R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, February 29, 2008

P3 Day 9 - Still over LIW

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 155.0
Today's weight 153.6
2.6 lbs over LIW

Okay, it's coming down a bit so I'm much happier about that. I'm back to the no sugar and starches routine and I feel better too. Tomorrow I'm driving to my SIL's for a baby shower for my neice and I'll be taking 4 of my grandkids with me for the trip. I'm borrowing my daughter's car with a 3rd row seat and a DVD player to keep the occupied. My Dad and sister are also along for the ride so it will be a carful! I don't know what kind of food will be served so I'll just have to hope for the best. Maybe I should bring something along just in case there's nothing I can eat. I will just have to stay AWAY from the cake...


Mary, I didn't think it was too expensive. It was really good though! I LOVE the lettuce wraps!

Lili, thanks for the compliment. And yes I did come back down today! Woo Hoo!

Monica, I'd say it was worth it. Very yummy!

I didn't exactly eat eggs all day, I had eggs for breakfast and lunch and then STEAK for dinner. Not too shabby. And I DID send you an e-card just now. It's not for your B-Day though, I'll send another one for that. This was just a Happy Friday one...

I will have to figure out how to let everyone see the funny card... hmmm... I have one for Monica too about donuts! LOL!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

P3 Day 8 - Egg day, bagged...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Yesterday's weight 153.6
Today's weight 155.0
4.0 lbs over LIW

Yes, I know that yesterday was supposed to be an egg day, and I did have eggs for breakfast and then eggs for lunch, but I also had a salad for lunch and then when I got home last night, my husband asked me to go to dinner with him and some managers from his East Coast office and how could I say no to that? We ended up going to PF Chang’s which is a trendy Chinese restaurant in Tempe, AZ. The food was delicious and we shared several dishes that all included rice. And I sampled just about all of the dishes. So I wasn’t surprised to see a gain this morning, and I’m working on the egg day again today. Hopefully I’ll be able to follow through and get back down closer to my LIW.
So not much else to report...

Happy losing!!!


Monica, Oh I wish I could have taken an extra vacation day. My last job I had worked there 27 years and I had 6 weeks of vacation a year. Now I have just two and let me tell you, It's killing me!

Hey Mary, no, I'm not a hot little momma, I'm a hot GRANDMA! LOL!

Okay Jen, You and Ed need to get on a plane and meet us in Vegas. Were going to a gift boutique show so that my daughter can get some ideas for her new retail area of her Salon/Spa. So I'll probably get some cool freebies too! FUN!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

P3 Day 7 - Home again ...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Today's weight 153.6
2.6 lbs over LIW

This ski trip was right up there with the best ski trip ever! Our first two days were spent skiing in light to heavy snowfall. But not a problem since we were properly equipped. The third day, we took our scheduled break from skiing and I actually worked from the condo. This was planned in advance so that I could not only conserve my precious vacation days but also gave us a needed break from the physical exertion of skiing. Once I finished my workday, we spent the afternoon wandering the downtown district, stopping in all the wonderful shops and art galleries that line Main Street . We also made a stop at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where my husband bought some fudge and I got an assortment of sugar free treats. My favorite was the English toffee. But each piece was about $1 each so I had to make every little bit last as long as possible!
Then it was time for dinner and we had been checking the menus of all the restaurants we passed and somehow, we ended up eating at a place that I remembered as being my favorite from past visits… Get this, “ Main Street Pizza and Noodle”! And I started out great with a garden salad and followed it up with PASTA! It did contain broccoli and chicken, but there was definitely pasta on that plate. I split the order with my husband and chowed down without a qualm. Later, I did experience a few guilty pangs but I quickly decided to let it go and just live with the consequences.
The next morning was our last ski day and we awoke to a beautiful sunshiny day! It was just about the most perfect ski day you could ask for. Beautiful weather and lots of fresh snow. You could choose either a soft powdery run or a smooth freshly groomed run from the many mountains to ski down. Plus no lift lines on the high speed 6 person chair lifts made the trip up the mountain a breeze. Park City also boasts a 3.5 mile ski run that goes from one of the back mountains all the way down to the base and we took that one once at lunch time and again at the end of the day. So I’m telling you, we were in heaven! Our flight out was not until 7:45pm so we skied the whole day and then went back to the condo to shower and finish packing. We made it to the airport in plenty of time and arrived back in Phoenix at 9:15pm. No luggage mishaps, the car started right up and home to bed by 10:30. The only downside was that I had to get up at 6am to go back to work! Dang don’t you hate when work interferes with your life like that? LOL!
So this morning, I stepped on the scale with a small amount of trepidation, expecting a gain, but not knowing if it would be one pound or 5 pounds (or more!) So the 2.6 pounds over LIW is not a big concern to me. I’m confident that I can take care of that small of a gain with a single steak or egg day. So today I’m trying the egg day and I’ll let you know tomorrow how it works for me!

