R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, April 12, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 6 - Best laid plans....

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Thursday's weight 155.4
Yesterday's weight 155.0
Today’s weight 154.0
Overnight loss of 1.0 lbs

I fully intended to post yesterday but our kids wanted us to meet them for dinner and then we ended up taking a couple of our grandkids home with us so that kind of shot the evening. But lookee here! Even after going out to dinner I still lost a pound! We went to Red Robin and they have this chicken meal there that my friend LO always gets. It's got this great spice mixture rubbed all over it and then grilled with no oil. Comes with a side salad and is really good. I remembered to ask them to leave the cheese off the salad but didn't realize it had tortilla strips all over it so I had to pick them off. And it comes with two chicken breasts so I've got a leftover for lunch today!

I heard from another friend who I met through my blog. She contacted me because she had started the HCG diet through her doctor (to the tune of $1200!) and wanted someone to talk to about it. She started around the same time LO and MM did their first round. She's been doing great, I think she's down about 30 pounds and has started two more of HER friends on the diet. One has lost 24 pounds in about 3 weeks and the other 7 pound in one week. WOW! Isn't that terrific? My friend LO is doing really well this time. Her losses are much better than on her first round. As of Friday, I think she was already down 5 pounds. We are losing here in Arizona! And now I'm hoping to meet up with a couple of ladies from the new forum that Biz and Regina and Jenn started. It's so awesome that HCG has not only helped me to lose weight but has brought a whole new circle of friends into my life. Some that I can meet face to face and many others that I communicate with online and couldn't do without! You're all the best!


B, I'm on my way to check your losses. I bet we're pretty close still!

Mary, I think I'm back in the zone now so no worries!

Liz, yes isn't that mug just the cutest? I heard about the cabbage chili from Biz I think. And I just make it the same way I do the tomato chili just use cabbage instead. You can use a lot too because it doesn't have many calories! It's very filling and yummy. And I just buy the grissini at my local grocery store. It is located on the top shelf in the pasta aisle. So try checking there in your store.

Thanks Biz...

Hazel, everyone has their own pace but the great thing is, that it works for everyone regardless! And goodness is relative. You are GOOD because you didn't eat the whole bunny all at once! So he had a slight reprieve the poor unlikable guy...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 4 - Conversation hearts...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 156.8
Today’s weight 155.4
Overnight loss of 1.4 lbs

Now THAT's what I'm talking about! I'm quite satisfied with today's loss. Looks like a few days of sticking to it finally overcame my opening day cheat. So yes, I'm a happy camper today. And I had another good day on the VLCD. It seems like my hunger is under control. But let me tell you I have many moments during the day when I see something that looks good and it takes me a minute to realize that oh, I can't have that! My first and second round I was quite good at putting on the blinders and not letting the forbidden foods even tempt me. Maybe I'll just have to work at it a little harder this time and being so close to my goal you bet that's just what I'll do!

I don't usually give a day by day menu, but here is a typical day for me on the vlcd: Morning, cup of vanilla caramel truffle tea. (yes it's caffeinated and has a hint of caramel in it, but it's awesome!) Mid morning. One or two Cups of Yerba Mate Chocolatte Tea. One large apple, sliced. Lunch, cabbage chili and grissini. Afternoon snack, 1/2 orange. Dinner tilapia grilled on the George foreman and steamed broccoli. Dessert, 1/2 orange and grissini. See above for the pic of my favorite tea mug. It came with a bouquet of flowers for valentines day and I've used it every day since. It makes me smile whenever I fill it. What a way to start the day...


