R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Friday, November 9, 2007

Preparing for P3 and the trip to Ohio

Yesterday was my last injection for this round. I'm continuing the VLCD through tomorrow. Funny thing is, I think I'm actually less hungry today than I have been on most mornings through the entire protocol. Maybe it's just knowing I'll be able to eat a normal breakfast on Sunday! I am looking forward to scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and a side of bacon. I will not even THINK about the toast that I can't have! I'm planning to stay on P3 for 3 weeks and then do SL as long as I need to lose the last 25 lbs. This means I will probably have to stay on P2 during Christmas. But who knows? I may change my mind before I get there and decide to wait until January to do my next P2. It would be nice to have the weight gone before we go skiing though. I could fit into my skinny ski bibs instead of the big ones I had to buy when I gained weight. So you see how I keep going back and forth with this? I guess I need to do a list of the pros and cons and make my decision based on that! I could do that when I'm on the plane going back to Ohio!

Or maybe not, since it turns out that my husband and I will have a little extra luggage with us on that trip. Our 1 year old grandson is going on the trip and instead of travelling with the other kids who are on a different flight, he's going with us. Lots of reasons for that, but it turned out to be the best option. He is a really good baby, but does NOT like to sit still for 4 hours. So we will surely have our hands full! (anybody know of a safe, legal, baby sleeping potion? JK! LOL) So the trip back for my sil's funeral is now kind of turning into a mini reunion. We have two new babies to introduce to the Ohio (and NC) clan. We are really stressing to our crew that this is NOT going to be party time and that they need to respect everyone's feelings and not get too rambunctious. But it is what it is and we are just going to go and be there for the family especially my MIL and BIL.

Signing off for now. I'll post more if I have time later and I'll be taking my laptop to Ohio so when I can get a wireless connection, I'll see if I can post a bit here and there.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

next installment

So I was going to the clinic for my shots for the first two weeks. They would give me a 333IU dose on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and then Monday would be considered a "skip" day. Then they asked if I wanted to try to inject them myself and showed me how to do it. I tried the first on in the office and it was not that bad so I said i'd do it. But I really hated it. I had to psyche myself up to do it each day. So the next week I had them do them again. All during this 3 week period, I didn't have any headaches or weakness, but I did feel very hungry in the mornings. I drank tea and ate my apple or orange around 10am if I could hold out that long. Sometimes I found myself eating it at 8:30 or 9 and then impatiently waiting for lunchtime so I could eat again. After lunch I was usually okay until just before dinner when I would be so hungry that my stomach was just snarling at me! So I mentioned it to the nurse at the clinic and asked how they prepared the solution, and how fresh it was, etc. She was a little offended because it turns out that she was the one who always mixed it and she thought I was saying she had done it wrong. So I had to reassure her that I was just wanting info on how it was prepared. She then gave me a few more suggestions to try to help the hunger. One was eating a little extra protein in the am. I said okay, but just decided to deal with the hunger. It wasn't really that unmanageable. So I've been able to go this whole time with no real cheats. Once I actually licked my fingers when making a PB&J for my granddaughter. And once the shock of the sweetness registered on my tongue, I actually grabbed for a paper towel and was scraping it off of my tongue! I got a strange look from the kids on that one! And maybe it was technically cheating when I went out to a Mexican restaurant and ate the grilled chicken fajitas and onions. I avoided the bell peppers, but may have missed one or two. No tortillas or beans, just meat and onions. (and whatever they marinaded them in.) Luckily, I didn't gain from that either.
So here I am at the middle of week 5 and having to quit early so that I can go to Ohio to attend my sister-in-law's funeral. I'm going to end this post here, but I want to write some more on this topic, so this is to be continued...

Losing it...

So this is my blog. I've been meaning to start it for several weeks now, but circumstances have been interfering. So this first post will be split into a few sections to give a time line of what has occured since I started the HCG almost 6 weeks ago. Actually, it will go back a little further so I can explain how I found out about HCG and made the decision to try it. I will try to reconstruct the events as closely as my middle aged memory will allow!

Mini Bio:I am a 53 year old Grandmother of 8 wonderful grandkids ranging in age from 2 months to 13 years. My husband and I have 5 great kids between us and they all bring us much joy. We like to ski, hike and scuba dive.

Mid August 2007

My husband travels a lot and during one of his trips this summer, I was a little bored and flipping through the channels and one title caught my eye. I can't remember what it said, but when I tuned in, it turned out to be an infomercial about KT's weight loss cure. I was intrigued enough to order the book. It came and I started reading it. So my first impression was oh man, was this a big waste of money. My husband just noticed that I was reading "another" diet book and I didn't even discuss it with him at the time because I thought it was so "OUT THERE!". For one thing, his commercial had said that you could lose this weight without spending much money, but then he listed PAGES of cleanses and supplements you should take as well as switching to all organic and natural foods and personal care items. So just adding up what that would cost brought it to over $1000 to get started. But I kept thinking about the HCG and how using the diet could re-set the hypothalamus. I really wanted to believe that something like that could be possible. Because I knew for a fact that the many methods of dieting that I had been using in the last few years did NOT work long term. They were making my weight problem worse. I was so tired of struggling to diet for weeks at a time and not seeing any progress. Then giving up and GAINING another 10 lbs.
So reading KT's book almost made me abandon the whole theory, but before I gave it up completely, I went online and found a copy of Dr. Simeons's manuscript, "Pounds and Inches". I quickly read it over a few times and became encouraged enough to continue searching for info. I finally found a local clinic that used HCG as one of their weight loss methods. I was kind of pricey, but even so, it was less than doing KT's method.
My husband was getting ready to go on another business trip. I was very anxious about discussing it with him mostly because I was afraid of his disapproval. Maybe because I still thought it was the most extreme thing I had ever tried. So I just kind of mentioned to him that I was thinking of starting a new diet and it was pretty different than what I'd tried before. And was he interested? So when he didn't ask for more details, I just left it at that and once he was gone, I went for the consultation and signed up on the spot. I had to go for a full blood work-up and then took my first injection early the next week. The clinic followed Dr. S's protocol with the exception of allowing broccoli and cauliflower as vegetable choices. I was happy to hear that I could have my favorite, broccoli on the plan. I have had it throughout my treatment and it would have been a lot harder for me without it. So yes, it's a deviation from the original plan, but I've still been successful at my weight loss.

I'm ending for today, but I'll pick up where I left off when I get a chance to post again soon.