R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, January 26, 2008

VLCD #9 R2P2 - And I hiked my butt off!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 8.4 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 159.6
Today's weight 159.4
Loss of .2lbs

The hike was great. A little windy and cold. Coming in from the North side of the Superstition Mountains. Everything was green and sprouting on the desert floor since we've had some nice rainfall in the last month or so. I ate an orange on the drive to the trailhead so that I'd have something in my system to get going with and then at each rest stop I had a couple of the chicken chunks that I brought along. Also I munched on cucumber slices. We hiked up and over several little foothills and then some that were a bit higher. Mostly just a steady climb for the three miles in to our destination when it dropped down to a riverbed below with a gently running stream. These streams can be very deceptive this time of year when any rainfall further up in the mountains can cause the riverbeds to become a flash flood within minutes and have caught many unknowing hikers and swept them quickly downstream. Every year we hear about some unwary hikers who die in this manner during the early spring rainy season. Today there was no such threat since we haven't had rain in over a week. Though it had been forecasted for later in the afternoon and there were some high clouds in the sky we escaped without feeling a drop the whole time. We all broke out the water bottles and the snacks when we met at the riverbed and sat chatting and laughing with our friends before heading back up the steep climb out of the little canyon that we had just hiked into. I enjoyed the hike immensely since I had not seen many of the people who came to celebrate our friend's retirement in quite a while. I had no trouble with energy during the hike since we didn't keep a particularly fast pace, but the last half mile was the hardest for me because though it was all downhill at that point, my knees and feet that haven't been subjected to such abuse in so long, began to protest this unfair treatment with every jolting downhill step I took. So by the time I hit the parking lot I was very glad to see the car and get my feet out of those hiking boots! After the hike the whole group met at a Mexican restaurant (yes Jennifer, MEXICAN!) for the actual retirement party. They served a buffet type meal with pitchers of margaritas. Since I had been munching on my protocol food all day and finished up the rest on the way to the restaurant, I was really feeling no hunger at all and it was no problem to avoid the food. I had a little harder time resisting the margaritas, but I was too afraid to take the chance in spite of Jennifer's recent success with trying those boundaries. I'm a little older and don't have quite the resilience and didn't want to risk it. So what I'm telling you is that I actually sat in that restaurant and sipped water with lemon and didn't touch one little bite of the food or chips or cake or margarita's. And it didn't even bother me that much. So my recent attitude adjustment must have had it's intended effect. And combined with the extra protein and fruit, I was just just fine with that and didn't feel deprived at all. The results of my experiment will be seen in the morning when I weigh in and I will try to get to the computer as early as possible to post the results...

Thanks for the congrats Mary, but now that you see what a hiking fool I am, do you still think you can catch me? LOL!

Biz the collodial silver was from a recipe for the sublingual that I found on the other group's file section. I decided to use it instead of alcohol. I've heard that it serves as a preservative and works fine.

And EweWho, the B-12 is a sublingual formula so I heard that it would help with absorption. I'll let you know how it works for her as she continues the protocol...

Jennifer, I've never golfed in my life, but hiking and skiing are our sports of choice plus we love to take our grandchildren camping. I think I heard you mention that you and Ed scuba dive and Bill and I love that sport as well, but living in the desert, we don't get much opportunity to practice it. So every few years when our finances allow we try to plan a trip to get a little diving in...

Friday, January 25, 2008

VLCD #8 R2P2 - That’s the way, uh huh uh huh...

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 8.2 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 161.4
Today's weight 159.6
Loss of 1.8 lbs

Boy did the ole HCG have a surprise in store for me...

That’s the way, uh huh uh huh I like it!

As you can imagine I went around with a little secret smile on my face all day. I not only overcame the gain from the previous day, but got below my LIW AND, drum roll please… I broke into the 150’s!!! So it’s a triple whammy for the good guys today!

