R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, February 16, 2008

VLCD #30 R2P2 - Just the stats, M'am

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 17.2 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 151.4
Today's weight 150.6
Loss of 0.8 lb.

This is a good loss for me so I'm pretty pleased. I only have a few more days of injections left and I was hoping to get into the 140's for my LIW. Now it looks as if I will make it. I'm still not feeling to great and on top of that, we're babysitting grandkids most of the weekend. So sorry for the short post but I need to get some sleep. Thanks to Biz for the vitamin C flush info. I only have the chewable kind in the house so I'll have to wait until I can get to the store tomorrow, but I will definitely give it a try. So thanks to all of my commenters, and good night!

Friday, February 15, 2008

VLCD #29 R2P2 - Feeling a little blahhh

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 16.4 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 152.0
Today's weight 151.4
Loss of 0.6 lb.

Well I'm still losing but have been feeling like I'm starting to get sick. I'm normally very resistant to the little bugs that get passed around at work and actually I don't think there's been a lot of people sick around me. So I'm not sure where I might have picked this up from, but woke up feeling congested. So any suggestions would be appreciated...

Update on my friends:
MM was down .5 but LO actually gained .5 and is pretty down about it. I really think she hasn't been eating enough calories, so I asked her to try to log her food intake in fitday and see if she can track what she's eating. I want her to try eating more protein and veggies and see if that helps. She said she'll give it the weekend before she decides if she wants to give it up. I'm hoping things really turn around for her.

I'm going to turn in early tonight and see if I can sleep this bug off...


Thanks to all my commenters... I'll write more tomorrow. Love ya!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

VLCD #28 R2P2 - Hungry day today

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 15.8 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 152.4
Today's weight 152.0
Loss of 0.4 lb.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I never did get to experiment with the green peppers since they served the fajitas with green chilis and although it seems as if it would be similar, it just didn't work for me, so I stuck to the chicken meat and onions. Oh well, I'll have to try the green peppers some other time!
But I'm trying to figure out why I was so hungry today. I didn't eat my fruit last night and it was too late when I realized it. So I went to bed a little hungry, then woke up this morning hungry and was hungry off and on the whole day. The albondigas soup was very filling but by the time I got home, I was hungry again! So I don't know what's up with that. I'm trying to get in some extra water and maybe get to bed a little earlier tonight.
Valentines day was very low key this year. DH had flowers delivered to me at work the day before and I left a card and a bottle of cologne for him this morning. We didn't go to dinner because we were out the previous night and I couldn't face two nights in a row eating out. Maybe we'll try to go this weekend. I'm going to read a few blogs and get to bed now, so hope you all have a good day tomorrow and happy losing!


Mary, you're right, if this has taught us anything, it's to appreciate the taste of "real" food and to not rely on processed food so much. And I'm passing this on to my grandkids too...

Biz, I'm eating the green beans practically every day now! I just love 'em. I stopped by "My girlfriend's kitchen today to see how the whole thing works and I'm so excited to go with her next week. My DH is going to love it too, cuz I'll buy some meals for him too. I haven't been cooking for him much unless he's willing to eat what I'm eating. I'll let you know how the first one goes over. DD loves the idea too (and so does her husband!)

Jen, you are so sweet! And our daughters may not have been born on Vday, but they're still our sweethearts aren't they? Funny but mine was due on 2-15 but came two days early...
Have you tried one of those places yet? I can't wait! And I'm also going to have queso as soon as I hit P3!

Monica, thanks for stopping by! I handled last night okay, but didn't think I could handle two restaurant nights in a row! Only so much resisting one girl can handle! Hope you get a chance to try that place too! Let me know how it turns out if you do...

Regina, I will tell her! And THANK YOU!
I can't stand to see people pigging out anymore either. I kind of have to look away. Then I remember that I used to do that!!!!

B, thanks to you too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

VLCD #27 R2P2 - Happy Birthday DD

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 15.4 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 152.6
Today's weight 152.4
Loss of 0.2 lb.