Update on my friends: MM is on P3 and at 1.0 over LIW. She’s been doing a great job of sticking to the P3 protocol and is happy with her results.
LO has struggled with slow losses all through the protocol and has decided to extend her 23 day course a few days. She just found out today that she has low thyroid function and her doctor is likely to put her on medication. I’m suspecting that this may have accounted for her slow losses. We had reviewed her diet and never could determine why she was losing so slowly. Does anyone have any advice for her on this subject? She did tell her doctor about the HCG diet and she sounded familiar with it and while she said she would have advised her NOT to do this if she had been consulted beforehand, she didn’t actually forbid her to continue. She said there was not enough evidence of its safety and of its effectiveness. But I think that just knowing that the doctor didn’t forbid it gave LO a little peace of mind. She plans to stay on it another day and then transition to P3 this weekend.

----- To my commenters:-----------------

Mary, the storm was scary but also kind of exciting. The worst part was skiing back in very low visibility and our two friends weren’t wearing goggles, just sun glasses so they were just miserable. They ended up getting on a lift that was taking some skiers back down the mountain. My husband and I skied on down and we were saying later that it was actually fun skiing through the blizzard like that with dozens of fellow skiers all headed back to the base together, hunched over and just slowly swishing along.

Jenn, I sure did follow that “NO DIET” rule! But we never did make it over to Wingers. L We were too hungry to find the shuttle and make the trek over there. But as you see, I did have some other forbidden foods! LOL!

Monica, since it doesn’t look like I did too much damage, I’m hoping to get right back on track. But ooops! I just remembered I’m going to Vegas with my daughter this weekend so MORE chances to splurge!

Hi BB, you know the SOUTH is all across the country and I live in the South too! Too bad your south doesn’t have any mountains like ours does! LOL! And I love your P3.5 version. It fits exactly what I’ve been doing! That will have to be added to our HCG terminology!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

P3 DAY 4 - Snow, Snow and More Snow...

LIW 151 on 2-21-08
Today's weight ???

Wow did it ever snow today. The news tonight said it was only 9 inches, but it sure seemed like more than that. We skied at Deer Valley today which is an awesome ski resort, but the winds were so high that they had closed some areas of the mountain. It didn't keep us from enjoying our time on the slopes though, and although it snowed and was VERY windy all day, we just had an incredible day of skiing. Great powder, beautiful long runs and absolutely breathtaking views of the Utah mountains. Our day was cut short though because late in the afternoon, in addition to the heavy snow that had been falling all day, we got caught in a thunder and lighting storm as well and they closed off the section of the mountain that we were skiing and routed us all back to the base. (This is the second time I've seen thunder and lightning during a snow storm which is not that common of an occurance.) And by that time the snow was so thick we couldn't see more than 30 feet in front of us. So we struggled back down with hundreds of other skiiers and decided it was time to call it a day. Some brave souls were still going up the remaining two lifts that hadn't been shut down but we retired to the lodge for some hot buttered rum by the roaring fire...

Folks I have to admit that I have fallen off the P3 wagon again. I tried to be good the first day but had a hard time working with the choices that were available. So I caved and started going with what the group decides. And then just choosing as healthy as I can. So I've been eating lots of soups, salads and sandwiches. I'm just hoping that the bread will be burned off with the extra excercise that I've been getting. But tonight I had the most difficult time when the restaurant choice was Thai food. So I had broccoli chicken over rice. And just tried to go easy on the rice.

So it is what it is. And I feel like I gained a little. And I will have to work on it when I get back because I'm too busy having fun to worry too much about it now.


Biz, I'm glad to see a comment from you. So I guess that means you made your destination okay. I'll try to catch up on blogs in the morning...

Mary, I'm glad nobody has a video of me going down some of these heavy powder runs today because it wasn't always pretty believe me! But it was fun...

Jennifer, Thanks for the recommendation. We will have to give that a try tomorrow night. We know where the WalMart is because one of our friends keeps saying she wants to go there. So far we've managed to avoid it... But maybe now she'll have her chance!

Shelly, it sure is a blast...

And Monica, my stress is long gone!

And thanks for the vote of confidence B. I just hope I can live up to it after this trip!