my story...
The biggest changes I can see is the back fat and my tush (side view) and my knees. I had stopped wearing shorts partly because I hated how my knees looked. But I'm almost ready to wear them again! I can see where I still need work, but that's what the HCG is doing, it's working on it! I'll be squeezing this 53 yr old skinny bod into a two piece (if not a bikini) this summer and not being shy about it! Just think, I'm only 22 lbs away from the weight that the charts say is my ideal weight and I might just make it before this round is over!

So here are my daughter's pics. Shortly after she started her P2 (She only did one) she had me take this pic of her in a pair of pants that she loved but that she could just barely squeeze into. Then we took one halfway through and another a few weeks after she finished. (she is in P3 now.) She has just had phenomenal results even though it was slow for her probably due to the fact that she didn't have a lot to lose. But her problem area had always been her tummy and look at how great the HCG did on that area! Also look at the legs of the jeans, they were skin tight and now they are visibly baggy. She looks so great and since she works in the beauty industry you can imagine how much attention her weight loss has generated!

So now that I have given you what I promised, I'm going to try to get in a little blog hopping and then get my weight loss sleep tonight!

Oh wait, I forgot to say that my friend (I'll start calling her MM) lost another 1.2 on her second VLCD day!


Lili, I know you'll be seeing those 10's soon too. I gotta go check your blog to see if you started yet!

Thanks Mary!

Biz, 10's are fun! And 8's are coming! My daughter was over her LIW by 4lbs last weekend and we talked through some strategies for her to work on. I just asked for an update but it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Wendy, I gave your suggestion to my friend and it's funny but I do the same thing myself. I rearrange a cupboard or something and it let's me forget that I'm hungry and then I'm not anymore!

Jennifer, yes those have been there all along, just me all by my lonesome over in the photo section... hehe. They will be joined soon by the triple view that you see above. don't know why I chose that outfit to take pics in. Couldn't bear (bare?) to do the swimsuit or undies thing at my age. You are much braver (and younger) than me.

Regina, I had actually promised myself not to buy new pants until I was done, so I failed in that regard, but I did get a fabulous price since it was on sale and I had two 15% coupons for a total of 30% and you KNOW that I couldn't let those puppies expire! LOL!

Beth, leave me your email address and I will contact you directly. I would love to get together with you and would be happy to help you if you decide to give the protocol a try. We are neighbors!

Monica, you're right it felt powerful. I have so much confidence that I will wear those size 8's. I'm keeping them in the front of my closet and will try them on every week. Maybe I should take a pic in them like my daughter did!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

VLCD #12 R2P2 - New Clothes!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 9.4 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 158.6
Today's weight 158.4
Loss of .2lbs

I did a little shopping tonight... My husband is out of town and I guess I was a little bored, plus I'm giving away all my old work clothes so I have all this room in my closet that was just crying "Fill me up!" So I had a couple of coupons to Mervyn's so off I went. And all the size 10's fit me! Woo Hoo! I've still been wearing a few of my 12's because last time I checked the 10's were still a little tight, but no more! I only bought one pair of 10's though because I promised myself I wouldn't spend money on pants until I lost all my weight. But I found a pair that fit so great and looked so good on that I bought them in a 10 for now and an 8 to save for later! I did get some new fitted blouses and shirts in get this, size Medium! My closet hasn't seen mediums in quite a while. And actually the smalls fit too but just still a little too form fitting for my taste.
So of course when I got home, I just had to get the tape measure out and see how much I've lost. I don't measure all that often because I'm not very good at it and I'm never sure if I'm getting the same spot, but every place I measured, even my ankles which have always been small, have gone down! An inch each in my thighs, hips, chest, under chest, and upper arms, and 1/2 inch in my waist! So cool and I'm excited about wearing my size 10 slacks to work tomorrow!
Sorry I don't have my pics ready to post yet. I sent an email asking my daughter if she could send them since they're on her camera so maybe by tomorrow.
My friend had her first VLCD day yesterday and reported in a 2.2 loss this morning. That takes care of her 2lb load gain! She seemed very happy about it, but said that she got VERY hungry that evening and drank so much tea and water that she had to get up to go to the bathroom during the night. I told her that it would get better after a few days and gave her a few more suggestions for the hunger so we'll see how she does today.
It's late so I'll have to cut this short and I don't have time to make the blog rounds tonight either :-( So all you bloggers out there, I'll catch up on your blogs tomorrow!


Monica, I used low sodium canned beef broth from Fry's. I just found some at Trader Joe's that's a liquid concentrate that says reduced sodium. You put the little pouch into a cup of hot water. I'll try that next time. They are a little less expensive.

Thanks Biz, yes any loss is good, even the little old .2 I had today. I'll take it! Sorry the pics aren't here yet. I don't mean to be a tease! LOL!

Wendy, you're a motorcycle mama! Sounds like fun and the wildflowers should be great again this year... Pics will get here but it's out of my control right now.

Jen, I wish I looked like you! But I'll be hot for my age! hehe. And if you want to see some pics you can go to the photo file on HCG2 group and mine are there from my first round "kinda" before (I think it was about a week or so into the round) and about mid-way. I'll repost them with the third view when I get them. Thing, thang, rebot, robot, I knew what you meant! LOL!

