R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

P3 - Day 21 - Last day on P3 - Sorta

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 153.6
Today’s weight 154.6
3.6 lbs over LIW

So this is day 21 of my P3 unless I choose to not count all the NON P3 meals and snacks that I ate. Because if I subtracted all that time that I wasn't adhering to the P3 plan, I'd probably still have at least another week to go. But I'll cut myself some slack and enjoy P4 for a while. Except that I really should get down to my LIW before I start enjoying the P4 foods. So that's what I'll attempt to do now. I'll work at getting back down to within 2 lbs of my LIW and then start adding in the forbidden foods and try to stay within the acceptable limits.
I spent the evening shopping for window coverings for our two rooms that we are getting ready for guests. I was going to make the curtains, but couldn't find any reasonably priced fabric that I really liked and ended up finding some panels at Lowe's that were less expensive than what I could make myself. I bought three panels and will use one to drape as a sash over the rod. We just have one more weekend to finish getting everything ready and since my DH is out of town, I will have to do most of the work myself. But getting the bed downstairs to the basement (where one of the rooms is) will have to wait until he gets home on Saturday. My pics didn't turn out because I was trying to use my cell phone camera. I can't find the digital. DH must have taken it with him on his trip... The room that has the teal squares will have a chocolate comforter and shams with teal accent pillows. The curtains are panels of chocolate and a slightly darker shade of teal. We need to find a bedside table and lamp and a little clock or something. I bought a couple of mirrors at Ross too so there's at least something to hang on the wall, although I'm sure I can scrounge up some art that we have stored around the house. I'm having fun with it but I wish that I could do it with a "money is no object" attitude, but unfortunately, money IS a limiting factor!!!
So time to get to bed. It's late here. We are now three hours different from the east coast since they just went to daylight saving time. Here in AZ, we don't change our clocks. Less daylight is what we need when the temps hit 115 in July...
Oh one more thing, I watched this video of a little 17 month old girl who could actually read sentences. As a grandmother of an 18 month old, I was just blown away that this was actually possible. So I'm sharing the link with you guys just for the WOW factor!
Sorry I don't know how to get it without the commercials...

Thanks to all my commenters! I'll be sure to work towards the bikini goal on my next round. I am going to try Lili's dry brushing method to firm everything up a little more too... If anyone else has had good results with that, let me know...

Happy losing to everyone in Protocoland!

Monday, March 10, 2008

P3 - Day 19 - Jennifer did it!

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 153.8
Today’s weight 153.6
-.2 loss
2.6 lbs over LIW

I am just so happy for Jennifer that she made her goal. You know that she is the first person I've heard of who has done this diet that has gone the whole way and lost all her abnormal fat just like Dr. Simeons said it would happen. So congratulations to you Jen. You're our pioneer and our fearless leader! So cool! It's (almost) making me want to go back on P2 early just so that I can achieve it too. Not that I'd be looking quite as good as Jennifer does in that itsy bitsy flame bikini. After all I got 20 plus years on her. But I'm hoping to look good enough to NOT have to shop in the "super spandex, old lady skirted, holding it all in girdle swimsuit" section either! I want to wear a bikini. Maybe a little more conservative than Jen's but a bikini nonetheless. And maybe that's asking a lot of a 53 year old grandmother of 8, but hey, if I can pull it off, why not. And with this protocol, I've got a definite advantage!

So I plan to do another round at the beginning of April, after our house guests go home. I believe I have less than 20 lbs to lose since I'm aiming for around 136 and my weight right now is hovering around 153. I should be able to get to that goal with a 30 day round and maybe even lower if it seems like I'm still losing abnormal fat.

I'll have to cut this short tonight since I got a late start, but I'm hoping to be finished with the touch up painting in the LAST room tomorrow. Then I'll be working on sewing some curtains, but those are easy. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the walls I just finished. I did a pale sea blue color base in a satin finish then taped off 20" squares on two of the walls and did a checkerboard design in a shade darker. I was worried that it would be too blue and too much for the room, but I think it turned out nice.

So take care all you losers! And Jennifer... I am just so stinking proud of you!!!