R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, June 13, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - INJ #12 - early rise tomorrow...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 143.4
Today’s weight 143.2
Overnight loss -.2 lbs

Hello all, I'm down a teeny .2 today. So I guess that's how it's gonna be, huh? But I'll keep on doing what I'm doing because I'm sticking to protocol, it just seems to be going slow right now. I will probably get up early this morning to go on our weekend morning hike. It's always tougher when I'm on P2, but I'll see how I do. That is, if we can get up early enough. Because it's so hot here now that we need to get on the trail pretty darn early to beat the heat. Like 5 or 6 am. Yuck! So if we can't get up that early, then I won't even go. I have no desire to get heat stroke just for the sake of a little exercise. So we'll see...
That means I need to get to bed soon or I'll never make it. So ta ta for now...


Thank you Mary!

And B! It's getting closer! Only 12 days huh? That's so cool. I'll have to go see how you're doing... I bet you can't wait!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - INJ #11 - Not much longer...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 144.0
Today’s weight 143.4
Overnight loss -.6 lbs

Okay, so I'm still moving in the right direction... I'm running short on time tonight but I just wanted to get my stats up. I've got 12 more days before I'm done!

Thanks Mary and Jan! Take care....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

R3-P2- Final 23 Days - INJ #10 - Little Blip, and New Plans...

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 145.2
Today’s weight 144.0
Overnight loss -1.2 lbs

Hi All,

I didn't post yesterday because I was just kind of unsettled by the strange gain I had. 1.2 pounds overnight after a day that I thought was a typical menu day. But when my daughter and I reviewed my food choices from Monday, we figured that it was a combination of too much salt, an extra few bites of leftover chicken and a couple of no sugar added creamsicles. Now these were only 20 cals each and I've had them before in place of a fruit but I'm guessing that I shouldn't try that again if I want to get to my goal... So yesterday I was very concsious of every morsel that I put into my mouth. And I got rid of that 1.2 pounds just like that. And I really believe that if I had eaten at a reasonable time instead of a 8pm I would probably have lost a little more. Today I am following my example from the previous day and I will eat dinner before 6pm and try to get to bed early. I want a NICE loss for tomorrow! We will be going to a pool party this weekend so every little bit (of weight loss) helps when you're wearing a bikini! This is a group of friends who are all in their 50's like us, and many have become overweight and starting to have health problems. I have talked to some about the protocol and have offered to help them but although several are interested, nobody has "signed up" yet. Maybe my example this weekend will convince them to give it a try. I'll be bringing my own food to the party so they'll see that part of the diet. The next hurdle for many, is the injection part (although I've told them about sublingual) and then they have to commit to being disciplined enough to stick with it for 6 weeks. But I'm not pressuring anyone because you have to really WANT to make this change.

I also want to mention here that I read a post on the new forum yesterday about a compounding pharmacy in Texas somewhere that is formulating their HCG in a cream form. I assume it's similar to the method I used for a while when I was taking progesterone in cream form. You just rub a little bit into your skin once a day and it is absorbed that way. I asked the person who posted it to see if they could find out more about it. Mainly what they mix it with and how do you measure the dose. Wouldn't that be a wonderful alternative to injecting? No more needles to worry about, just squirt a little dot out and rub it in. So this is a very exciting possibility to me. Even though I'm almost done with the protocol and wouldn't benefit from it myself, I can't help thinking about how many people I've told about the protocol who were turned off by the idea of the injections. I'm sure we would get a lot more interest if it was in a cream form.

One more thing I've decided. I plan to do a full 23 days of injections counting AFTER my last break. This is to make sure I have a continuous 21 days of effective injections so that there can be no doubt that I have rested and properly re-set my hypothalamus gland. I don't know if I will be to my goal yet by then, but that is still 13 days away and with my loss rate it is a possibility. There is also a possibility that I may not get to the point where I have lost all of the abnormal fat. But you know what? I am so thrilled with what I have accomplished so far with the protocol and I am really in a good place with how I feel and look that if this is how I will be for the rest of my life, I will very happy with it. And after being on the protocol off an on since October, I think I'm ready to be done. I will join Biz's P3 boot camp to make sure that I do a proper job of stabilizing my weight during this final P3 and then I will see how the summer goes. At this point I don't think I will do another round, but I can't entirely rule out the possibility of doing another short round someday. So IF I don't get to goal, or IF I feel that there is some abnormal fat that still needs to be gone, and IF I think I can handle going through the whole protocol process again I may be back. Another possible reason to go back on may be if my husband finally decided he wants to try the protocol someday. So come the end of summer, who knows? But for now, I'm on the home stretch and counting down the days....