It was my daughter's birthday today and she chose my favorite mexican restaurant for dinner. So I had to be strong and ignore the chips and spinach con queso, and practically everything else on the menu. I settled on some chicken fajitas and they cooked them with no oil for me.
But before making the final decision to go to Macayo's for dinner, my daughter checked in with me to find out if I thought I could handle it. And I told her it would be fine. And it was. Because I know that once I'm done with this protocol that I'll be able to eat there again without fear of gaining weight. And not because I believe I won't gain weight when I overdo it, I know that I still can, but now I have a strategy for dealing with the gain. And I plan to stick to it. And that's why I won't be afraid anymore. And it feels wonderful to know that I'm free of that one big fear that's been a constant in my life for as long as I can remember. Hard to believe, but it's true!
Oh and I have to tell you all what I'm doing for a birthday gift for my DD. She is a working fool, owns a salon and spa and is in the process of expanding. So she's really busy but has been trying to be more experimentative with cooking. And has recently been trying new recipes. So I bought her a gift certificate for a place called "My Girlfriend's Kitchen", where you can go and assemble all the ingredients to make these wonderful meals and take them home to cook. Everything is pre-chopped and measured and the sauces are already done. You just choose which meals you want from the menu and then go and put them together. You have to make reservations to go and you bring in your own laundry basket to take home your choices. I think it's going to be really fun! Here is the address if you want to check it out: https://secure.mygirlfriendskitchen.com/site/home.php
And I must have been in the mood for cooking myself tonight because tonight when I got home, I whipped together a batch of Renee's Mmmm Meatballs so that I could use them in some Albondigas soup. I used cabbage as the main vegetable for the soup but since it was going to be a large batch of 6 servings, I went ahead and used two roma tomatoes for a little color and an onion for a little additional seasoning. So this is another experiment to see if small amounts of additional vegetables used for seasoning or color will make a difference in how the food works on the protocol. The soup smelled and looked wonderful and I plan to take a few servings in to work to share with my two friends who are on the protocol with me now. One of them, is having a tough time with slow losses and I believe it's due to not getting enough calories in each day. I think she is underestimating her portion sizes so we had a talk today about trying to increase her protein and to not be afraid to eat more vegetables. I may see if she wants to start tracking her food intake on fitday or spark people. I don't track mine consistently, but I have done so extensively in the past and I think I have a pretty good handle on portion sizes to get along fine without it. I do weigh all my meat raw so that I'm pretty close on that, but I don't stress about it if I'm not exactly right on 100 grams. So lunch tomorrow will be fun!


Thanks to Mary, Shelly and Biz for your encouragement!

And Jennifer, no those weren't Uggs on my mini-me, but if i could have found some they would be on those feet for sure! I had trouble finding anything that even looked this close to ski clothes but they'll do for now! I was shopping for a swimsuit for her but thought I'd wait till it's closer to spring to show that much skin! LOL!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

VLCD #26 R2P2 - Down, Down, Down

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 15.2 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 153.2
Today's weight 152.6
Loss of 0.6 lb.

Yes! Another .6 gone by the wayside! And I won't even miss it one little bit. Now that I am getting close to the end of this round, even if it's not the end of the protocol for me, I'm becoming more focused on making sure I get the best mileage out of my last few days on the VLCD. I'm paying strict attention to the protocol and making sure I get in all my protein and water. I want to maximize the losses. Then whether I start up again after a 10 day break or whether I wait and do another short round, I'll be so close to my goal that it will be very doable. I can't help but make it. That is, if I do P3 right this time... Because I didn't follow the protocol exactly during that last P3 and I regret the results that I had because of it. So this time, I plan to do it right and make a concerted effort to maintain within the allowed 2 lbs from my LIW. There are so many delicious things that we are allowed to have while on P3 that I really shouldn't feel as though I have to have the few things that we aren't allowed. I can live for a few more weeks without bread and pasta. I do love 'em but I love my new figure much more!
So I think I'm going to stop my injections on the 19th so that I'll be on P3 for my trip on the 22nd. And after that I'll just have to play it by ear. But I'm really pretty happy with the way I look right now and maybe I just need a little time to get used to being thin again. I know that I still have some abnormal fat left on this ole bod of mine and I will surely work on getting it flushed completely away before summer hits, but I can deal with the way I look right now just fine! And yes, I know, I owe some pics. Just haven't had a chance to get all gussied up and have someone snap 'em for me. Soon though...


Mary, you, weird??? Now, what would make you go and say a thing like that!!! LOL!

Jen, my P3 will be starting on the 22nd... And hey, I take it you guys ski too? I gotta ask you a question, so I'll go over to your blog.... Oh and I'll have you note the .6 loss today, thank you very much!

Biz, the green beans did just fine for me. So I had them again tonight. And I shared them with my 16 month old grandson who now has a new all time favorite green veggie, well next to the broccoli I'm always feeding him I guess! He's a veggie eating machine!

Monday, February 11, 2008

VLCD #25 R2P2 - The end of the tunnel?

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 14.6 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 153.6
Today's weight 153.2
Loss of 0.4 lb.

