R3P2 - 4-7-8 starting weight for R3 is 158.2

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hopping again...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.4
Today's weight 161.6
Overnight loss of .8lbs

Hurray! Now THAT's what I'm talking about! So technically was that an actual stall? Since it was more like a little seesaw, I'm just not sure. Biz suggested it might have been a set point and if so, maybe I've broken out of it. If the weight loss continues we'll know for sure. I'm happy because it means that I may actually get into the next decade before I end this round next week.
So here's what I ate yesterday: Apple for breakfast, albondigas soup for lunch, fish and broccoli for dinner and 1/2 grapefruit for a snack. Nothing much different than before, but I maybe got in a little more water since I was paying more attention to it, hoping it would help.
I just love the weekends, not just for the obvious reasons, but also because it means I can post on my blog and read everyone's daily posts before much later in the evening when everyone else is already tucked in for the night. Weekdays I'm working and our company either blocks or monitors some computer usage so I don't take the chance. Plus our time zones are different and we are two hours behind many of you east coasters so it's fun when I can find the time to pop in a read a few posts between my other weekend activities. Today, it's a little babysitting and then a little shopping. I'm here with a sleeping 4 month old and my husband is taking the 8 year old to his guitar lesson. So who knew we'd be still taking care of little ones well into our middle age? We love the grandkids to pieces so I'm not complaining, but I'd much rather be spending time with them for fun and not having to be responsible for their care! Come 'on that's what grandparenting is supposed to be like. Playing with them until they get fussy (or need a diaper change) and then handing them back, right? LOL! So enjoy your Saturday!


Biz, thanks for your observations on the stall and the apple day. And if I say "no" to an apple day I don't think it's because I perceive that as a weakness or a crutch, but more because of the fact that Dr. Simeon's says it really doesn't make a difference and your stall will end anyway in spite of whether you use an apple day or not. Maybe I thought it would be more trouble than it was worth. But you do make a good point that maybe it would kick start something and get things going again. So I'll definitely rethink the issue if I get "stuck" again. Because you never know!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Gain with no deviations

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.0
Today's weight 162.4
Overnight gain of .4lbs

So what do you think about them apples? I sure don't know what's going on. I'm sticking to protocol, not eating the melba toast. My calories are fine. Something Biz asked made me wonder though... She asked if this could be a set point for me. And I am not really sure but it's very possible. I have done a fair amount of yo-yoing in my day so it's really hard to keep track of. I remember being around 150 for a long time, but after I got married I gained a little weight and stayed there for a while and it's true that it could have been about the range I'm at right now. So I'll just sit tight and be patient. I'm not one to attempt an apple day just to get a false sense of accomplishment when I know it won't really make a difference in "fat" loss. So I'll just stick to my guns and hang in there for the duration. Which will probably be the middle of next week when I finish up this vial. I am still experiencing a little hunger but it's not too bad and I'm just fine otherwise. And that's all I want to say about that!
I'm not really thinking clearly enough to post much tonight so I'll stop for now and hopefully I'll be able to get time this weekend to do a more complete post. We had some changes in our household this week and our nest is getting emptier, so maybe I'll talk about that a little too.
So enjoy the weekend!


Biz thanks for asking about the set point since I hadn't really considered it before. Time will tell!

Amy and Mary, your encouragement is very appreciated!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

higher dosage

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.2
Today's weight 162.0
Overnight loss of .2lbs

The loss has been only .2 for three days in a row. I felt quite a bit better since using a higher dose yesterday and today. I'm aiming for 200IU and I'm feeling better with it. I haven't had any weakness but the hunger had been getting steadily worse. I've always had a little problem with hunger but nothing unmanageable. I find myself saving the grissini so that i can have something to munch on when it gets too bothersome. But today, I didn't need the second grissini. I had a portion of crock pot roast and broccoli for lunch with a grissini for a mid afternoon snack, and chicken celery soup for dinner. An orange for breakfast and applesauce for my after dinner snack. So as you can see I'm pretty much staying on protocol. I haven't really had a problem with "cheating" or eating forbidden items. Not much time today to write. I'm babysitting my 4 month old granddaughter who is not feeling well so she's a little fussy. She's calling to me right now as a matter of fact. So bye for now! No time to respond to the comments...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Any loss is a good loss.... keep repeating...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.4
Today's weight 162.2
Overnight loss of .2lbs

I woke up this morning to a world shrouded in a cloud. No, I'm not in northern California, I'm in the desert of Arizona. So where did this weirdly wonderful foggy morning come from? We've had a rainier than usual week here and fog does happen here every now and then, but so seldom that when it does it's a delightful novelty. Aside from the concern about having to drive to work in it, it was just a surreal and beautiful thing. I took it very slowly on the roads and was debating about taking the freeway, but decided to give it a try. The fog was thick enough so that you could only see about 4 car lengths ahead, but within a mile it just lifted and the sun beamed through. I looked behind in the mirror and could still see cars emerging from the rapidly receding cloud.
Then I went to work and back to reality.