On a related note, I have quite a bit of clothing that doesn’t fit anymore and I finally quit trying to wear it hanging off me. So I had a couple of piles on my closet floor and my husband was bugging me to get rid of them. I was just about to take them to the goodwill store when I read a post on the local freecycle group site that was from a woman who had to leave in a hurry from Alaska and needed some business clothes to wear at her new job. So we’ve been corresponding all week trying to get these clothes to her. So yesterday I asked her where she worked and it turns out that she works for a company that is one of our biggest customers and is the account I was assigned to last month! Small world I guess. She was supposed to get them today though and I never heard from her, so they're still riding around in the back of my car. Several pairs of nice slacks in size 12 and 14. And a ton of nice tops. She’d be set for a good long while. Luckily I’ve got smaller stuff in my closet that I’m able to transition into. I did buy a few sweaters right before Christmas so I’d have something new and festive to wear, but I have not bought one pair of pants since I started, (39 pounds ago!) I just keep going further back into the closet to the “outgrown” stuff. So next month when I reach my goal I’ll be breaking the bank! LOL!
I have a little dilemma about tomorrow though. I have some dear friends who are both retiring this month. These are friends that we hike with and ski with and the woman is in my book club, etc. So to celebrate their retirement they organized a hike in the Superstition mountains East of Phoenix. It’s a six mile hike with some climbing. My problem is that I haven’t been doing too much physical activity since I’ve been on HCG and when I try to do a little more strenuous hike, I tank pretty quickly. So I’ve read about some people adding in a little extra calories for times when they know they will be having some higher level of physical exertion than normal so that they don’t deplete the little calorie intake that we have. Dr. S. mentions that more activity can cause a gain but I couldn’t find anything about adding calories to help combat that problem. So I’m going to take an extra fruit and serving of protein and if I feel like I need it, I’m going to eat it. I don’t want to exhaust myself and then gain the next day on top of it. So if it works I’ll be able to report that back to you all. If not and I gain, well that’s a risk that I’m willing to take. So stay tuned for the results since I probably won’t see anyone’s feedback before the actual hike. Happy losing to you all…

Lili, I did a fair amount of stair stepping my last round too so I've been expecting it, but I was hoping that maybe my body would surprise me. I guess there's still hope for that!

And Wendy, how right you were. But I bed you didn't even think it would be this soon! And my eyeballs are floating with all the water I've been drinking!

Biz, I found some amber bottles with the droppers at a little place called Desert Sage Herbs, near where I work. I used colloidal silver and B-12 sublingual formula to mix. 250IU per day at taken as 125IU twice daily. And for the hot water, we have a dispenser at work that dispenses hot or cold RO water at the push of a button and that's what I use for my tea. I'll have to try the hot water alone, but I'm dubious, let me tell ya...

EweWho, I guess that devil set point lost interest in me. Am I sad? I don't THINK so!!! LOL!

Mary, now you'll really have some catching up to do! So get going! And hope your birthday was a great one!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

VLCD #7 R2P2

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 6.4 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 161.0
Today's weight 161.4
Gain of .4 lbs

Hmmm, I'm not supposed to have that happen! I had an extra 1/2 cup of soup broth yesterday when I made some Chicken celery soup (made in advance for lunches at work) and had a little too much to fit into the two containers. And I had Steak and onions too. Maybe I had too many onions or the beef broth was too high in sodium but I'm not too worried about it. I'm not the kind of person who has to analyze it to death. And I really kind of think it relates to this being a set point for me. Last round I teetered at this weight and was struggling to get under 160 before the end of my round and I never made it until the day AFTER my LIW. Then when I gained during P3 it meant that I'd have to go past that darn set point again! So here I am trying to sneak up on it without it noticing and it caught me!
But don't worry about me because I'm not. I know that all I have to do is keep sticking to the food plan and even if I teeter a little, it will have no place to go but down! Here's what I'm doing today to change the situation, I'm drinking lots of water, going to skip the grissini for dinner and go to bed early. Then we'll see what that mean ole scale has to say tomorrow!
I'm off to get the final things I need to mix a batch of SL for my friend.
Happy losing!


Biz, I always envied you having JPS to help you (and tempt you with lemon bars!)

Thanks Wendy!

Jennifer, I guess I just noticed enough to comment since I got all the comments about my first post. Some things that computers do just seem weird to me. And yes, I finally got my first convert!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

VLCD #6 R2P2 Happy Wednesday

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 5.8 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 162.0
Today's weight 161.0
Loss of 1.0 lbs

No time to post today. Got a late start and just finished making the blog rounds. I lost a pound though and I'm happy! I also got the news that my friend from work is starting the protocol with my help this weekend. I will need to get a few extra supplies and mix her SL doses tomorrow. I'll have a protocol buddy at work! Now that my daughter is finished I miss having someone (other than my bloggin buddies) to chat with about it. So Hurray for all of us and happy losing!


Mary, I'm not so sure she was jealous, maybe just preoccupied. Next time I see her though I'll be even thinner and I'll DARE her not to notice! LOL!