  • Mary, I sent her the info on Paul McKenna. She has TiVo so maybe she can tape if for both of us since I still haven't seen it! I think she'll be fine though. She was just having a down day or so.
  • Biz, yes the second can be bad, but man I think I'm having trouble adjusting on my 3rd. Maybe my break was too long! I'll be fine too though. I'm just getting back into the swing of it...
  • Yes Jenn, I think you're right. The first 7 days are the hardest. I'm almost through them myself. But Erica has actually been on her round for three weeks now. She's probably ready to quit again already! You asked how much she gained and I think it was over 10 lbs. I will have to sign her up for boot camp when she finishes this round so she won't make the same mistakes again!
  • Yes B, even a little loss is cool. And maybe after today there is still hope for me to keep up with you!
  • Hazel, that is some great advice. I will be sure to share that analogy with her. I think it will be helpful. She really does listen to my advice which is very gratifying to me so I'll make sure to find the time to sit down with her and talk it out. I'm sure she'll do fine. And she really looks great! She is in the beauty industry as an esthetician and an owner of a salon and spa and let me tell you she has generated a lot of interest in the HCG protocol! Thanks for the helpful suggestions!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 3 - small loss...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 157.2
Today’s weight 156.8
Overnight loss of .4 lbs

Yesterday was much better as far as hunger goes. I drank lots of tea and water during the day and tried to space out my food so that I wouldn’t get too hungry. I was a little hungry when I first got home from work but I ate my fruit then and that seemed to tide me over until dinner which was grilled chicken and broccoli. I didn’t eat the grissini for dinner and planned to eat it for a snack but then forgot. So I’m surprised that I didn’t have a better loss this morning. I’m thinking that it was a little holdover from my cheat on the first day. So I’m not sweating it. I’ll just look for a bigger loss tomorrow.
LO was down another .5 for a total of 3.
My daughter has been having some cravings and she called to say she was worried that she is sabotaging herself by cheating and then just going on a binge. The initial cheat isn’t that big of a problem but she says that once she cheats she figures she’s already blown it for the day so she might as well eat what she wants. And then she gains. If she stops at just the first cheat she’ll usually not gain, just stall. So I advised her to first of all, NOT CHEAT! LOL! But that if she does, and then she feels like binging on other bad stuff, to try to delay it. Tell herself that she can have that candy if she really needs it, but just wait a half an hour. And then go try to distract herself. Then maybe the craving will be gone. Use that tactic as much as possible and maybe you’ll get through it without bingeing.
She is also concerned that the bingeing will continue when she is off of the HCG. And I really don’t think it will. I think right now, she’s just feeling deprived and is giving herself permission to cheat. Once she’s eating normally again she should be able to try listening to her body again and just feed herself what she needs or really wants at that moment. There is no reason to think that she won’t be able to control herself just because she’s having some trouble now. I also sent her the info on Paul McKenna so she can check it out and see if there is something that can help her… I still haven’t had a chance to catch one of his shows. But I’ll keep trying!
I'm going to call it a day. Happy losing!


Mary, Yes the mental challenge is the biggest I think. But I'm working on it...

Biz, no I'm sure it was real hunger. My stomach was growling, or as an ex-boyfriend used to say. "The coyotes were howling!" I could have made a better choice though. Maybe another apple or something. But it is what it is...

Hi Jenn, I'm trying to make the P2 stuff as good as it can get. I guess I'm just trying to get r dun, as you say!

Thanks CB, I'm so glad we have each other for support too! I sure makes it less lonely!

B, I hope you did better than I did today. And maybe you will get some feedback about the shakes. I'll have to check it out too...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 2 - My cheating heart...

(Last round LIW on 2-21-8 = 151.0)
R3 P2 Starting weight on 4-7-8 158.2
Yesterday's weight 158.2
Today’s weight 157.2
Overnight loss of 1.0 lbs