The whopper weight loss failed to show up as hoped for. So I'll hope again for tomorrow. I believe I am getting nearer and nearer to the end of this round. I starting to think it's time to rest for a while and let my body do some recuperation. I want to get in a little exercise to get a little stronger for skiing and hiking. I've been neglecting my muscles while I've been melting the fat. So maybe I'll change my mind again, (a woman's prerogative?) and let next week be the end of the round instead of a planned interruption. I'll be about 15 lbs away from my *final goal so another short round in late January would probably take care of it quite nicely. Today is either VLCD 19 of this round, or if I add the days I was on the VLCD before my November interruption, the total would be 56 with a 10 day interruption last month. So although I did switch to sublingual for a while, and then back to injections once that batch was gone, there is a possibility that I'm getting close to immunity. I actually upped my dose a little today just because I was feeling so hungry at work and I wanted to see if it would help (I think it did.) I had only pre-filled syringes there though so I just injected about 1/3 of the liquid in one of them and then tossed the rest. I did the second dose in the afternoon and I think it put me close to 200IU for the day. My normal dose is 166IU. So the next few days will tell me more. I would like to keep going for another week and I may up my dose a little if I need to to get there, but if it seems like I need to quit earlier, I will just bite the bullet and do it. I'll do the VLCD while the rest of the HCG leaves my body and then go into P3. So now, we wait...

*final goal: can be negotiable and will depend upon where my body wants to go.
Biz, yes isn't that weird how you'll be talking to someone in the "real" world and then go online and find an eerily similar post from someone in the group! Your post a couple of days ago about stalls and plateau's was kind of a deja vu for me too! So I guess we addictive types had better watch out that we don't become a Nicole Richey type! LOL! That is such a ludicrous idea to me! And the goal weight thing is another example of the deja vu syndrome! So glad we are on the same page...

Mary, don't let your wacky scale get you down!

Brooke, yes maybe we need to invent a new word that will replace "addictive". Maybe something like "immersive". LOL!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Late to post and late to bed...

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 162.8
Today's weight 162.4
Overnight loss of .4 lbs

I think I am about due for a whopper of a weight loss day. But as long as I just lose anything, I'll be content. I just read Biz's blog and today's post was quite thought provoking. I think it will go a long way towards calming the communities fears about stalls and plateaus. I've heard many people refer to their disappointment at small losses or no losses as a type of "greed" for daily weight loss numbers, and although it's slightly ironic to use that term, it is kind of accurate. Because many of us currently on this protocol can probably admit to having a bit of an addictive personality type. It may have been what caused us to overeat in the past, and for some of us to go from one extreme to another by alternating between eating like there's no tomorrow and then dieting like crazy to try to repair the damage. Some have admitted to exercise addictions and others have actually had problems with alcohol abuse, so why wouldn't some of us have the tendency to obsess a little bit over this miraculous process that we are going through? So has the thought surfaced in your mind about what we will do once we are at our true goal weight? Will we recognize it for what it is and be accepting of it? Will we be too addicted to the daily losses that we might want to push that envelope even further? I have actually had a conversation with someone who was trying to learn about the protocol who asked if there was a danger that a person who had anorexic tendencies could learn to abuse this method. So all the while I was explaining to her, that with HCG in your system your body would start to react with extreme hunger and weakness once all your abnormal fat was removed from your body and that you would then have to increase your caloric intake to be able to function normally, I was still thinking in the back of my mind, "will I have the sense to recognize it and quit when my body tells me to? Or will I want to keep seeing those numbers getting smaller?" And I have since answered that question with a resounding NO! I am actually so happy with the changes that I have already seen that I would be happy to stay at this weight for the rest of my life. By the charts, I should actually be 20-30 lbs lighter, but the way I look and feel now, I am having a hard time picturing how I would look after another 20 lbs are gone. The reshaping of my body's countours has improved the way I look even with the extra weight I am still carrying. I am determined to follow the path all the way to the end though. I will finish this round and go off the HCG the week before Christmas. And I will either resume after a week or 10 days "interruption", or I may opt to take a 4 to 6 week break and go back for a final round in mid to late January. Dr. Simeon provided us with all the information we need to go the full cycle and his method has a built in safety valve to prevent us from overdoing it so I'm going to trust his protocol and I'm going to go until I feel that extreme hunger and weakness which will signal my final freedom from every last bit of abnormal fat that my body contains. Is everybody with me?


Biz, I didn't know that you had watched KT's infomercials. I've heard you say that you haven't' read his book so I guess I was thinking you didn't have any exposure to him at all. But bless his little fanatical heart, he led me here to HCG albeit in a very backward sort of manner! Thank you for your heartfelt words about my post. I guess I have been feeling a little philosophical lately. Maybe you and Paul have been rubbing off on me! LOL!