It seems like this round has barely started, yet it's been speeding by. Possibly because I've been so busy lately and partly because the protocol has really become kind of second nature to me now. I am probably not doing as much preparation and as much cooking as I did last round. I'm relying more on my George Foreman grill for my evening meals and just using my pre-made frozen soups for lunches, since they're so easy to take to work. And it's obvious from my deviations on my ski trip that I'm relaxing my strict "no cheat" rules when it seems appropriate. But I'm still a strict protocol girl by heart. That said, I must admit that I did try green beans for lunch today. An interesting difference in the way I post and the way the other "early" bloggers post, is that they're talking about their food choices for the previous day, but for me, it's usually the same day's choices since I'm posting so late. And today, I worked from home so I was able to cook lunch in my own kitchen, so I had a tilapia filet with a side of green beans. Now I'm NOT a big fan of canned green beans. I like 'em fresh, or next best thing, frozen. So I keep a few bags handy at all times. But those poor little frozen bags of green beans have been just collecting ice for quite a while. So I rescued one of 'em today. And they were very, very good... So good that I was tempted to repeat the feat and finish that bag off for dinner, but I thought I'd wait to see how they worked first. So that part of my report will have to wait until tomorrow. And that is the disadvantage to posting today's food choices, because the results won't be known until the following morning...
So I can't tell you about those results but I can tell you what's been on my mind for a few days. I'm trying to decide what to do about ending this round. Because it doesn't look like I'll be making my goal before my Park City ski trip since I still have 17 pounds to go. We're leaving on February 22nd and I am sure of one thing, and that is, I want to be off of the HCG for the trip. So I now need to decide if I will do a planned interruption or just end the round and do another short one in a month or so. There are lots of things to factor in, so I have much to think about. I'll keep you posted on what I decide to do. Maybe I'll just continue to throw out my random thoughts on the subject since that seems to be a helpful part of the decision making process for me. So all thoughts would be appreciated!

I will update you on MM and LO tomorrow, but I heard from the other woman who contacted me after finding my blog. She's local and I met with her right before she started the protocol through a local doctor. She is losing like a crazy woman and is thrilled with her results so far.


Yes, Mary, I am guilty as charged. I quit after just a few though because they weren't all that great. They're going to have to be pretty fabulous to get me to eat more! LOL!

Biz, you always make me feel better about my little "cheats". Like they didn't really happen! But we KNOW that they did! LOL!

Jen, so that's how you judge whether it's a cheat or not? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot who I was talking to here... Oh, I'm such a smart ass!!! LOL! And yes, I've been to Park City once years ago for a ski trip and then once in the summer. I loved both trips. The town is just oozing with charm and I can't wait to share it with my husband! And I will definitely get some pics of me in those cute size 10 ski pants. Too bad my ski jacket is two years old and I bought it when I was trying to hide my behind. Now I need a new jacket that will show it off too! Don't think my pocketbook will stand for that right now though... :-(

CB, Oh I'd just love to pass them on to a fellow HCG loser! And no charge, just the shipping! I'll be sure to keep that in mind...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

VLCD #24 R2P2 - Nothing broken... All is good

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 14.2 lbs.
Friday's weight 154.0
Today's weight 153.6
Loss of 0.4 lb.

The snow was great and we had a wonderful time. My grandson took his second snowboard lesson and he really is picking it up quite well. He's going to be a good snowboarder. I managed to stay with all protocol food for the most part with a major exception of several swigs of, get this, Peach Schnapps! Yes my husband brought along his little flask and I guess I figured with all the exercise, I could burn off a few extra calories. I also had chili for lunch from the lodge restaurant. It didn't have any beans but was a little greasy. I stopped at half the bowl but then I threw all caution to the wind and sneaked a few french fries from my husband's plate. Funny since this is really the first time that I cheated while on protocol. I guess I just decided to give myself permission. I think that I was justifying it with the fact that I was going to be so active that I'd burn it off and it didn't make me gain so I'm okay with it. No more cheats for me though! I'm done with that for the duration.
It was fun skiing with our friends that we don't get to see that often. I talked with my girlfriend about the protocol and we'll see if she decides to give it a try. I know she really wants to lose weight and is impressed with my results. But as we all know, you really need to be ready to commit to this for a couple of months and although it's a miracle at how well it works, it's not entirely a piece of cake!
I went shopping today and bought a new pair of ski pants in a size 10 so that I'd have something that fit for our upcoming ski trip to Park City later this month. They're really cute and it'll be nice not to be swimming in my huge ski bib anymore, but I don't know if I should have bought them because they aren't cheap and I may need a smaller pair next season! Oh well, I'll be looking good anyway so I'll just suck it up and buy new ones again if I need to!
I can't give updates on MM and LO until tomorrow. It's late here so I'm calling it a day.
Happy losing!