Biz, jealousy does sound likely in your SIL's case. But that's HER problem. Because you're looking gooood!

Thanks Renee!

Jen, maybe your family just loves you anyway and doesn't give a hoot that you're getting thinner... Or sometimes it's just a matter of the conversation never getting around to the weight thing and they were really thinking it all along. Next time you see them they'll say something I'm sure! (heck I don't even know them and I'm predicting what they'll say, hehe)

Oh and the other thing about the word verification is when you type it wrong because it's just soooo crazy and then it gives you another chance and this time it's like a really easy one because it feels sorry for you that you were too dumb to get the hard one right! LOL!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

VLCD #5 R2P2 - HCG people are the best!

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 5.8 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 162.8
Today's weight 162.0
Loss of .8 lbs

Sorry I don't have much time to post today, I went to dinner with a friend tonight and got home a little late. She still hasn't said anything about my weight loss which is weird since we always used to talk about our weight. But I only see her once a month or so and we always have a lot of catching up to do. And I did NOT bring up the subject. We ate at the wildflower cafe and I had a wildflower salad with the grilled chicken. Lime vinaigrette dressing on the side. I was trying hard to avoid them, but probably got some of the extra vegetables as I was just aiming for the greens with each bite. and I had a touch of dressing, but maybe like 1/4 teaspoon. So I think I did okay.
So I had a longer post planned but this will have to do since my DH is ready to hit the hay.
Oh but wait, before I go...
I just have to say something about the little passwords they make you type before you can leave a comment on someone's blog. Every now and then I just get a really funny one, like boolyanahana or something. And I'm there typing it just kind of going hehe this is a funny one but I have never shared that little giddy feeling that gives me until now. Don'tcha feel privileged that I shared it with you first? LOL!


Wow there were 11 comments on my blog today, okay well I left one of them, but WoW you guys are so cool!
Yes Jen, the R2P2 just keeps popping the picture of that little metal beeping guy and I'll never be able to stop it now! Thanks for the nice words about my comment to my daughter, can ya tell I'm proud of her?

Lili, Let's just vow to do better and keep each other on the straight and narrow. I hear ya about not taking this chance to do the best round ever since you may not be able to do one whenever you want...

Biz, thanks so much for your nice words you always have a knack of saying just the right thing...

And Wendy, I'll happily take the name of Margarita Girl, but I gotta get through this P2 and P3, then just look out. Margaritaville here I come!!!

Paul you had morning sickness too? Hehe. Sorry, I'm sure that's not what you want to associate it with but it sounded too funny to pass up. My daughter also had a few days of nausea that she feels might be attributed to "shot anxiety" as well because it was immediately after injection. So who knows. She said laying down on the bed for a few minutes helped. One shot she even gave herself sitting on the bed so she could lay down right after.

Marshall, thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog and for the nice compliment. This HCG group is just the best, I love all you guys!!!

Mary, you sure can copy this post for yourself. I'm very flattered that you would want to and so happy that it might be helpful to you. I just want us ALL to succeed!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

VLCD #4 R2P2 - Time for an ATTITUDE adjustment...

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Weight lost this round 5 lbs.
Yesterday's weight 163.4
Today's weight 162.8
Loss of .6 lbs

The losses might be slowing down a little but that's how it works right? I'm so happy to be back on P2 and losing again that every time I lose, I feel like a winner. Just like Jennifer says!
But before I pat myself on the back too much, I have to confess that this P2 feels a little different for me in a couple of ways. First was the nausea I felt on two different occasions shortly after I injected and the second is that I'm not feeling quite as much hunger as I did last time. But the last difference is that I've been more tempted by forbidden foods this time. Now this is different than cravings I think. A craving is usually for something specific and I'm not wanting anything specific but if there are forbidden foods around I am noticing them more, and wishing I could have them. Last round I would look at food and walk right by it. I was so thrilled to be losing weight that I had somehow turned my mind off from wanting that stuff. I really think it's a difference in attitude. The protocol isn't as new and exciting (even though I am still excited to lose) and I let my attitude during P3 slide from following the protocol to eating things I wanted even though I knew they were no, nos. And my weight suffered for it since I'm still not back to my LIW from last round. So those might be a few reasons but the biggest thing is the attitude. And I'm going to give myself an attitude adjustment right now. I know I won't cheat during this round because cheating is not an option. I will work on planning my meals in advance because being prepared is a key factor. Lunches for the workweek will be cooked, packed and ready to go to work at the beginning of every week. I will not look at or consider the forbidden foods as something that can come remotely near my mouth. They don't exist for me for the next several weeks. I will be strong and positive and dang it, I'll be happy doing it! Yes I will, because attitude is the key to the success of any weight loss program, and just because we have an easy and fool proof way to lose doesn't mean that we can have a lackadaisical attitude about it. But all we have to do is follow these few simple rules and if we do, we can't do anything but succeed!