Soups are the best! I would always make double batches and share with my daughter when she was on the protocol and she would always say that it made her feel like she was eating too much! But she loved 'em too!

Monday, January 28, 2008

VLCD #11 R2P2

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 9.2 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 159.0
Today's weight 158.6
Loss of .4lbs

Still losing small but steady so I can't complain. I was working from home today so I made an effort to drink as much water as I possibly could. I also was able to do a little cooking and made a batch of beef cabbage soup. I used round steak, diced in tiny 1/4 inch cubes and simmered it in low sodium beef broth for 1 1/2 hrs with various spices. Then the last 20 minutes add the chopped cabbage. It was very tasty and using the broth made it just a little heartier. I miss being able to add different vegetables when making this sort of soup, but I'm finding it easier to enjoy them than I did at first. I'm getting used to chili without beans and chicken soup without carrots. That doesn't mean I won't be using them again as soon as I'm off the protocol though. LOL!
I had my daughter take some pics of me today but she was short on time so I can't post them yet. Maybe tomorrow. I will also try to get her to let me post some of her in a pair of jeans that she could barely button at first but that now have an inch or so to spare. I'm inspired by Monica and Jennifer and Ed since they're showing such great progress! Because you can see the stats and hear the stories, but man when you see the pics and see the fat just melting away, it is just so much more inspiring than the data alone...
Not much news to post yet. My newbie friend is on her first VLCD today so I hope she is doing well. Since I worked from home today I didn't see her although we did converse through our workplace IM system. So when she starts getting results, I'll be sure to update about her as well.
Happy losing!

Biz I found some info on CS in the HCGdieters files. It's under "how to make colloidal silver" and is an article titled A Closer Look At Colloidal Silver.doc . After reading this and looking through some others I found online, I don't think there's anything to worry about. The dose we're using is extremely small and the only bad side effect I could really find was about the "blue man" who used it for 20 years at fairly high doses and actually rubbed it into his skin. Weird!

CB thanks for the vibes! I can use all that I can get!

Mary, yes the water retention will get us every time! And the rain was lovely. It was dry here today though...

Thanks for the forgiveness! And what a sweet compliment to say I act your age, (it was a compliment wasn't it? LOL) And you know that little 500 calorie thing won't exactly deter me once I'm done with the protocol. I'll be sneaking them anyway! I'll just have to limit them to my splurge days... And thanks, I can hardly believe I was that big either. It's starting to seem like just a bad dream...

Wendy you didn't get any rain in Vail? I would have thought you'd get some. How close are you to Patagonia? I have a friend who lives there. Next time you're in the BIG CITY, give me a shout and we'll have a P2 friendly lunch somewhere! I know what you mean about the slowness, I used to live in Wickenburg and I had culture shock when I moved here!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

VLCD #10 R2P2 - More tiring than hiking - babysitting!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 8.8 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 159.4
Today's weight 159.0
Loss of .4lbs

I'm sorry that I didn't get to post until late again. We were doing the grandparent thing today with a 16 month old and a 4 month old. And once they left we had many errands to run to get my husband ready for a business trip tomorrow. We actually tried to see a movie too but the theater was too full so we left empty-headed. LOL!
I only lost .4 but I still feel that I'm retaining a little water so I suspect I'll have a little better loss to report tomorrow. But .4 is still not bad, so I'm not complaining. I feel a little bit of muscle soreness today, usually when I first get up after sitting for a while.
Today we had a steady soft rain the whole day long which is unusual for us in AZ. Usually it just rains for a few hours then clears up. But we always welcome rain when it comes even if it seems like too much because here in the desert we never get enough. I should have been making soup today, it was that kind of weather but I was just too busy. I had some chili in the freezer so that's what I had for lunch and when we were out running around we stopped at my dh's favorite sports bar and I had a grilled chicken salad sans dressing for dinner. Just finished a cup 'o tea called "get some Z's" that's supposed to help you sleep (naturally) so we'll see if it works. And I also had some applesauce made in a crockpot with cinnamon and little liquid stevia. Yummy!


Biz, I will look into the CS issue. I used such a small amount that it would be negligible though. I think the daily amount would be 1/10cc per day. Funny because I've heard good things about it and nothing bad. I was trying to avoid using alcohol because of the smell and taste. Oh and the .2 loss was from the day before the hike. Today's recorded loss is the after hike loss. .4 and I think you're right that it's a water issue. I drank a lot today so we'll see.

EweWho, how could you tell you were getting better absorption? I'm just curious if it was because of how you felt or did you have some way of measuring? I heard that because it is a sublingual formulation it will help w/that but I could be wrong. I will check with my newbie on Monday to see but that will be her first VLCD day so we may not be able to tell anything yet.

Mary, I had never been hiking before the year I got divorced when I was 36 and started dating a guy who introduced me to it. I was hooked and kept on hiking and even made a point to date guys who liked that sort of thing. So I'm just saying it's never too late!

Jennifer, I'm soooo sorry I let you down. Hope you didn't check in too many times today. I would hate to be responsible for you wasting away too much of your valuable Sunday time. Oh wait, I forgot you don't have to worry about that since you don't have to punch in on Monday! Lucky you! LOL... I am glad and sorry both that you told me the calories in a margarita. I hope I don't think of that every time I have one in the future. But it makes me even happier that I didn't go there yesterday!