So what is going on with me? I'm usually so good at this part of it... I actually cheated on my first day of vlcd… And I am NOT one to cheat on the protocol. So this is weird for me… But here’s what happened…
On Mondays I telecommute so I was home for my first day of vlcd. I had cooked all that great food so I was prepared, but I woke up really hungry in the morning. I tried to wait until around 9am to eat my fruit but even after two cups of tea, by 8am I just had to have it! So that seemed to tide me over until around 11am when I heated up my beef and green bean stew. I was so hungry that I ate my grissini while it was heating up. So that’s kind of how the whole day went. I ate everything early and then didn’t have anything left for the evening. I went to bed and tried to sleep but my stomach was just growling. So I got up and ate a piece of toast with peanut butter. And that’s another thing that is just so unusual for me. I never get up at night to eat. Once I brush my teeth and go to bed, that’s it! So for me to do this was very weird. I was able to sleep after that though and I was still down a pound this morning. I’m really hoping that this crazy hunger doesn’t continue. I will try to think of other strategies to deal with it and if I have to cheat I’ll prepare some cucumbers or something to snack on. So far today I’ve been doing a little better. I made it until 9am to eat my apple and noon for my lunch. I am only injecting 125IUs this time though so I’ll keep an eye on the hunger for the next few days and if it continues, I’ll up the dosage a little bit to see if it helps.
My daughter is on her second round of HCG after gaining a bit back during her P3/4 break. She had made it to her goal during her first round, but quit when she made it to the weight she wanted. Now she believes she should have kept going or planned another round because she feels she hadn’t lost all of her abnormal fat. She still had some on her tummy that she couldn’t get rid of. So after gaining some back she’s on the protocol again. So when I saw her this weekend I gave her a bowl of this green bean stew that I made and she just called me to say it was delish and that it sure didn’t taste like diet food. So I guess I will have to make another batch. I’ll try to make a note of exactly what I use so I can write up the recipe for those of you who eat green beans even though they are NOT on Dr. Simeons list. (thanks to Biz for experimenting and finding that we can still lose with them!)

Later the same day...

So now it's the end of the day and I've done just fine with the protocol today. And I still have my fruit for a snack this evening! So maybe I'll be okay after all...


Mary, prep is my middle name! An I wasn't even a boy scout! LOL!

B, thanks for the good wishes! And the shakes, I think were EAS, but I'm not sure. I remember this being discussed on the HCG2 forum so maybe you can search there...

Shelly, I'll have to post a "less of me" Pic someday. just like Jenn did!

Biz, Thanks! I'm excited too!

Liz, I'm so glad to be starting again and I'm happy to have so many fun people supporting me! Thanks!

Monday, April 7, 2008

R3P2 VLCD Day 1 - On my way...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 157.6
Today’s weight 158.2
7.2 lbs over LIW
Starting weight for R3 158.2

Woo Hoo, first VLCD of my last round. I cooked all day yesterday and I now have 8 servings of roast beef with broth, 6 servings of tomato chili, 8 servings of cabbage chili, 3 servings of beef and green bean stew and 24 meatballs. Looks like I'll be working on cooking some chicken meals in the next few days. Most of these are going into the freezer in individual containers. About half of them will be shared with my friend LO, who is doing another short round with me. She bought the meat and I'm doing the cooking. She tells me that she is culinary challenged and even though she follows my instructions on how to cook these meals, they never quite come out tasting the way they should. So if it helps to keep her going, I'm more than happy to share. And since she's buying for both of us it works out just fine... She also really HATES chicken so I'm trying to find a way of cooking it that will make it palatable for her. I'll probably make it into a soup and shred it since the texture is partly what she doesn't like.
This weekend when I started my injections, I didn't intend to load but just eat normally, but how can you resist the chance to get in some of your favorite foods before giving them up for 6 weeks? So we went out to a mexican restaurant, an Italian restaurant and then had some homemade manicotti for (my final non vlcd) dinner last night. I also had strawberry shortcake for dessert. So I can feel as though I indulged but I don't feel as though I went overboard. I did however, put on a little weight. So the first five or six days will be spent getting back down to my LIW from the last round. I'm thinking I can lose 7.2 lbs in the first week without a problem. But if all goes well, by this time next week I'll be inching down into the 140's again!
So all my blogging buddies... Who started this weekend along with me?


Lili, the woman who does a round every year has found a way to actually KEEP her new year's resolution to lose weight. I guess it's not a bad solution. I just hope I don't need to even do it once a year! Did you start yet?

bohemianblue, that is a good point about the food we eat having so many additives that we will always have to watch our weight. I just hope that this protocol will have corrected my metabolism problems enough so that it will be easier to keep to the weight I should be at. And I have seen evidence that I'm getting back on track. I would have gained a lot more if I had been eating like this after going off of a diet in the past!

CB, yes it's my FINAL! I know you'll get there someday soon. You are so close to my weight and we are working towards the same weight for our final goal. So you're right there in my slipstream!