Renee, you're a reader too! That's so cool. We'll have to compare notes on our faves sometime!

Jennifer, your comment got me going didn't it? And all this after reading your post from today, which I won't say anything about and won't ever mention again. LOL!

Thanks Biz, I lucked out in the offspring department. I'm going to miss having her on protocol with me though! But you and JPS are right along with us now...

B, thanks for the congrats for me and my daughter!

And Erica, I'm so glad you shared this experience with me and that I was able to help you achieve it. You looked so beautiful today and I'm incredibly proud of you for ALL that you have achieved, not just with the weight loss but with your success as a mother, wife and businesswoman. You have surpassed any wishes I might have had for you in life. You're the BEST! Love, Mom...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

VLCD #3 R2P2

(Starting weight first round: 198 10-5-7)
(R1P2 LIW 160.4 12-18-07 )
R2P2 Starting weight 167.8
Yesterday's weight 165.2
Today's weight 163.4
Loss of 1.8 lbs

Yaaaaay! Another 1.8 down the old tubes! I'm really glad to be back on P2, can you tell? I took my shot a little later today, thought I'd try eating my grapefruit and drinking my first cup of tea and then injecting a little later to see if it helps. So far (15 minutes) so good. The nausea was just so weird to me since I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever on my first round (in answer to Biz's question.) And someone asked if it was a new tea and no, it was what I drank on my first round too and I also had the same fruits as on the last round. So just must have been my body wondering what to do with this extra hormonal surge after my 4 week break. I'm sure it will all even out.
The big news of the day is that I talked to my daughter this morning and she made her goal weight today!!! And no, it's not just this round's goal weight, it's her forever goal weight! I am just so excited for her. She is taking her last injection today and then the 72 hrs of VLCD and then she's on P3!!!! She is so happy since this also means she will be on P4 by her birthday, February 13th and can have birthday cake! Plus she looks just fabulous. She is currently helping two other people to do the protocol and has a few more that are extremely interested. I am just so happy and proud of her success and I'll keep you all posted on how she does with her maintenance. She wants to start exercising and gaining muscle so I'm sure it will be very interesting to see the results of that. I know that she didn't take "before" pics like many of us did, but she did have me take a picture of her in a pair of jeans that would barely fit her (so she had a MAJOR muffintop) before the protocol. And then took another one a month or so later when they fit so much better. Maybe we can take one more and then I'll see if she will let me post them for her.
Yesterday she stopped by the house for a minute and we were talking about her being so close to her goal and I mentioned that out of all the people I have told about this protocol, she is the only one that has tried it with me and that she didn't even take much convincing, she just said I want to try it, tell me all about it. And I asked her how she could tell so quickly that it was something she wanted to try. And she told me it was because of my eagerness and enthusiasm for the protocol. That she knows how skeptical I am of fads and sales pitches and she knows how many diet books I've read and actually tried. She's heard me talk about the pros and cons of different diets and she knew how discouraged I had been with my own weight and what a struggle I'd been having. So when I came to her and was so excited about this new protocol and I told her the reasons why I thought this would be the final answer, she was getting ready to start back up on South Beach and she just thought if a tough sell like me was this convinced, well then, sign her up! She even went online and ordered the first batch of HCG and supplies right away so that she could start as soon as possible. And look at where she is now. So although she did the work and she lost the weight and she made it all the way to her goal, I somehow feel that I was part of her success and that makes me doubly proud!!! Way to go Kiddo!!!

Biz, I like how you handled it with your hubby and your family. Just enough info to keep them in the loop. I wish I had been a little more forthcoming with my hubby since I feel that there is some resentment about my initial secrecy that might have something to do with his reluctance to get started now. But he would have a tough time with the travel he's got scheduled, so it's just not the right time for him yet... But in a very short while I'll be at my goal and he'd better catch up or I'll look better than him and I don't want him getting jealous!!! LOL!