Amy, Yes I know he "Can't get no respect" can he? Do you really think we would have heard about it without his publicity? Negative or not, it got people to take a second look. So it's weird but I have extremely mixed feelings about him. I still can't stand to read or hear some of his crazy talk about conspiracies and such and I really think he could have done the job of letting the world know and he still could have made money from people buying his book even if he had toned it waaaay down with the crazy talk. So is his extremism just a convoluted sales tactic and a way of attracting publicity? Not my choice of methods, but he is getting noticed. Maybe going to jail would make him an even bigger celebrity... But enough about KT! Let's drink to US!!! Drink water that is...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Slowly, slowly towards sunshine and rainbows

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Yesterday's weight 163.0
Today's weight 162.8
Overnight loss of .2 lbs

This is not unusual for me so I'm not too concerned about the small loss. If I'm a little slower than some, so be it. It is still so much faster and reliable than any other method I've ever tried. As a matter of fact, prior to finding this protocol, nothing was working for me at all. I think my body had just been "dieted" out. I had read so many different diets and tried so many that for every new diet that came out I knew after reading just a few chapters what the gist of it was and what other diet it was similar to and what their "gimmick" was. I already knew what types of foods I should be eating for my health and what i should avoid. I knew a lot about exercise and had been active for most of my adult life. But all that seemed to be failing me now. I was sick of the fight and sick of the search and sick of trying to get it all under control, when I clearly no longer had any control.
So why HCG? What called my attention to this one and made me actually spend the time to research it? It must have been the word "cure". No one else had really said that before. It was all about counting carbs, or calories, or lifestyle changes and discipline and you know what? I'd already changed my lifestyle and used discipline and still the weight came back. So even after reading K.T.'s book and being so turned off by his "rage against the machine" rants and his somewhat fanatical phase 1 theories, something still kept tugging at my heart. And I say heart because by then I was becoming mentally resigned to the idea of living my fast approaching senior years as an overweight woman. It was just a matter of how much I could put on the brakes to keep the weight from steadily increasing. But somewhere inside I must have still had just a bit of resistance to that attitude, my heart just wasn't ready to give up. My heart was still hoping for a miracle. So i guess I just listened to my heart for a change. And my heart told me to look past the crazy part of KT's book and see what I could find out about the substance of his book. It told me to search for the source, and that's when I began researching HCG and Dr. Simeon in earnest. And my search first led me to the clinic here in Arizona where I found enough courage after talking to the Doctor and their staff, to take that first step and begin on the HCG protocol.
So that in itself would have been a pretty happy ending, but it just got better, because once I began the protocol and started seeing the fantastic results, I kept looking for other info and found a mention on a forum of the yahoo group that talked exclusively about HCG success stories. And that let me to the HCGdieters group where Biz found me one day and led me to the place of sunshine and rainbows and my heart knew it was home at last! Cue the harp music and birds chirping!
So it is a new beginning for me. At 53 years of age, I know that I will never have to be overweight again. I can now concentrate on other areas of my life that I want to focus on and improve. And that dark cloud that was hanging over me that made me feel as if I was failing at a very important part of my life? It's got a huge rainbow stretching right across it and glimmering streaks of sunlight are breaking through...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Busy weekend

Starting weight on this round: 172.8
Friday's weight 164.2
Yesterday's weight 163.6
Today's weight 163.0
Friday night loss .6 lbs
Overnight loss of .6 lbs

Boy this weekend has been busy. The highlight being a party that we went to last night with friends that I hadn't seen in a while. Several people complimented me on my weight loss and I talked to one woman about HCG. I was surprised that she seemed to take in all the details about injections and VLCD without batting an eye. When I remarked that most people are a little unnerved by the details at first she replied "This diet actually sounds very similar to one that I did through a California clinic back in the 70's." She said she kept the weight off for many years but having kids and other factors have put her in need of weight loss once again. Well don'tcha know that you could have knocked me over with a feather! I told her that it was the same diet started by Dr. S, and is now being offered as SL through some clinics as well as others who do injections. She is ready to go order her stuff so that she can start it right after the holidays. We also have several other friends in this group who could really benefit from this protocol and we briefly discussed introducing the idea to them at a girls only party sometime soon. So everything is just moving right ahead. I'm doing just fine with my weight loss and am not having any problems sticking with the protocol. I ended up bringing my own serving of chili (counting the tomatoes as a fruit) to the party and then just munching on raw cauliflower through the whole evening. (I started HCG through a clinic that included cauliflower and broccoli on the food list and I have been eating it throughout my whole treatment.)
My daughter has had a bit of trouble with very slow losses and a few small gains. I'm hoping things pick up for her soon. She mixed a new batch of HCG for us today so maybe that will get her kick started again. But more likely it's just because she is so close to her goal weight and it's going to be a slow process. She only has another 12 lbs to lose and was hoping to be finished by Christmas, but probably won't make it. So we have just about decided to do the planned interruption that Dr. S. talks about, so that we can enjoy our holiday with the family and continue with the protocol when it's over. My husband is going out of town for a couple of days so I will probably just be cooking up a storm and get a bunch of meals pre-made and frozen.
Oh I almost forgot, today I made the Stuffed Chicken Roulade w Sour Apple Sauce from Tammy's Holiday cookbook and it was gooooood! My husband ate it too and liked it except for the celery. So it will be a good possibility for something to take to holiday potlucks and stay on protocol!