Victoria, I'm just so excited that you made it to the end! Not about how hard it was on you though... I am watching your progress. Congratulations again!

Thanks Mary... I went shopping last night and tried on some more size 6's to see if it was a fluke and although they don't all fit yet, I'd say about 70 % of them do!

Jenn, yes it is surreal to think that I made it this far. I'm finally fitting into the smallest clothes in my closet and I still wear the larger sizes but it's like wearing pajamas because they're so loose. I love it! And I'm chugging down the track to my final destination! Almost there...

Yeah Biz, can you believe it? Losing weight on a camping trip. Maybe I should do it every weekend between now and the end of my protocol!

Jan, I suspect you meant that you're glad I enjoyed my "break" not my "bread"! LOL! I just love it when I get a typo that makes a joke! I'm just cracking up over here!!! So thanks for the congrats and for the funny typo!

Monday, June 9, 2008

VLCD # 48 - ONLY 8 pounds to go!

R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Friday's weight 146.0
Today’s weight 144.0
Loss over weekend -2.0 lbs

Okay! two pounds lost over the weekend. I'm very happy with that. Not quite 2 per day, but I'll take it! If you look at my ticker, you will see that I'm only 8 pounds away from my goal so I'm really getting excited to be so close. I believe that I'll be in size 6's and 8's by the time I'm done. I already bought a pair of cargo cropped pants the other day and the 6's looked like they would fit so I bought them and when I got them home they fit great! I have not worn that size since I was a teenager, even when I was at this low weight before! So it's all due to the sculpting that this protocol does to our bodies. It's just incredible to me that at 5'7" tall, I will actually be wearing size 6! Too cool!

Okay, gotta go for now. Take it easy peeps!


Thanks Mary! Glad you enjoyed the hot dogs while I was enjoying my CHICKEN!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

VLCD #47 - Home from the North - Doing great...

I will not post official stats until tomorrow morning's weigh in, but I couldn't resist weighing in this evening before I jumped in the shower after 2 days without weighing (or showering - yuck!) and I got a pleasant surprise. Friday morning's weight was 146 and this afternoon I weighed in at 144.2. Now this was before dinner, but WOW! I think I'll have a nice loss to record tomorrow morning.

The camping trip was fun. We went to a campground near a lake so my two 8 year old grandsons could go fishing and exploring. They had a great time and only complained about being bored a few times. They are cousins and only five months apart in age. They are best friends and get along great, but have the same rivalry and dynamics as siblings. The older is the boss but the younger often will exert his rebellion loudly but the ensuing fights usually only last for a short time. And I'm glad we have been able to introduce them to camping and fishing because they probably wouldn't have much chance to go with their parents since both of their mom's are not the outdoor type. But hopefully they will always look back on these time with their grandparents fondly and will pass the experiences along to their children some day.

And for us, the best part of the weekend was getting out of the heat. We went from 100+ temps to the nice pine forests of northern Arizona where the temps were in the low 70's during the day and COLD for us, in the 50's at night...

I stuck to the protocol completely with the exception of a taste low fat caramel dip that the kids were dipping their apple slices into. I just dipped a little taste and it was enough to satisfy that craving, which was really more like an impulse to taste. I'm hoping it won't have an effect on the morning's weigh in...

Well I'm still doing laundry from the trip, so I'll sign off for now. Have a good night peeps and happy losing!


Marygirl! How did those hotdogs taste? I was pretty bored with my food choices this weekend, chicken, chicken and more chicken... blah!

Thanks B, the trip was fun... And you are doing great with the English!